Miss Amazing

Miss Amazing

“If you wanna play it like a game
Come on, come on let’s play
‘Cause I’d rather waste my life pretending
Than have to forget you for one whole minute”


Miss Amazing


Description: Katherine Davis is a beautiful teenage girl with long, blond hair and striking blue eyes which sometimes seem wise beyond her years. She’s below-average height and skinny but not anorexically so. With her looks she could easily be one of the most popular girls in school and with her moves there’s no reason she couldn’t be a cheerleader or a captain of one (or all) of the girl’s sports teams. Instead she deliberately shies away from all interaction and keeps to herself as much as possible. Once she puts her costume on though all pretense of hiding is gone and she revels in her abilities, showing them off and enjoying every moment of it.


Game Notes:

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024: Among a new generations of superheroes our group of heroes meet her at the meeting held by the Geist in the Zericho sub-district.

Friday, January 19th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet up with Cavalry at the home of scientist Jake Thompson. The Gryphon and she help everyone dispose of some unintended evidence and share a “very brief” intimate exchange, alone in the garage. Katherine now has a jumble of feelings she is working through.

Friday, January 26th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ stop an armored car heist, the two villains were killed in the process. They regroup in Drummond to discover the origins of Shorty.

Saturday, January 27th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ arrive at Garrick’s Home for some group training and team bonding.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024: Katherine wakes up with her head on Garrick’s chest. His fingers mixed amongst her hair and she smiles. She closes her eyes happy to be with him at his Home.

Monday – February 5th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ arrive at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They hear about Alpha Prime leaving the raid on the Denim Rat gang heading in the direction of Diego Verde. They pursue and meet her after taking on some members of Project Tyche. Alpha Prime arrests all but one for assaulting Jake’s home. The one member not arrested is Jake’s granddaughter, Autumn.

Tuesday – February 6th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They find out Cavalry is being tried for the murder of reporter Carter Wade. After a knock on the door everyone meets the Maverick known as the Wayfarer.

Sunday – February 18th, 2024: Katherine and Garrick had a soul bearing night and raw emotions have led to a deeper commitment to each other as Katherine embarks on accepting that Garrick may be polyamorous. She now lives with him in their home.

Saturday – March 30th, 2024: Katherine and Garrick now own a home together in Jenga Tower. Katherine has had a wonderful weekend arranging furniture and decorating their eclectic 7 story storage container home.


Real Name: Michelle Stevens-Woods
Alias(es): Katherine Davis
Level: 8
Power Category: Latent Psionic Super Soldier
Educational Level: Basic Military+
Occupation: Teenage student

Height Below Average I.Q. 20 Save vs Magic +5 Strike
Weight Skinny M.E. 22 Save vs Psionics (12) +4 Parry +7
Nat. A.R. N/A M.A. 16 Save vs coma +18% Dodge
S.D.C. 124 P.S. 26 Save vs poison/ disease +5 Roll w/ impact +10
H.P. 50 P.P. 22 Save vs H.F. +2 Pull punch +4
I.S.P. 89 P.E. 24 Save vs Possession +6 Initiative +4
Exp 35,450 P.B. 22 Save vs Insanity +5 Damage
Sex Female Spd 32 Disarm
Birthday July 31 Trust/ Intimidate 46% Death Blow N/A Critical 18-20
HTH Martial Arts Charm/ Impress 66% KO N/A Attacks 6
Alignment Aberrant H.F. N/A Pin/ Incapacitate 18-20 Perception +4


