Club Can’t Handle Me

Club Can’t Handle Me

Granny Lets Loose

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered.

So we gathered in our usual place, at dear Garrick’s. I brought Shorty along to include him in the exercising. There was all sorts of news for the group, but I only followed some of it.

I had brought up my concerns about Carl to Nathan, and Nathan gave him the thumbs up after much discussion. Seems that Carl does not like his family, and the Industrial Monopolies are not much liking the Mayor any longer. There was also a bunch of gadget talk, with Carl having received a new toy from Mr. Indbur. I was concerned about 2 things- the fact that this gift was “free” (nothing is free) and that Carl seems to be good friends with the daughter Bloodgut, and I don’t trust anything or anyone having to do with Zander Financial.

This talk also brought up a conversation between Garrick and my Brother about a mini reactor. Personally I worry that Garrick shouldn’t be messing with stuff like that, but he is an adult. I made a small announcement about the nice Dinner that Nicholas and Richard had attended at my home. I let everyone know that we had agreed, even Nicholas, that we should keep a lower profile, and not fly or, as in my case, run, to places unless it was urgent.

Richard said that we all needed to relax together, and we were going to have a dinner and evening together. Unfortunately Katherine was not going to be able to attend, as she had some school event to attend to. She did, however, agree to come over soon so I could make sure her new costume was ready, with that special fabric that Garrick had provided. Speaking of Garrick, he was being really overprotective of Katherine, and Nicholas agreed to keep an eye on her. Dear Garrick had been through a lot- he had let me know that Katherine had moved into Patsy’s former room, “I wished her well, she wanted her own space, and I think she is gone, now and forever.” I heard him say, under his breath, “I hope she is ok.” Poor tortured dear…. He needed some fun, and I decided I would help find him some soon.

We got together, and started with a catered dinner at Garrick’s. The food we had was amazing! Wagyu beef, shellfish, and the most exotic desserts! It was amazing! Then Richard dropped a bombshell. We were going to go to the club owned by Fat Luca that night!

Richard had gone all out- he had a limo that would take all of us together! It was not far to the Club, but it was nice to arrive in style! We all got in, and I hatched a plan- this was a place known for its illicit activities- I was going to get some drugs to help loosen things up, and bring Garrick some happiness, and bring Alex out of his shell!

We had a private area in the club, all cordoned off, and we had a private bouncer/gopher, named Greg. We all got a drink, except Carl, who was our designated driver (he obviously doesn’t normally drink, he ordered a virgin Shirley Temple) and the party started. I succeeded in getting Richard and Garrick some ecstasy, and Alex some juiced up super strength via a drug called Amp. That was when things got crazy!!

Garrick seemed to get cozy with a group pretty quick, and Richard truly loosened up. However, I was not prepared for what happened to Alex! He had gone into a different room to play some pool, and Carl and I had stayed back in the VIP area. I heard screams, and changed into my Granny2Good costume. Meanwhile Carl started running out through the curtains.

By the time I arrived in the room where Alex was, he had turned into Covenant, and there was a lot of blood! My attention was drawn by gunshots by the door, and there were some gangsters wearing clothes older than I am! They were killing the guys of the club, Fat Luca’s guys, so enemy of my enemy- I started pounding on the enemies! Sure they shot me, but I took it and kept going. I noticed that these newcomers had guns like Covenant, so I figured they were with him.

Quickly the old gangsters had the upper hand, and we moved into the club. We continued to take out the Fat Luca goons, and they quickly surrendered. Meanwhile, miraculously, Carl had subdued Covenant enough to let me make sure he was done killing people. I had wanted him to come out of his shell- now I wish he was a turtle!

The old time gangster guys, Carl, Covenant, and I all went outside. We were told that Covenant had to surrender his gun- not something he was going to do, obviously. However, there were 6 of them, and we had now truly seen what the gun, and its transformation, could do, so we agreed to go with them and discuss their issues. We climbed into the limo (after all, Carl was the driver) and went with them to talk.

Long story short, there is a code for holders of these special guns, and Alex agreed to not indiscriminately kill people (and I made a note to make sure the kid never got Amp again!). They of course cryptically promised to keep their eye on him, and got ready to pile into a tiny car- we left before that strange sight came to fruition. We decided to head back to Garrick’s, figuring everyone would eventually get there.

I learned later, much later, that my wish for Garrick had come through in spades- he had gone to a girl’s house with 4 of her friends, and had a great time! Richard and Nicholas had been able to sneak into an office, and found out that there was a delivery in the morning, only a few hours away, where we might be able to foil Fat Luca! Time for bed!


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem
All other pictures from our own Adamantium_Art


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  1. Again, Granny’s view point, so omitted some things she had no part in… hope it summarizes things well enough.

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