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Bebe Responsablemente

Bebe Responsablemente

Drink Responsibly


This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

Commercial opens on Victor Valenzuela, wearing his S.A.V.I.O.R. uniform, in an open field.

Hello, it is I, Victor Valenzuela, aka Rubber Band Man of S.A.V.I.O.R., and I have an important message for you today.

Showing Victor walking across the field.

All of you know that I love the best beer in the world, Tecate®! Do you know the best way to truly Be Bold? It is to drink Tecate® responsibly!

Showing Victor getting into a cab.

So Be Truly Bold! Be Responsible!

End commercial


Below is the commercial Victor wanted to film instead.



From Outer Space, or Another Time- Who Knows Anymore?

From Outer Space, or Another Time- Who Knows Anymore?

Final Words- For Now

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered. Oh, and the picture is the last one taken of me before I left- always liked this one.

Life with my Brother is absolutely non-stop! Yes, I know- Jake died- but are you really sure? Or is this just another clone? I keep my secrets, and his!

Do I miss S.A.V.I.O.R.? Of course I do- especially sweet and powerful Beast, beautiful inside and out Katherine, strong Nathan, and intelligent Zeau. Most of all I miss Garrick– I hope he found peace, and stopped trying to put himself in front of death at all times.

Life here (Where are we right now Jake? Oh, yes, Alpha Prime- what an unfortunate name for a beautiful place) has been crazy- we have been through at least 8 time slips, and on a dozen or more planets. We are here to prevent the elimination of the human race- yes, again! I am no longer shy about using all my powers, and Snake Person has been instrumental in me learning new skills!

Jake is still Jake- we have a lot more fun in our downtime though, and I am getting really good at card games.

Someday I hope to visit home again- Jake says it is still there, and Snake Person informed us both that recently S.A.V.I.O.R. saved the world- good for them. I sure want to share all my new pictures with them- they wouldn’t believe them!

Snake Person tells me that he can leave this log on their computer system, so I leave you with these last words.

Granny still loves you all!


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem





This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

I want to state very clearly, that while I definitely enjoy a drink, preferably Tecate® Beer, I am no borracho- I am not a drunkard!

I am not an alcoholic! Yes, I have been drunk a few times, but that does not mean one is an alcoholic.

I am very concerned that I will not only lose my association with Tecate®, a company filled with many good people, but lose my new friends of S.A.V.I.O.R.. This cannot happen….

Victor Valenzuela would hate the above video- he is scared of cats!


Video from Ed Sheeran.


El Distribuidor

El Distribuidor

The Dealer

This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

I am very concerned about my friend Hank, and his dealings- specifically with the Dealer. Let me sum up.

I returned to S.A.V.I.O.R. after seeing the bigwigs at Tecate® in Mexico, and what a ride I had to meet them! Richard arranged a ride for me, and it was a rocket taxi! The driver, Dopinder, is very skilled, and amazingly fast! Sometime when we have some down time I would love to see Dopinder race the Beast!

So I got to the group just as Hank was heading to meet the Dealer. Everyone but Hank came up with strategies to monitor the alley, and help Hank if he needed it. Best laid plans go awry, and I barely get into some weird room in a wall, and only the Beast, with his amazing speed, joins us. The Beast literally broke down the wall, and all there was…. it was the void, I think. I can see in true darkness, and there was nothing there.

Hank and the Dealer negotiated for a while, and Hank agreed to do 3 favors for the Dealer in exchange for the power of invulnerability. I am afraid of what those favors are, and what effects Hank will experience, but I will stand with my friend.


Picture courtesy Palladium Books®




Tecate® Launches a New Product

This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

I cannot tell you how much of a genius Senor Greg,is! Right after Hsnk and I met S.A.V.I.O.R. he met with the board of Tecate® in Mexico and challenged them to make a new beer that we would market!

I was able to join the executives of Tecate® in Mexico right after our Boat Party, and it was an amazing experience. We tasted the new beer, about to be released, and they asked my opinion!

While I drank they shared some of the advance copy they had come up with.

Tecate® Titanium is said to have a distinct flavor and aroma that is the result of “an obsessive and tireless brewing process that results in higher alcohol content and refreshing drinkability”.
Tecate Titanium delivers a bold, yet refreshing taste that packs a punch.