Punch 1D4
Elbow 1D6
Backhand Strike 1D6
Crush/ Squeeze 1D4
Knee 1D8 +2D6
Kick 2D4 +2D6
Roundhouse Kick 5D6 Can be used only once per melee round, and no other kicks can be used in that melee round
Axe Kick 4D6 Can’t be used in the same melee round with any other kicks.
Leap Kick 3D8 +2D6 Counts as two attacks.
Snap Kick 1D6 +2D6
Wheel Kick 2D6 +2D6 Cannot come before or after another kick.
Crescent Kick 2D4+2 +2D6
Backward Sweep Knockdown Only usable on enemies behind her. Cannot be parried.
Jump Kick 6d6 +2D6 Automatic Critical, uses all actions must be on first action
Flying Jump Kick 4d6 +2D6 Counts as two actions; Auto Critical
Body Flip/ Throw 1D6 The victim loses initiative and one melee attack.
Body Block/ Tackle 1D4 +2D6 Counts as two attacks. Opponent loses next attack if hit is successful. 60% chance to knock down opponent (those with Maintain Balance get a second chance vs their skill). If knocked down opponent loses initiative and is knocked 1D6 feet away.
Power strike ×2 Doubles the damage of the attack. Counts as 2 attacks.
Pull Punch Roll damage as per normal. Roll 1D20 + pull punch bonus; requires an 11+ to succeed. If successful reduce damage to any value between 0 and the amount rolled.
Disarm Counts as one melee attack. A strike, hold or grappling maneuver to cause the opponent to drop their weapon or handheld item. Can be a defensive move (needs a 19+ to succeed) or a strike roll (opponent defends as normal).
Automatic Parry Parry up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Dodge Lose next action whether successful or not.
Automatic Dodge Dodge up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Leapdodge Lose next action whether successful or not. Quickly flip out of harm’s way, ending in a tumble and crouched stance. Opponent loses next attack if closing back into melee.
Entangle Counts as the next melee action. A defense that attempts to trap the weapon or arm of your attacker. Must roll higher than the attack roll; if successful the entangled can try to escape on their turn by rolling a dodge vs the entangling roll. Every melee round it’s maintained roll Entangle again as an attack/ action. Cannot make any other attack without releasing the entangle.
Roll with punch/ fall/ impact Must roll above attacker’s roll. Counts as next melee attack.
Arm Hold Use both hands to twisting the opponents arm around their back and immobilize them. If strike succeeds the victim is helpless until released. Any items in the hand of the arm being held can be easily removed. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Leg Hold Use both hands to force the victim on the ground with his leg held up. If the strike succeeds there’s no way for him to get up until the hold is released. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Body Hold Use both hands to force the victim into any number of wrestling holds. If the strike succeeds the victim can be immobilized on the ground or in a standing position. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Neck Hold Use both hands to hold the victim around the neck from behind. If the strike succeeds the victim is immobilized and totally vulnerable to attacks from any other character. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Jump/ Leap 41ft long, +5ft/ level, +1ft/ 2 levels
