Wednesday – January 17th, 2024: Among a new generations of superheroes our group of heroes meet them at the meeting held by the Geist in the Zericho sub-district.

Friday – January 19th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet up with Zeau at the home of scientist Jake Thompson.

Saturday, January 27th: At Gryphon’s home Zeau reveals he’s a mutant, he’s a dick no matter what you think of him, he became a hero to protect the students and area around the college where he works, and he’s an otaku.

Monday – February 5th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ arrive at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They hear about Alpha Prime leaving the raid on the Denim Rat gang heading in the direction of Diego Verde. They pursue and meet her after taking on some members of Project Tyche. Alpha Prime arrests all but one for assaulting Jake’s home. The one member not arrested is Jake’s granddaughter, Autumn.

Tuesday – February 6th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They find out Cavalry is being tried for the murder of reporter Carter Wade. After a knock on the door everyone meets the Maverick known as the Wayfarer.

Description: The hero known as the Zeau appears to be in their early twenties. Slim, athletic build and dressed mostly in black and some silver jewelry.


Real Name: Nicholas Odon
Level: 4
Power Category: Mutant
Educational Level:
Occupation: College Professor

Height 6ft, 0in I.Q. 22 Save vs Magic +0 Strike +2/+4
Weight 182 lbs M.E. 18 Save vs Psionics +2 Parry +3/+5
Nat. A.R. M.A. 8 Save vs coma +0% Dodge +3/+5
S.D.C. 70 P.S. 10 Save vs poison/ disease +0 Roll w/ impact +3
H.P. 28 P.P. 11 Save vs H.F. Pull punch +3
P.E. 12 Save vs Possession +2 Initiative +2
Exp 0 P.B. 14 Save vs Insanity +2 Damage
Sex Male Spd 12 Disarm
Birthday Trust/ Intimidate N/A Death Blow Critical 20
HTH Martial Arts Charm/ Impress N/A KO Attacks 5/6
Alignment Scrupulous H.F. N/A Pin/ Incapacitate Perception +5


Punch 1D4
Elbow 1D6
Backhand Strike 1D6
Knee 1D8
Karate Kick 2d4
Snap Kick 1d6
Roundhouse Kick 3d6 Can only be used once per melee, no other kicks that melee
Tripping Leg Hook N/A No damage, knockdown. Cannot be parried.
Body Block/ Tackle 1D4 Counts as two attacks. Opponent loses next attack if hit is successful. 60% chance to knock down opponent (those with Maintain Balance get a second chance vs their skill). If knocked down opponent loses initiative and is knocked 1D6 feet away.
Power strike ×2 Doubles the damage of the attack. Counts as 2 attacks.
Pull Punch Roll damage as per normal. Roll 1D20 + pull punch bonus; requires an 11+ to succeed. If successful reduce damage to any value between 0 and the amount rolled.
Disarm Counts as one melee attack. A strike, hold or grappling maneuver to cause the opponent to drop their weapon or handheld item. Can be a defensive move (needs a 19+ to succeed) or a strike roll (opponent defends as normal).
Automatic Parry Parry up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Dodge Lose next action whether successful or not.
Entangle Counts as the next melee action. A defense that attempts to trap the weapon or arm of your attacker. Must roll higher than the attack roll; if successful the entangled can try to escape on their turn by rolling a dodge vs the entangling roll. Every melee round it’s maintained roll Entangle again as an attack/ action. Cannot make any other attack without releasing the entangle.
Roll with punch/ fall/ impact Must roll above attacker’s roll. Counts as next melee attack.
Arm Hold Use both hands to twisting the opponents arm around their back and immobilize them. If strike succeeds the victim is helpless until released. Any items in the hand of the arm being held can be easily removed. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Leg Hold Use both hands to force the victim on the ground with his leg held up. If the strike succeeds there’s no way for him to get up until the hold is released. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Body Hold Use both hands to force the victim into any number of wrestling holds. If the strike succeeds the victim can be immobilized on the ground or in a standing position. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Neck Hold Use both hands to hold the victim around the neck from behind. If the strike succeeds the victim is immobilized and totally vulnerable to attacks from any other character. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.