The main slogan they had come up with was “Titanium is bold, but it’s also highly refreshing.” I finished my second beer, really thinking about it, and the word that kept coming up was carácter, or character in English. One of the vice presidents smiled, and said, “Si, sabor con carácter- Flavor with character.”

Then it hit me, and I jumped on my chair and said, “Titanium- One more degree of character- un grado mas de carácter!” They loved it!

I got to tour the facility, and was encouraged to bring the rest of S.A.V.I.O.R. down soon. We will be making a new commercial soon, and I cannot wait!


Picture of the beer from Tecate®


Titanium is an actual upcoming product from Tecate®


Boat Party

Boat Party

Cavalry Lives a Dream

Warning- Video at the end of this log has explicit language.

So I thought that S.A.V.I.O.R was putting me on the bench, yet again- I wanted to patrol with them, but they wanted to put me in some marketing situation. However, it turned out amazing!

A group of us were sent out to meet with leaders of Century Station and it was on a boat! Not just any boat, but a luxury yacht with free-flowing drinks, food, and lots of beautiful people. There were leaders of industry, politicians, and executives from the company that sponsors S.A.V.I.O.R., Tecate®.

So we mingled, and I was surprised at the affection that each of us received! The people seemed to feel that we were doing a great job as a hero group in Century Station, even better than the Centurions had done!

So we all arrived together, but split quickly upon arrival. Deathwish went to one of the bars, and Zeau went straight to the bow, trying to keep himself above the fray. The Geist went over to Director Balisong to discuss S.A.V.I.O.R. business. I watched them all go, and suddenly heard a voice behind me, with a familiar Mexican accent.

“So, Senor Cavalry, you ready to reap the benefits of being a hero of S.A.V.I.O.R.?”, said Rubber Band Man, aka Victor Valenzuela.

“Sure, what do I do?” I asked.

“Well first you must get into the proper clothes- come with me, we find Senor Greg.”

We found Greg Nugent, VP of Marketing for Tecate®, who presented me with a new official S.A.V.I.O.R./Tecate® uniform. I hurriedly changed into it, just in time to catch up to Victor, who was staring out at a spot on the boat.

“Ah, Senor Cavalry, Dios Mio! Do you see her?” He pointed out at a very tall blonde woman in a bikini at the rail of the stern, laughing. “I must have her! Come, there are many beautiful ladies, and you can be my wing man.”

Before I could object Victor was dragging me across the boat, laser guided it seemed, until we were there in front of the blonde and her friends. Victor had grabbed a few beers on the way, and I found myself in possession of 3 of them myself. “Follow my lead,” Victor whispered, and we were face-to-face with a group of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, all in barely there bikinis and one piece swimsuits.

Victor went from 3′ tall, his actual normal height, to 6’5″, so that he was looking at the blonde eye-to-eye. “Hello, I am Victor the Rubberband Man from S.A.V.I.O.R., and you are the most beautiful creature on this Earth. I had to Be Bold, and bring you a Tecate®.” He handed the woman the beer, turned, pointed at the DJ, who immediately started a tango! “Shall we dance?” and sure enough, the two of them were off to the dance floor!

“Tecate®?” I nervously offered a woman. She grabbed one, a friend grabbed another, and suddenly they were sweeping me up onto the floor, excited to dance with a hero of S.A.V.I.O.R.! I cannot believe this is my life!

I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say that an amazing time was had! All was going great, and well, this video sums it up.

(Note- Video may be offensive to some- adult language warning)




After most of the festivities were wrapping up, I noticed a tv in the main room on with a scroll of “S.A.V.I.O.R. called to foil a bank robbery.” I asked around, and people were saying that it was true, and echoed words I had heard over and over during the party.

“At last, a group that does what is needed.”

“So glad you are taking over for the Centurions- we need heroes not afraid to do the right thing.”

“I hear that villains surrender rather than facing the wrath of S.A.V.I.O.R.”

These and other statements like it were said over and over, by politicians and titans of industry, by models and executives. The talk came that S.A.V.I.O.R. had not captured the robbers, and that innocents had been killed, but the approval of S.A.V.I.O.R.’s methods continued. I smiled and thanked everyone for their support. I had the greatest day of my life, fully redeemed for my past mistakes. All thanks to S.A.V.I.O.R.!


Cavalry log spoken to A.R.C.H.I.E. and saved in group files.