21.5ft high, +2.5ft/ level, + 1ft/ 3 levels
Leap Attack All leap attacks are auto criticals.
Pole Vault 26.5ft high, +4.5ft/ additional level


W.P. Auto and Semi-Auto Rifles 1 +5 +3 +2
W.P. Semi-Auto Pistol 1 +5 +3 +2
W.P. Energy Pistol 6 +3 +1 +0 Use for wrist mounted lasers
W.P. Energy Pistol Paired N/A N/A N/A N/A Allows for a single strike roll if both items are pointed at the same target. Roll double damage.




Energy Wrist Blasters 4D6 +3 to hit from skills for AIM. Also has paired for firing together.
+4 from P.P.
Range is 600 feet.
Two can be fired together at one target for 8D6 damage. Each unit holds 20 blasts and recharges 4/ hour.


Concealed Armor A.R.: 10
S.D.C.: 50
Force Field Armor Belt NAT A.R.: 14
S.D.C.: 120
Rolls of 14 or under do no damage, rolls of 15 or higher reduce the force field’s S.D.C. The belt has a self regenerating power source that regenerates 10 S.D.C. points per hour.


Language: Native Automatic 50+5 +36% 1 8 98%
Literacy: Native Automatic 30+5 +31% 1 8 96%
Pilot: Automobile Automatic 60+2 +16% 1 8 90%
Mathematics: Basic Automatic 45+5 +11% 1 8 91%
Kickboxing Military (Basic) program 1 8
Running Military (Basic) program 1 8
Climbing Military (Basic) program 40+5 +41% 1 8 98%
Rappelling Military (Basic) program 30+5 +41% 1 8 98%
Military Etiquette Military (Basic) program 35+5 +16% 1 8 86%
Radio: Basic Military (Basic) program 45+5 +16% 1 8 96%
W.P. Rifle Military (Basic) program 30+6 +16% 1 8 86%
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts Espionage (Basic) program 1 8
Detect Ambush Espionage (Basic) program 30+5 +16% 1 8 81%
Intelligence Espionage (Basic) program 32+4 +16% 1 8 76%
Wilderness Survival Espionage (Basic) program 30+5 +16% 1 8 81%
Escape Artist Espionage (Basic) program 30+5 +21% 1 8 86%
Undercover Ops Espionage (Basic) program 30+5 +21% 1 8 86%
Surveillance Systems Military/ Communications program 30+5 +16% 1 8 81%
Tailing Military/ Communications program 30+5 +16% 1 8 81%
Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons Military/ Communications program 26+4 +16% 1 8 70%
Armorer (Field) Military/ Communications program 40+5 +21% 1 8 96%
Basic Mechanics Military/ Communications program 30+5 +41% 1 8 98%
Performance Military/ Communications program 25+5 +16% 1 8 76%
Acrobatics Physical program 1 8
Gymnastics Physical program 1 8
Tumbling Physical program 1 8
Sense of Balance Physical program 60+5 +16% 1 8 98%
Walk Tightrope/ High Wire Physical program 60+3 +16% 1 8 97%
Climb Rope Physical program 70+2 +16% 1 8 98%
Back Flip Physical program 70+5 +16% 1 8 98%
Work Parallel Bars & Rings Physical program 60+3 +16% 1 8 97%
Pole Vault Physical program 50+5 +16% 1 8 98%
Stilt Walk Physical program 50+5 +16% 1 8 98%
Wrestling Physical program 1 8
Housekeeping Secondary 35+5 +6% 1 8 76%
First Aid Secondary 45+5 +6% 1 8 86%
Aerobic Athletics Secondary 1 8
I.D. Undercover Agents Secondary 30+4 +16% 1 8 74%
Prowl Secondary 25+5 +21% 1 8 81%
Streetwise Secondary 20+4 +6% 1 8 54%
Computer Operation Secondary 40+5 +11% 1 8 86%
W.P. Semi Auto Pistol Secondary 30+6 +6% 1 8 78%
Paired Weapons Superpowers 1 8
Rope Works Secondary 30+5 +6% 3 8 61%
Land Navigation Secondary 36+4 +6% 3 8 62%
Secondary +6% 6 8
Secondary +6% 6 8


