Ongoing Series

Ongoing Series

These are the Chronicles organized by Main Character


Current Main Characters

Cardinal Rising
It Should Have Killed Him
When a Chapter Closes…
2nd Genius Lost
The Scientist And The Swordsman
If God Was One of Us
To War?
Shorty 5 is Alive
Constance’s Day: 17-18th of March, 2024
Way of the Sword, Learning to Crawl
The Day SAVIOR Stood Still… Kinda
Century Station Historical Fighting Association
Project Cuthbert Fusion
Frauen von Gryphon
Dammit Gary!
Blue & Blonde
Questions & Lunch
Second Chances
Emails to H.R.
Los Angeles, California 2020
Art & Coffee
What Is Being “In Love?”
What Makes “YOU” Happy?
Let it Go, Let me Go
A Follow Up Call
Friends Yeah, If She Screws Up
Trembling Hearts
If You Hunt Monsters Be Careful Not To Become One
Stefania, May I Have My Pants Back?
Goodbye Patsy
Decisions From The Heart
Come In Team Leader
You’re On The Front Lines Now
A Valuable Life Lesson
Gizergleam Peaks & Valleys – 2022
Mission City, California 2023
Monday – 5th of February, 2024
And Then There Were Four
I’ll Support You No Matter What
What Kind Of Weekend Did You Have?
Now That Your Picture Is In The World
A Leap Of Belief?
His Sister’s Note
After War Everyone Has An Opinion
January 21st – 25th: Maverick Interlude
Have You Seen GO? Jan. 19-20, 2024
Remembering Gramercy, the Devil’s Rock
9th of January, 2024
2nd of January, 2024
Being Kind can be Heroic
Reflections of a Maverick

Carl, Trip, Alice, and/ or The Beast
The Doctor is In
Death of Thanatos
Thanatos is DEAD!
Thanatos is King
You have overstepped, Bloodget
Digital Birth
The Conversation – Alice + Granny 2 Good
A dream?
The Stalker
Assassin Dolls – S01E09
Assassin Dolls – S01E08
Assassin Dolls – S01E07
Assassin Dolls – S01E06
Words from Above
Assassin Dolls – S01E05
Assassin Dolls – S01E04
Assassin Dolls – S01E03
Assassin Dolls – S01E02

Black Phantom
Hunter or Hunted?
Am I Evil?
A New Adventure-ish
Portfolio and Investment Update
Hedge Fund Disaster
Rave to End All Raves
Messages Between Colleagues
Maturing Stocks
Urgent Market Correction Needed
Stock Trade Call
Margin Call
New Sales Associate Interview
Marketing and Research Request
Sales Meeting Call
Competitors Report
You Have the Strangest Friends
New Investors Report

Caedechron Activity Log
Catalysts and Cataclysm
To Safeguard the Future

Victor Valenzuela
Entrevista Con Victor y Hank
Hank and Rebota
The Majestic Horse


Former Main Characters and Supporting Cast / Non-Player Characters

The Geist
Jake and Ethel Give Up
The Secret History of The Geist
A Note From The Geist?

Patsy Palmer
Message Received
How Patsy Met Helldamn
Did You Hear That?
Wait, What Did He Say?

A Short Interview
What Happened to Shorty?

Snake Person
From The Shadows
Snake Person

Lunet Braga
Lunet Braga’s Longest Weekend
Introduction to Lunet and the CSPD

Ethel’s Travelogue Part 2
This Masquerade
Movie Night
Clock Don’t Work
Granny’s Photos
Not Invincible
Shopping Spree
Union of the Snake
Ethel’s Travelogue Part 1
What Have I Done?
A Song for You
Frozen Tundra
Common Ground
2Good or 2Bad?
Club Can’t Handle Me
Worst Shift Ever
Dinner at Ethel’s
Find Joy in Little Things
My Poor Brother
More Therapy Needed
A New Antagonist
Ethel and Dempsey
Battle Thrills
Therapeutic Shorties
Don’t Be A Sharon – Part 2
Don’t Be A Sharon
Becoming a Hero?


Carter Wade
A New Set of Die are Cast

Silent Pirate
A Request From Marketing
Marketing’s Analysis

Cavalry and the Amazing, Excellent, Not Bad, Very Good Day

Wyatt the Wayfarer
The Wayfarer’s Recollection of the Rescue of Patsy Palmer
The Wayfarer’s Request to Garrick

Ashmadiel and Aaziakel

Riding a Bike

The God Condescends From His Throne
I am Zeau

Short Hand Dictation
Hey Dumbass

Amazing Expedition to Dimension ZX89Ω
I Exist

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