Cavalry by our own AZ_Artisan
Video from Lonely Island





This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

I am not sure I can measure up! Not only in height, but in capabilities, in stature, in strength, and in grace. I have now met the amazing Ethel Falkenberg, aka Granny2Good, and I have found myself lacking. There is not enough Tecate® in the world to make me Bold enough to be her.

Not only was she the sister of the greatest hero in Century Station’s history, Jake Thompson LLC, but she held her own with him! She got up and delivered a moving eulogy, surrounded by much of the city, in an event with polished speakers and politicians. This is what I remember about her eulogy.

“One thing in particular left a profound impression on me. He had an incredibly sharp and vigorous and rigorous mind. As a public man, he always seemed to believe the greatest sin was remaining passive in the face of challenges, and he never stopped living by that creed. He gave of himself with intelligence and energy and devotion to duty, and his entire country owes him a debt of gratitude for that service.”

“Oh, yes, he knew great controversy amid defeat as well as victory. He made mistakes, and they, like his accomplishments, are a part of his life and record. But the enduring lesson of Jake Thompson is that he never gave up being part of the action and passion of his times. He said many times that unless a person has a goal, a new mountain to climb, his spirit will die. His spirit was very much alive to the very end.”

What a regal and impressive woman! How can I take her place in S.A.V.I.O.R? She was the meaning of the initials- Swift (what I read says she was super fast), Altruistic (just read her giving eulogy), Valiant (a great hero, 2Good indeed), Industrious (she was also an accomplished artistic photographer), Observant (she had super sight and hearing), and Valiant (she was a true Hero.)

I spent the whole day drunk and depressed, but now I have a new goal- to try and measure up to Granny2Good!


Art by our own AZ_Artisan


El Espadachín y Hombre de Goma

El Espadachín y Hombre de Goma

The Swordsman and Rubberband Man

The mismatched pair sat in the room of Dr. Moore in the Archangel Hospital Center, speaking in hushed tones. They were guarding the Doctor, who they, along with others in S.A.V.I.O.R., and were taking the opportunity now to get to know each other better. The diminutive former Jockey, all 3′ tall of him, began the hushed discussion. He had stood up, as the hospital chair was particularly uncomfortable, as it was designed for someone almost twice his height- someone like Garrick, who sat near the door to the room.

“So, Senor Gryphon, I know you have sword and lots of powers, and a bit of a death wish. Others have mentioned you like lots of women- tell me about yourself. I want to know more about the man I am following. Also, why is S.A.V.I.O.R. so bloodthirsty? “

Garrick stared out the door as he began to answer, “I still don’t know how everyone found out about my girlfriends. Miss Amazing might have said something I suppose. Well my mundane name (checks to make sure they’re alone) is Garrick Faulkner. If you read a lot, I’m descended from William Faulkner the author. I started out as a Robotic and Extra Terrestrial scientist interested in making autonomic homes on other planets to get humanity into the solar system and beyond.”

Garrick looked directly at Victor now, and Victor alternated his glance between the speaker and the door. “According to the women in my life I am what they call Polyamorous in that I don’t feel tied to traditional pair bondings. Miss Amazing lives with me, and I date another scientist, plus a yoga/dance instructor. To be fair this has only been going on since January so anything I mention is 3 going on 4 months now. Not just in my relationship status but with the team as well.”

“That is a lot of confusing to me- juggling many women relationships, but you seem to have lots of energy, so to each their own. At least now I understand the jokes,” replied Victor.

“You see, we started out as Mavericks meeting to find out if working together we could be more than the sum of our own individual parts. To quote your company’s motto in a fashion, to Be Bolder as a group. When we realized we were getting to close to police involvement none of us actually wanted to hurt a cop just doing his job. Richard had a corporation, one of our team members had ancient dirt on Xander Fi. Soon we had the money to afford the insurance and other stuff to be a legal group of sponsored heroes. Today’s battle has been the most cohesive we have ever been in a fight.”

Victor smiles, “Si, we were a good team today. You gave orders, we followed, but I fear sometimes you are too noble, and think that you can do too much.” Victor reaches under his shirt and brings out a Tecate® Beer, and offers it to Garrick.

Garrick continues but declines, “Nothing personal, I just don’t think drinking while doing Hero work sends the right message. Be Bold, for certain, but Be Bold responsibly. Hmmm, maybe that should be on a poster for Tecate® ‘Be Bold – Responsibly, Like SAVIOR!’ I am not a marketing guy, but it sounds catchy.

