Council of Industry

Council of Industry

The Council of Industry is a collection of companies in Century Station who allied together to oppose the cuts in profit which Project Daedalus caused them. Strong politically, after Alpha Prime arrested Dr. Sarnhoff they actively engaged in a relentless anti-alien campaign designed to convince the citizens to reject any business that profited from Project Daedalus. This propoganda campaign was wildly successful and as these non-council businesses were forced out of Century Station the The Council of Industry promised they could fill those gaps and return Century Station back to the prosperity it so recently enjoyed. The government fast-tracked tax-breaks and corporate law reforms to help allow the Council Businesses to quickly step and make good on their promises to the broken city. But despite it all they just could not fill the incredible voids left in the city. Though they tried, ultimately their promises were empty and unfulfilled.

Membership has fluctuated; today the Council consists of the following companies:

Advanced Transportation Technologies
The Benford Group
Detroit Metallurgical Laboratories
Daedalus Industries
Hellion Light & Power
Indbur Enterprises
Integrated Thinking Systems
KLS Corporation
Korashi Technics
Orion Robotics
Overlund Earth Energies
Triton Industries
Veridian Dynamics
Xander Financial Group

Currently, the Council of Industry’s chairman is Maximillian Valentine, CEO of Genesys, though rumors persist that the CI is planning to replace him soon. Under his leadership the CI has continued to aggressively pursue ridiculously pro-industry laws, regulations and perks, which combined with its failure to live up to their past promises, have begun to turn the city’s population against them. Many feel that the CI’s greed, as exhibited by their political lobbying and mayoral harassment, is simply disgusting.

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