Brain Boost Raised the character’s I.Q. score to 20. Other bonuses already factored in.
Increased Leaping Ability Vastly increased horizontal & vertical leaping distance (see combat moves). Takes no damage from falls that are less than twice her horizontal jumping distance. Adds extra damage to kick/ leg attacks.
Increased Physical Agility & Dexterity Raised the character’s P.P. score to 22. Gained ambidexterity, automatic dodge, and paired weapons.
Physical Transformation The hero was physically altered, becoming more fit, strong, and youthful. Gained the equivalent of Extraordinary P.S.: Can carry P.S. × 100 lbs, can deadlift P.S. × 200 lbs.
Physical Psionic: Mind Block Prevents Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, Empathic Transfer, and Induce Nightmare. +1 save vs. psychic and mental attacks. Cannot use psionics nor be influenced by others. Cannot use psionics while it is active. I.S.P.: 4
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 10 min/ level
Physical Psionic: Resist Pain Can stay on feet when H.P. reach zero. Gains an extra 10 H.P. +2 H.P./ level for duration. Damage/ penalties from Bio-Manipulation, torture, drugs, poison, disease reduced by half while power is active. Foes have -40% with Interrogation attempts. I.S.P.: 6
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 30 min/ level
Sensitive Psionic: Empathy Become aware of or feel emotions of others (hate, anger, terror, love, etc). Blocked by Mind Block. Saving throw is made each melee. Probing for emotions can establish that somebody or something is nearby but cannot pinpoint. Can sense Haunting Ghosts and Entities in power range. I.S.P.: 4
Range: 100ft
Save: Standard.
Duration: 2 min/ level
Sensitive Psionic: Enhanced Perception Sharpens all physical senses by 50%. Notices every detail. +3 Perception, +1 Strike, +2 Parry/ Dodge, +10% on skills requiring the basic senses. I.S.P.: 10
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 5 min/ level
Sensitive Psionic: Sixth Sense Sense imminent danger to self or someone w/in 90 feet. Danger will be within next 60 seconds. For first melee of danger: +6 Initiative, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, cannot be surprised by a sneak attack from behind. I.S.P.: 2
Range: 90ft
Save: None.
Duration: 1 melee
Sensitive Psionic: Total Recall Remember every word read or heard, and everything seen. Blocks of info can be recalled in perfect detail at will for I.S.P.. If no I.S.P.: 1-50% Remembered in detail, 51-80% Details are forgotten but essence/ ideas are clear, 81-00% Only recall most basic concepts. I.S.P.: 3
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: Instant
Super Psionic: Mimic Skills Temporarily copy another character’s skill(s) at their level of proficiency/ experience. Limit is one skill per level. When the duration elapses she retains none of the info she mimicked. The victim’s knowledge is unhampered. I.S.P.: 12/ skill
Range: 4 ft/ level
Save: Standard.
Duration: 10 min/ level
Physical Psionic: Telekinetic Leap Jump +5ft/ level horizontal, +3ft/ level vertical. Increase leap kick damage to 6D6+6, +2D6, plus P.S. bonuses, but she’ll take 2D6 points of damage herself from the impact. I.S.P.: 8
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: Instant
Physical Psionic: Telekinetic Punch Deliver a powerful force through telekinetic energy that feels like a punch or kick. Punch does 4D6 plus P.S. bonus, kick does 5D6 +2D6 plus P.S. bonus. Every time this is used she must make a save of 14 or higher or she’ll take 1D6 points of damage from the extra strain on her body. I.S.P.: 6
Range: 1ft/ level
Save: None.
Duration: Instant
Sensitive Psionic: Telepathy Read surface thoughts of a subject within 60ft. Send brief directed thought/ message to a subject within 60ft. Two-way telepathic communication with another psychic with Telepathy within 140ft. I.S.P.: 4
Range: See description.
Save: Standard. Subject must suspect power is being used to be able to save.
Duration: 2 min/ level
Sensitive Psionic: Speed Reading Can read and comprehend the written word extremely quickly (30 pages per minute, half for technical texts). Information is retained/ remembered as per normal. I.S.P.: 2
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 3 min/ level.
Physical Psionic: Impervious to Poisons/Toxins Negate the full effects of any poisons or chemicals introduced into her body for the duration. If activated after the exposure the effect is halved as it’s negated. Identify Poisons at 30%, +4%/ level, and +2 to save vs poisons and drugs. I.S.P.: 4
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 2 minutes.
Physical Psionic: Spontaneous Combustion Cause combustible material to start burning. Fire starts small but will expand and spread as normal. Works best on paper, dry wood, dry leaves, old dry rags, hot coals, lamp oil, and similar. Does not work on hair, much to her dismay. I.S.P.: 6
Range: 10 feet, line of sight.
Save: None.
Duration: Instant.
Healing Psionic: Wound Transfer After one melee of concentration can take 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% of another’s damage onto self, healing that person of that damage. Cannot be reversed. Damage to psychic heals 2× faster, 3× faster in meditation. Illness can also be diminished, reducing duration and penalties up to half. I.S.P.: 12
Range: Touch.
Save: Standard.
Duration: One melee for transfer and relief.
Physical: Telekinesis Move objects by directed psychic energy. Can make an object hop, fall, roll, rise into the air, suspend it there (hover) or make it fly across the room. Can also open doors, flick switches, press buttons, turn knobs and dials, open windows, make a rocking chair rock, and so on. The object must be clearly visible, within range (per the weight limits) and be the point of their focus. Can only concentrate on one item at a time. +3 to Strike with an object, +4 to Parry with an object (or by pure TK force as per Medium weight cost).
Damage from Hurled Objects:
Small, 6 ounces to 1 pound: 1D4
Small, 1.1 to 2.9 lbs: 1D6
Medium, 3 to 4.9 lbs: 2D4
Medium, 5 to 10.9 lbs: 3D4
Medium, 11 to 25.9 1bs: 3D6
Large, 26 to 40.9 lbs: 4D6
Add 1D6 for each additional 20 lbs of weight.
I.S.P.: Small, 3. Medium, 8. Large, 8+1 per 10 lbs over 20 lbs.
Range: Small, 60 ft. Medium, 30 ft. Large, 15 ft.
Duration: 2 minutes per level.