“Si, muy bueno, very good, I like that. I don’t get drunk or even buzzed while doing hero work, but I feel almost lost without the boldness of Tecate®! It is like my, how you say, magic elixir?”

“As to your concern, though. Now don’t misunderstand I am horrified at the loss of life today. But if Obelisk could have brought the building down, then how much worse would it have been?”

“I agree, if the big guy crashing had taken down building, many more lives would have been lost. I just wonder about you trying to take him on alone. I am glad the Goth woman decided to help you. Aren’t there more members of the team? Where were they? Who determines how many of the group goes where?”

“When I called Shorty, he mentioned those same robots had attacked the city again. The last time that happened was when we met for the first time. It was also the night Dr. Inbur and his company were attacked. The only connection so far is the Beast having been a patient for both doctors. Shorty, while flustered, did a great job in letting us know The Geist had taken the rest of the team to go help deal with that issue. I haven’t had time to check but I hear the same groups were able to handle the problem better. So my – as you put it – most noble sacrifice helped to give them better strategy. So I’ve decided, based on what I know and can make connections with, at this moment that Synistry is using the robots to distract the city at large while a small strike team hits their real target.”

“So this is what I mean,” a confused Victor interrupts, “Are you the leader or is the Geist?”

“I’m not sure why this is hard? Geist is in (checks again to make sure they’re alone and Dr. Moore is out cold) his day to day the head of Spirit Enterprises. It doesn’t allow him to lead the main group he’d send into action. Often he will join in only when situations call for additional support. I was elected to lead the main team, but all of S.A.V.I.O.R. answers to the man floating the bill. In this ‘potentially unique’ situation that happens to also be Geist. Most groups don’t have their CEO as a member so the organizational structure is likely easier to follow.”

“I do think we’re short changing Black Phantom’s contribution though, because without his premonition I would not have leaped into action as I did. I suppose what I’m trying to wheel around to is that most work groups/teams don’t work in the high-stress environments we do. We are so new still Black Phantom did the best he could to give us some cohesion. However, hero work, like law enforcement, can make situations that could be worked out and make them very difficult because a split second reaction could mean the difference if someone dies.”

“Senor Gryphon, I did feel, and also mention, that it was not fair for us to vote when he was not there.”

“While I was fine throwing my name in. I did abstain for a few reasons. I’ve reached out to Black Phantom and he replied he’d let me know when to come over to the bar for a chat.”

“The Beast had a valid argument, Phantom is not known for being loquacious in expressing himself. I think we may need a decompress period after missions – provided they can be had situationally – to prevent and address further issues like that going forward.”

“But evil never sleeps, no? Do you at S.A.V.I.O.R. run shifts, so people have time to rest while others do work?”

“Often, with as new as we are there are not enough members to run shifts. So the current goal was night time patrols, and because we have worked together, then we could team up into smaller groups for patrols and any special missions that might crop up. It is one of the reasons I am going to the 72nd Precinct in Norwood this weekend. I want to learn how the CSPD does their operation and see what I can bring back. Thank God I don’t need sleep when I am transformed, and only three hours when I’m not. Otherwise being a, team supervisor, would kill me on lost of sleep alone.”

“I know so little about heroes and villains in the city at large and I feel that led to my determining I could tackle Obelisk alone. Had the Beast not shown up when I was flying him out to drop him into the Gulf of Mexico I am not sure what the outcome would have been. He’s stronger physically than the angel in my sword. Conversely, had I known about him I wonder if that would have made me hesitate and cause more lives lost? Today we did what I am told the Centurions do, we tangled with the toughest group in the city! We saved Dr Moore from sharing the fate of Dr. Inbur whom also worked on, or with, Beast in some form or fashion,” says Garrick, looking at the Doctor on the bed.

“You mean that they caused Beast to go all multiple personality? Poor guy, he seems so nice!” Victor glares at the Doctor. “Maybe I should not have saved him. Also, while impressive for you in defeating Obelisk, he was saved, and we fought only a few of the evil Synistry. There are more of them, no?”

