I’ll Support You No Matter What

I’ll Support You No Matter What

February 3rd, 2024 – Saturday

Garrick leaves the following note on the game server PM (private messages) for the eight shorties because they’ll check that before anything else.

Hey Guys,
Richard has found foster homes for four of you like ‘#1’ staying with Mrs. Falkenberg. I am not sure all of the homes are within Century Station. What I am sure of is that Richard would never stick you in a bad family given his investigation prowess and insight. So you have a few options in front of you all:

#1: Decide which of you want to live with a family (those that pick this will have to pick a legitimate name and go to school for themselves) as their child.

#2: Financially this will get real tight, but being your older “foster” cousin has made me think about what my father always said about family. “The true test of a family is that gap you don’t see between the happy photos in the album.” If you’d all rather stay together I won’t make anyone go that doesn’t want to. However, there will be chores (cleaning, dishes, trash), there will be quizzes to make sure all of you get the benefit of an education. Just to be clear, I don’t have all the answers, but I will do my best to make sure you all can have a childhood.

I will try and make this fun, but it won’t always be fun and games. Families and helping each other out takes work, dedication, and caring. Anyone that chooses to go I will make sure you can stay in touch and always have access to the Worlds Online servers I run. You can also come visit anytime your new parents say so. I will call them and verify so no funny business. Anyways let me know what you all decide. I support you no matter what path you choose.

Foster Cousin / Guardian In Training,


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