Carter Wade

Carter Wade

Cater Wade (DECEASED) is a graduate of Copernicus University in the Javarta sub-district. With a Masters Degree in Journalism and a minor in web development, and near straight “A”s on his transcripts. One might think there would be nothing but big things in store for such an individual.

Unfortunately, Carter’s penchant for “superhero fever” has clouded his job opportunities. Many creditable papers site him as an example of what happens when you show bias in your published pieces. Carter has always said he’ll report the good heroes and bad as he see them. Whether or not they be Centurions or Mavericks. Many places began to wonder how he kept his job at the Copernicus Gazateer: the university’s paper, for his whole term there.

Among the journalistic circles it is said no one would hire him had it not been for the critically scathing piece on Cavalry after his horrible event at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. He is starting to just now earn a reputation as a “Hero Report Card Writer” in journalistic circles. While this is potentially pigeon-holing his career Carter seems to never have been happier. Especially since one paper finally gets him, the Silver-Hill Sentinel recently hired him about a month ago when they learned Cavalry had returned to Century Station.

It was a Monday: January 15th, 2024 when Carter located Cavalry and he called his editor after hearing him talking about a ‘note’ he’d received from another hero known as ‘The Geist’!

“Chief! Chief!”

“What is it Wade, have you even found Cavalry yet?”

“Yes sir ten minutes ago and ‘click’ I am sending you a the best zoom in photo I can get on my phone now.”

Grumbling… “Wade, its him so what the hell get some photos we can use in the paper.”

“Chief, he stopped to get mail at that Courier Express chain with the anonymous mail boxes, when he came out he was exclaiming about a note he got from someone called the Geist. Do you know him?”

“Wade quit fucking with me. If it is the Geist he may be the oldest hero, vigilante, Maverick on record in the city’s history! Please tell me you got more than heroic superstition to go on.”

“Chief, there’s a meeting in two days and something about forming a new team of Mavericks to, well, fight crime.”

“Listen kid, if I thought Cavalry was capable of subtly I’d say you’re getting trolled. However, this could be juicy if this is indeed what’s going to happen. So if you want a job after build up like this, pics or it didn’t happen, you have 72 hours.”

Wednesday – January 17th, 2024: Carter follows Cavalry to the meeting where our Heroes meet up at the gathering held by the Geist in the Zericho sub-district.

Friday – January 19th, 2024: Carter follows Cavalry to the meeting where most of ‘our heroes’ meet up at the home of scientist Jake Thompson. Carter has not reported back to the Silver Hill Sentinel and his phone shows a lasted reported signal in Brisby Flats.

Tuesday – February 6th, 2024: Most of ‘our heroes’ meet at Garrick’s Home and after some group working out. They find out Cavalry is being tried for the murder of reporter Carter Wade. After a knock on the door everyone meets the Maverick known as the Wayfarer.

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