“Nonsense, without Dr. Moore we loose info on what Synistry is working to accomplish. Besides, saving someone’s life is not a crime, existing is not a crime. Perhaps this will allow him the opportunity to make better life choices. You did that Victor, you gave him another chance to be better, to be Bold. Take comfort in that.” Garrick stands up, and says loudly, “I think someone in Synistry, that evil supergroup, figured out how to make a super based on the combined research of these doctors!” Garrick sits down, and quietly says, “Sorry, my brain never really shuts off. Yes, I think there are more of them? I’ll ask if we can get a file on Synistry sent over to Spirit to clarify that.
Great questions Rubberband Man!”

“We should find out! If you find out where their operation is, I could sneak in and find out more information,” Victor says excitedly.

Gryphon begins to pen an email to Geist about his theory, the robot attacks, and the real threat behind it all from his perspective.

Art by our own AZ_Artisan

I Matter!

I Matter!

Cavalry Does Something Right

So I thought that S.A.V.I.O.R was putting me on the bench, yet again- I wanted to patrol with them, but they had me monitor the battle. How wrong I was! I actually made a difference!

The best thing about talking to A.R.C.H.I.E., the computer, is he doesn’t judge me on my past! He just follows orders, answers questions, and is actually nice to me! I have learned a lot about the other members from him, and have been studying video on my free time, and I think that I can help with planning- if they ever want my help. So on this day I was assigned monitor duty, and with our new communicators was able to talk directly with all my teammates- it is a great help!

So, Savior was fighting robots, and, well, it seemed it was up to me to try and coordinate them, since they didn’t seem to be working well together, again. There were two other heroes there as well, who I later learned were Rubber Band Man and Hank, but at the time were just new heroes joining the fight. Black Phantom took up a position on a water tower to snipe at them, Covenant and Zeau went after another, and Gryphon flew around helping wherever he could. I got in everyone’s ear, telling the heroes where the robots were, and helped them try to steer them away from the innocents. The battle was going fine until Black Phantom had a vision or premonition or spidey-sense or something.

“MUTHA F**KA MOVE! THEY’RE GOING TO EXPLODE! RUN DAMMIT!” he screamed, and it was lucky he yelled loud, as Hank and Rubber Band Man had no communicators! Everyone got out of there quick- well, at least everyone but Gryphon, who I swear has a Deathwish, and I am not talking about our team member by the same name!

Gryphon grabbed a robot and flew up high- and it exploded. I was speechless! What could I have said? The good news is somehow he lived.

Later on the Geist reviewed the tape, and congratulated me on a job well done.

Hopefully I will get to join in a battle soon!


Cavalry log spoken to Archie and saved in group files.


Art by our own AZ_Artisan

Granny’s Cookies

Granny’s Cookies

A Conversation and Baked Goods

Hank, Victor, and Caedechron walked away from the EMT’s and the crowd of confused parishioners of the Church of Reflectionsand headed next door, to the house of Hank’s Grandma. As the three of them approach the house the smell of baked goods wafts through the air.

Hank turns to Caedechron and asks “So why did you disintegrate that guy? Was he hurt?”

Cai responds, “He had kidnapped one of my friends. The little girl, she’s got several people inside her, and it seemed like the guy was taking advantage of her mental state.” The robot picks at some leftover bone fragments in his armor. “He felt the power of my gun already, and had surrendered, I was ready to let him go. You should have seen what his face looked like when Gryphon, one of the members of SAVIOR, talked about the Night Lords decoratively. “He was taking advantage of all of those poor teens, and his master was literally pure evil. It seems like mumbo jumbo to me, but an old member of Savior smote him with holy powered pistol whipping. So, long story short, he was evil, and choose to forfeit his protection because he attacked me when I unmasked him. I would not have fired on anyone else in that room. I had proof he had nefarious intentions.”

The horseman pauses his walk, “Why didn’t you arrest him?”

“I probably should have, but in the heat of the moment, with the threat of it splashing over on his victims, I made a snap decision. ”

“George taught me that killing is against the commandments of Our Savior and the law. Is it normal to make snap decisions to break the rules?” Hank looks very seriously at Cai.

“Not for most people. But no one is perfect, and I’m working on my aggression. Part of the Human Condition is to constantly better yourself,” remarks Cai.

“You are human? You don’t look it.” Hank pokes Cai, feeling a very not human body.

Cai: chuckles, “Yeah. My body was murdered, and my consciousness fled into this body to escape. My mind is human, so I’m human.”

“Then you know what it’s like to die?”

Cai looks down, “Yes. I’ve seen my death through my eyes, and had the opportunity to even see it psychically through my killers’ eyes.”

