It all started with a mysterious note covertly delivered to each of the heroes during the day on Monday Jan 15th, 2024:


Yes, you. Don’t be worried about this note! Your secret’s safe with me. I am The Geist. I’ve noticed your previous actions and I think we can be of help to each other. I’d like to join me in forming a team of Mavericks. A team of Heroes who aren’t puppets of the government or corrupt corporations. We should be free to help others as we want, don’t you think? I don’t expect this message to convince you. I’d like the chance to convince you in person.

This Wednesday night (the 17th) I’d like to meet with you so we can talk about this face-to-face. I’ll be waiting at 772 Union Street in Zericho at 10:00 pm.

The Geist

Wednesday – January 17th, 2024: What has been revealed to the heroes is that the hero known as the “Geist” (aka Richard Grey) to the public since the 1950’s. May in fact be a legacy persona passed down from teacher/mentor to student/sidekick. The current wielder of the hero identity claims to be the fifth to do so and he inherited it from the fourth. The new hero known as “Covenant” appears to have deduced this was the former sidekick of the fourth Geist, the Cardinal. The Gryphon figured out he had a corporation under his control and due to legal protections was able to purchase the building in secret.

Before some ousted thugs tried to take back the area they used to have as their local hangout the Geist had suggested the formation of a Mavericks hero team. They would be each other’s watch dogs and not beholden to government or corporation motivations. The first person to join him was the Gryphon and the followed by the Cavalry. The stealthy hero known as Black Phantom mentioned a willingness to help but needed a few days to attempt to put his affairs in order. The rest were motivated by The Beast and his inspiring, dramatic speech to band together.

Friday – January 19th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet up with the Geist at the home of scientist Jake Thompson. AN unfortunate series of events seems to help this ragtag group begin the process of becoming a legitimate team.

Friday – January 26th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ stop an armored car heist, the two villains were killed in the process. They regroup in Drummond to discover the origins of Shorty.

Saturday – January 27th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ arrive at Garrick’s Home for some group training and team bonding. The Geist leaves midway through this to look into one of the Heroes whom isn’t there.

Monday – February 5th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ arrive at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They hear about Alpha Prime leaving the raid on the Denim Rat gang heading in the direction of Diego Verde. They pursue and meet her after taking on some members of Project Tyche. Alpha Prime arrests all but one for assaulting Jake’s home. The one member not arrested is Jake’s granddaughter, Autumn.

Tuesday – February 6th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They find out Cavalry is being tried for the murder of reporter Carter Wade. After a knock on the door everyone meets the Maverick known as the Wayfarer.

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