Ready Cash $1,800 On hand
Life Savings $10,000 Bank
Costume w/ Built-in Armor 3 Garrick’s House (3) Extra costume suits with modern armor built in.
Energy Wrist Blasters 2 Belt Prototype wrist-worn weapons which are high intensity lasters. They hold 20 blasts each and self-recharge 4 blasts per hour.
Experimental Anti-grav belt 1 Belt Max speed is 50 mph, max altitude is unlimited. Weight allowance is 500 lbs. Has only 25 S.D.C.
Identification 1 Home Totally legit papers and identification which proclaim her to be Katherine Davis, and definitely not someone else.
Smart Car 1 Home Smart Fortwo, less than a year old.
Reasonable Personal Possessions Home


Luck Points 0


Miscellaneous Notes:

Birth Order: Only child.
Land of Origin: United States.
Childhood Environment: Small town.
Social/Economic Background: Middle Class.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Adult/ Recently.
Sponsoring Organization: Secret Organization.
Motive for the Procedure: Nefarious.
Nature of the Procedure: Chemical.
Nature of the Test Subject: Normal.
Current Status with the Sponsoring Organization: Rogue agent.
Likelihood of Successful Replication: A disappointing partial success.


Character Bio:

Katherine Davis is a false identity. Several years ago her real identity was listed as officially deceased when she despondently volunteered for superhuman augmentation. Everything she currently has was a gift from project head who helped cover-up her escape from the facility. She thinks his plan worked and the Organization behind the project believes she and all the key researchers involved in the project died in a tragic lab accident. She fears that the project lead was killed, though. After all, what other reason could there be for why he never contacted her like he promised?

Backstory as revealed to Garrick Faulkner:

Michelle Stevens-Woods was a career college student. Attending college she never really had any serious ambitions. She changed majors several times over the years she was there, ranging from science majors to arts majors but never finished one. Eventually, she managed to get enough credits to get a degree in something, and used that degree to become a teacher at that same school.

For some years she taught there. In that time, she met her ex-husband Michael Wood, a fellow professor. She had been with many men, but he was the first one she felt she could spend the rest of her life with. That marriage lasted about a year before he left her for another woman. After the divorce she realized that her life really wasn’t going anywhere. It was then she found out about an incredible opportunity.

People were being screened to participate in a testing program that advertised the ability to “change your life forever.” Michelle jumped at this and, passing the initial screenings, found herself part of a batch of 17 volunteers. After signing the appropriate legal forms they were all subjected to various chemical processes designed to enhance the human body, bringing out superhuman abilities.

The project was a dismal failure. Five of the volunteers died due to unforeseen drug complications and two other volunteers were reduced to a comatose state. Michelle was one of those left brain dead. The surviving volunteers, after a period of observation to ensure the drugs had no effect on them, were released back to their normal lives. Michelle and the other unconscious patient were listed among the dead. Their families were notified and the project was publicly shut down.

Behind the scenes now the project scientists began experimenting more on the two comatose patients. They had discovered through careful observation that the drugs which rendered them in this state were somehow rejuvenating their bodies. They were getting younger! The scientists continued observing them and within 4 months they were noticeably younger. Michelle looked to be in her early 20’s now and the other volunteer was somewhere in his early teens.

It was then the scientists became worried. What if they kept de-aging? Their bodies showed no signs of stopping. Thus they began experimenting again, this time though to counteract the effects of their earlier experimentation. They discovered that the bodies de-aging accelerated the younger they got. Through more chemical experimentation and delicate surgery they were able to halt Michelle’s body in her late teens. The other volunteer, unfortunately, died on the operating table as a child.

The scientists now had a comatose, teenage girl whose condition seemed stable finally. However, what had happened to her defied explanation. Try as they might over the next few months, the scientists just could not reproduce those effects. Their project was threatened with a funding withdrawal. Then, almost a year after Michelle had first fallen into her coma, she woke up.

Confused, the remaining scientific team members examined her and filled her in as best they could with what happened. Michelle was shocked, then became angry when she was told that legally, she was dead. Months ago her family held a funeral for her and moved on with their lives. Remembering what her old life had to offer her anyway, Michelle agreed to stay with the scientists to help them try and figure out why her body reacted the way it did.

She spent another year in a secret testing facility with these people. After a while she became good friends with them. Through testing, they helped her discover many of her surprising new abilities. When Michelle wasn’t being tested, she was training. The first part of the program was simply to create the superhuman. The second part was to utilize her. They started her off with basic espionage training, teaching her how to fight, avoid danger, and other things that were more useful than anything she learned in all those years at school.

One day, Michelle was called in to talk with the head of this project. He was in a very somber mood when she entered, and he proceeded to explain to her that the funding for their project was being taken away due to their inability still to duplicate the process. If they were lucky they would all be reassigned. If not, they might all be killed. He continued to talk and told her what would then happen to her.

She would be reassigned to a strict military facility, rumored to be called “The Nursery.” There she would undergo brainwashing and intensified training with the purpose of turning her into a loyal soldier. He then told her this would happen tomorrow. She sat there quietly wondering why he told her all this. Then he pulled up a briefcase from the floor by him, opened it up and pushed it towards her.

Inside was a manila envelope containing a birth certificate, drivers’ license, and other assorted identification papers for her to begin a new life with a new identity. There was also bank account documentation with a recent deposit slip, some cash, car keys, and some high-tech equipment.

The project head explained that those devices would be officially “destroyed” in the same lab accident she was scheduled to die in within the hour. He told her what she would need to do in order to slip out of the compound with all these things, find the vehicle those keys were for, and start a new life with her new name: Katherine Davis.

She had no time to ask questions, she needed to leave. He assured her that if they survived they would get in touch with her at a specific rendezvous point marked on the map in her car within a week. She made her way out, found the car, and waited a week. No-one came after her. Unsure what to do, she tried to maintain a low profile but couldn’t maintain it. She had these amazing abilities now, and she wanted to do something with this new chance at life.


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