“If you are good guy like Savior claims to be, will you not kill anymore? I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the gun if I have to try to save someone. I still don’t know why I am supposed to be here. I’m just a normal horse guy.”

“If that is what it would take to make you feel comfortable with us, yes. I pledge so to do,” intones Cai seriously.

Victor breaks into the conversation, “So, Hank, tell me more about how you met your Grandma.”

Hank nonchalantly replies, “I called Walter and Grandma answered. She says I haven’t seen her in forever so I decided swing by and she’s human now and makes really good food.”

Cai: murmurs in Spanish, loud enough for Victor to hear, ” así que la anciana senil no es ni siquiera tu abuela …” (so the senile old woman isn’t even your grandma….)

Victor pushes, “So, you don’t actually know her? She just answered Walter’s phone one day?”

“She said I’m her grandson and she knows all about me and what I like. Um yeah I think I would know my grandma when I see her. Plus with cooking like that how can she not be my grandma?”

Victor gives up, “Ok, amigo, all good, just making sure. Let’s go have some of that great smells- hope she has more Tecate®, as I only have 4 left!”

Hank stops the other two right before the door. Hank: “Ok make sure you wipe of your feet.” Hank wipes off his hooves on the door mat. “Plus she has to use the big phones like me.” He pulls out his phone with big buttons out of his fanny pack.

On the porch Victor says, “So, Senor Cai, you say the former member of Savior pistol whipped the one you killed before with holy power, si? So there used to be a member of Savior filled with the power of God?”

“Yes. Or at least I think so. His weapons were holy relics at least. He stepped down as a full time member as I was joining, so I don’t know the whole story.”

Hank pauses, “Wait you guys killed another person?”

“You came in just as he died.”

Victor asks, “Why did he get killed? You replaced the guy with Jesus Christo’s guns? Dios mio! I am so confused “. Victor looks around making sure there are not people listening. “Si, no abuela, creole que trabaja para la agencia que nos cambió.” (Not grandma, I think she works for the agency that changed us)

Cai replies to Victor’s question, “Yeah, it’s a confusing situation, and I’m not the one to ask… Some of the others have a better understanding of all of the events that transpired before I joined Savior. I am relatively new too – I’ve been a member for a week.”

Hank, finally stops wiping his feet. “Did he shoot at you guys or something?”

“Victor, what do you remember from the discussion before you guys went to the Church? I got there late, Hank, and I was caught up in other projects earlier today, so I didn’t really get the full story about who the First Reflector was – that’s the first dead guy.”

An elderly voice calls out from inside, “You boys best wipe your feet afore comin’ in here!”

Hank responds, “I am grandma. They are,” and opens the door.

Cai calls out, “Yes, ma’am! I wiped, and we cleaned up before coming over!”

The elderly voice yells, “C’mon in, c’mon in. I baked your favorite cookies.”

The smell of baked good is even stronger now as you walk inside. The house has a homey, lived-in feel that is offset only by the disrepair her meager possessions are masking.

Hank joyously says, “Hey grandma! This is Victor and robot guy Cai.” Hank whispers to Cai, “No guns at the table.”

Granny smiles, “You’re friends of my grandson here? Welcome, welcome. Don’t mind the mess, I’ve been cookin’ up a storm!”

“Did you save the beater for my like you said Grandma?”

The elderly lady says, “And watch out for Petey and Phoebe. I dun know where those two git off to but they’ll be back soon to eat.” She stops and looks at Hank with a stern stare that softens lovingly. “Now, boy, you know that ain’t healthy for you. Raw eggs ain’t good to be eatin’ like that. Here,” and she sets out a tray of about 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies and a dozen frosted sugar cookies.

The kitchen is a mess of pots, pans, flour, and other baking paraphernalia.

Hank mumbles, “Mom would have let me….” and is very pouty.

Victor perks up, “Si, ma’am, Grandma ma’am, friends with Hank for a long time Do you have any Tecate®?”

The old woman looks the three guests up and down. “You boys don’ look very clean. Go wash up before you eat.”

Victor asks, stuttering, “Where is the Bano, I mean bathroom?”

“Boy, mind you manners an’ show your friends to the bathroom.”

Hank lazily points down the hallway but realizes his grandmas look of his laziness and decides to escort Victor and Cai. Hank goes into explaining which towels not to use because they are decoration. You see a faint hoof print on one and he definitely looks like he got scolded before.

