Words from Above

Words from Above

Следователь на Небесах

I gaze down upon the broken world and wonder that the world has continued for so long in it’s broken state. America has begun to think that talking to the UN might be a good way to eliminate the rest of the world. In my opinion all that will do is allow Atlantis to take over and bring all nations into unity. While that benefits Atlantis, it does not benefit anyone else, especially not Heaven or Hell. While benefiting Hell is certainly not in my nature, neither would locking the world into the embrace of Atlantis.

Narnia has begun to be a liability. He has spoken to the Federation of Planets about the actions of the Scientist. I hope that the CIA can bring him into line. The Spy has already made inroads into taking care of it and has the possibility of locking him into the world beyond the wardrobe.

Japan is fitting in well with the New Avengers.

Poseidon is not dead. Atlantis was right. Even I did not believe that Poseidon had survived the Minotaur. It seems I must keep a closer watch on Atlantis as he seems to be more intelligent than his appearance would suggest. King Minos appeared in Narnia and confirmed that the Minotaur did not kill the king of the sea.

The Spy and the Swordsman both went and served food to the needy. There is something strange there that I can’t quite put my finger on, and being a simple Observer has prevented me from making a closer investigation into what they are doing and why.

The Swordsman is quite the enigma. He carried the Sword of Damocles that collapsed onto the head of the Minotaur releasing it to terrorize the city. What was meant to draw our eyes to the heavens instead buried us further in the dirt when the Federation of Planets, breaking their Prime Directive and barred the planet from space.

Alexandria is a bed of snakes. Their poison inks the pages of the books and scrolls. The New Avengers have begun to investigate the snakes. The snakes are being run by a black panther of significant weight from his den in the darker jungles residing around the Temple of the Gods.

It would seem that the New Avengers are afraid of the panther. Or possibly not the panther, but the Minotaur, who hides behind the panther. The New Avengers now prepare for their venture into the jungle. What will the outcome truly be.

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        1. Oh sorry – I had no issue! I meant that everyone and everything had a special name, and I loved that “The Minotaur” sounds like one of those names but it of course isn’t.

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