The sidekick known as the Shorty appears to be in their early teens. Still very much a kid in mindset and a fan of the Beast.

Wednesday – January 17th, 2024: Accompanies his mentor, the scientist that everyone just calls, Jake. This sidekick seems to have had some pull alongside Jake’s sister, Ethel, in getting him to consider joining a new super hero team. This happens at the meeting held by the Geist in the Zericho sub-district.

Friday – January 19th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet up with Shorty once more at the home of scientist Jake Thompson. It is discovered that Jake and Shorty are clones, the previous editions have had a troublesome past. Both promised to trust each other to try and learn from the past to make sure this time around things are different, better.

Friday, January 26th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ stop an armored car heist, the two villains were killed in the process. They regroup in Drummond to discover the origins of Shorty. At this time it was Shorty #1 that was with the group till they met the other eight clones at the end.

Saturday, January 27th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ arrive at Garrick’s Home for some group training and team bonding. Shorty #2 through #9 now currently live with Garrick; the Gryphon.

Sunday – February 4th, 2024: Five of the eight clones staying at Garrick’s Home are picked up by the Geist; aka: Richard Gray and taken to new foster homes. The locations are as follows: One was going to a lovely family in Philadelphia. Another one was going to live with the head of a major comic book company in Manhattan. Another two were headed to live with high up Avtran executives in Victory City, and the last one was headed to Mission City on the west coast and a fitness guru / corporate mogul with that lost his child to a birth defect.

There are three clones staying with Garrick and the first clone is still at Ethel’s.

Shorty #1 has the following item:

Foldable Tablet 1 One person Samsung just launched a new “phablet” device in October of 2023. Garrick bought it for his personal phone/computer on the go.
Specs: Twin 10 core processor and twin GPU, 512GB ROM, 1TB MicroSD, Dual SIM, 36 MP Camera & 25 MP selfie cam, 4k display, Quad antenna, Bluetooth, NFC.
Garrick has the SDK for the phone and has made it into a gaming device and presented it to Shorty #1. Due to Shorty #1 not having ready access to the CityNET or Internet.

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