Victor, after washing, sits down to chocolate chip cookies and one of his last 4 Tecates®, checking the windows every 5 minutes

Granny responds to Victor, “Tecate®? No, that don’ ring a bell. Is that some kind of new snack?”

Grandma gives Victor a disapproving look when he pulls out the beer, but she doesn’t say anything. She does make a point of pouring three glasses of milk and placing them one the table, one for each of you.

Granny looks to Hank. “Boy, c’n you help me figure out this thing? I can’t seen to work it right.” She passes over a new phone. “I don’ wan’ lose your number again. It’s been ages since you visited or called. I’m so glad you’re here.”

Hank looks at it, slightly confused and struggling with his hooved hands.

Cai: whispers, “I’m pretty technologically literate, want me to help?”

“Any of your friends who c’n help, that’s right by me,” says the elderly woman.

Hank hands the phone over to Cai. As the conversation dims, the three guests notice the poor condition of the house. It needs some real maintenance and repairs. It’s all little stuff, but potentially a big problem if left alone. Water stains, cracked walls, what might be some mold in a couple damp places. You’ve also noticed the pictures on the wall. There’s a picture of Grandma when she was younger, with two boys. A picture of one of those boys, older, in some military uniforms. The other boy, older, is in pictures with a woman and then a woman and their child. The most recent seeming pictures are one with the grandma, the older boy, and the grandson (now early-teens).

The pictures seem to tell the story of this woman having had two sons, one in the military who seems to have died, and the other who was married with a child but wasn’t with the child’s mother anymore after some time. The most recent of these pictures seem to be about 5 years old.

Grandma gets up slowly, trying to hide the pain in her back, and goes to start cleaning up the kitchen while you three are eating cookies and milk.

Cai makes the aspect ratio on Granny’s phone larger, so that it’s easier to touch singular buttons and read titles of apps. He also creates a shortcut to Dial Hank on the home screen. He asks, “Hank, should we help with cleaning up?”

Hank replies, “Sure. I’ll pick up the non-breakables.” Meanwhile Victor is busily checking the windows, looking outside nervously.

Cai gets up to help 3-handed. His right utility hand is doing the stuff with her phone. Grandma accommodates the help, moving around, taking things and handing you things as you three work together. Grandma is contently quiet, occasionally humming a tune to herself.

Victor, finding no evidence of anyone arriving on scene yet, turns back away from the window and sees a terrifying sight, for him. Two cats enter the room through the pet door out front and walk through the house into the kitchen.

Victor: “Dios mio! El gatos diablos!” says Victor, barely able to contain yourself long enough to safely avoid them.
The cats enter the kitchen and begin mewing.

Grandma says “Oh there you two are. All right, all right, I’m coming.”She stops picking up to open up some cat food and place it in a dish for them on the floor. She pours some milk too.

Victor calls out from the living room, “Anyone want a Tecate®? I have 2 left.”

As Cai and Hank are working together in the kitchen, Hank’s tail knocks over a stack of dishes and glasses. Cai, with his sensors you recognize what’s happening quickly enough to catch all the dishes before they hit the floor and break while Hank is still processing what just happened.

Grandma says “Tsk. You boys need to be more careful.” She comes over and starts taking dishes off of you from how you quickly loaded up to save them.

Meanwhile, the cats Phoebe and Petey finish eating and look for a human or human-like creature to visit for attention. While the commotion in the kitchen pleases their need to be in the way at the worst possible time, they do notice you and they instinctively sense they should go to you instead. They lazily walk towards Victor.

“Thanks grandma for the cookies I have to go be on the news now”, Victor says as he rushes out the door as if he has seen a ghost.

A moment later Grandma says, “It’s getting late. All you boys should be getting yourselves home and ready for bed now. Don’t be strangers now!” She begins to usher the other two of you out.

Hank replies, “Ok grandma. Take care.” To Cai he says, “Need a lift home?” as he pulls out car keys from his fanny pack.

Cai replies, “Nah, I can fly. I could take you, if you wanted… I could probably even carry your car, if you wanted”

“No, that’s fine. I like to feel the wind in my mane and I have a lot of thinking to do.”

Cai says, “Sounds good. I’ll check up with Victor. I’ll go talk to Geist, he’ll talk to you more about the group. We’re really a good force in the city.”