Forcefield 64 Regenerates 1/min


Language: Native Automatic 50+5 +25% 1 4 98%
Literacy: Native Automatic 30+5 +20% 1 4 73%
Pilot: Automobile Automatic 60+2 +8% 1 4 74%
Mathematics: Basic Automatic 45+5 +8% 1 4 68%
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts Physical program 1 4
Prowl Physical program 25+5% +28% 1 4 68%
Computer Operation Investigation program 40+5% +28% 1 4 83%
Research Investigation program 50+5% +28% 1 4 93%
Photography Investigation program 35+5% +28% 1 4 78%
Writing Investigation program 25+5% +28% 1 4 68%
Lore: Superhuman Technical program 35+5% +28% 1 4 78%
Mythology Technical program 35+5% +28% 1 4 78%
Cryptography Technical program 30+5% +28% 1 4 73%
Anthropology Technical program 20+5% +28% 1 4 63%
EMT/Paramedic Secondary 40+5% +8% 1 4 63%
Astronomy Secondary 25+5% +8% 1 4 48%
Advanced Mathematics Secondary 45+5% +8% 1 4 68%
Business and Finance Secondary 35+5% +8% 1 4 58%
Computer Programming Secondary 30+5% +8% 1 4 53%
Law Secondary 25+5% +8% 1 4 48%
Language: Atorian Secondary 50+5% +8% 1 4 73%
Literacy: Latin Secondary 50+5% +8% 1 4 73%
Lore: Alien Secondary 35+5% +8% 1 4 68%
Literacy: Atorian Secondary 30+5% +8% 1 4 53%
Language: Russian Secondary 50+5% +8% 3 4 63%
Personal Force Field Zeau can surround the contours of his body with an invisible, armor-like force. S.D.C.: 64, regenerates 1 S.D.C. per minute, Zeau must spend one attack/action per melee to keep in place.
Lift and Hold Objects Zeau can create a pulling force similar to Telekinesis that can be used to lift/drag objects or people into the air and hold them there. But this power is not Telekinesis, so it cannot be used to flip switches, push buttons or perform any fine manipulation of the objects being held. A roll to strike must be made to grab the target. Maximum Weight: 900 pounds
Range: 280 feet
Duration: The object/victim can be held suspended until Zeau ceases his concentration, which is one melee attack/action per round per target to maintain the effect. Zeau can still perform other actions
Damage: 2D6 damage by moving the object/victim around and smashing into things.
Attacks per Melee: One melee attack/action to grab the target, and one melee attack for each time the victim is moved around.
Bonus: +2 to strike when slamming the held object/victim off a specific target.
Crush Objects Zeau can perform a crushing attack on an object/victim being held with the Lift and Hold Objects ability. The attacks/actions per melee needed are accumulative. No roll to strike needed for this power. Maximum Weight: 900 pounds
Range: An object already being held and within 280 feet
Duration: The object being held can be crushed until Zeau ceases his concentration.
Damage: 6D6 points of damage per melee round, at the end of the round.
Attacks per Melee: Slightly more concentration is required than just holding an object. Zeau must spend two melee attacks/ actions per round to maintain the effect. Failure to do so means no damage. Zeau can still perform other actions while maintaining these effects, if he still has attacks per melee left.
Pulling Heavy Objects Heavy objects can be pulled along the ground with the Force Manipulation power Maximum Weight: 7000 pounds (3½ tons)
Range: 80 feet
Duration: As long as Zeau concentrates on it.
Damage: None.
Attacks per Melee: Full concentration is required to pull along an object this heavy, meaning Zeau cannot take any other actions while doing so. He can talk, shout or walk along while towing his burden, but he cannot use any other powers, or make any other kinds of attacks while this ability is being used.
Hurl Heavy Objects Zeau can “pull” an object and launch it towards an oppenent, doing damage to both Maximum Weight: 7000 pounds (3½ tons)
Range: 80 feet
Duration: Instant.
Damage: The target takes 1D4x10 damage per 100 pounds (round down). The object thrown takes half.
Attacks per Melee: This attack requires considerable effort, so it counts as two melee attacks/actions.
Bonus: +2 to strike
Flight: Wingless Zeau can fly without any apparent means of propulsion. Maximum speed is 280 mph Bonuses In Flight: The character can hover several inches above the ground during combat in order to use his full bonuses. Bonuses are already calculated into the character bonuses except as noted: Add +2 to dodge when flying around 90 mph or faster, and add +4 to melee damage for every 20 mph of flight speed.
Energy Expulsion: Force Zeau can generate a force blast similar to being hit by a semi-transparent cannonball from his eyes, or from one or both of his hands. The target of the attack is -2 to parry or dodge. Range: 200 feet
Damage: 3D6 or less as Zeau desires.
Attacks per Melee: Each Force bolt counts as one melee attack or action.
Divided attacks: Zeau can divide the force to fire two simultaneous blasts at two different targets. Damage is up to 2D6 for one, and 1D6 for the other. Both targets must be in his line of sight. This counts as only one melee attack.
Stunt: Force Practice Time spent honing his abilitities has allowed him to reduce the attacks/ actions needed for many of his powers by one attack/ action, to a minimum of one. Already factored in above.


Ready Cash $X On hand
Life Savings $X,XXX Bank


Luck Points 0
Used Cai’s 10/6 1 Fix Initiative to go before the bomb


Miscellaneous Notes:

Birth Order: Fraternal Twin, 2 children in family.
Land of Origin: Austin, Tx.
Childhood Environment: Private School, Privileged.
Social/Economic Background: Upper Middle Class.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: In College, with adulthood.


Character Bio:

Nicholas Odon already went through his life feeling superior to others – the discovery of his mutant abilities only made him more sure of it. The hero name he chose is the name of an obscure, ancient god of intelligence that pre-dates the Greek gods. Nicholas believes only someone as smart as him would possibly “get” that. He is a teacher at one of the colleges in Century Station. He became a hero in order to prevent others from suffering from the same tragedies that befell a few of his students.

Family Makeup

Mother: Lulu Odon – Political Activist, fled to Japan from China, then to Texas.  She earns money as an editor and journalist for online publications

Father: Unknown (It may be a gift from him – freely given or coerced – that allowed the Odons to live in relative comfort.)

Nicholas Odon –Super Name: Zeau

Younger Twin:  Karia Odon – Super Name: Quazi
Karia is seemingly not developing as she should, and may have a congenital birth defect, though not one that has been determined by any of the many doctors she’s seen.  Though aged 30, she appears pre-teen. Her emotional/mental/social maturity is also a bit slowed, and she has some other personality defects that the less generous would call psychoses.  She recently started manifesting powers, and though Zeau refuses to give his permission, she took upon herself the name Quazi and has done some maverick work around Austin where their mother lives.