Let It Go, Let Me Go.

Let It Go, Let Me Go.

Gryphon could not believe how far south his day had gone! S.A.V.I.O.R., the newly sponsored hero group just had a battle with wizards at a mystically cloaked ice castle in freaking Antarctica! During the battle he had gone through a portal somewhere over Australia! Those events alone were awesome, but it was after an orbital space flight in an Atorian starfighter! He was in a real life movie!

His day started out good, with the reveal of Miss Amazing’s new outfit. He had been thrilled Jake didn’t offer to fix it. Especially considering that he could somehow use whatever tech he wanted to and was above the Galactic Thug’s law enforcement. He knew it would take him 15 minutes, and likely a third of that. Just like his father, Gryphon knew he’d never do the things Jake could do. Unlike his father, Jake intimidated the hell out of him. He’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit a bit of jealousy. Gryphon knew how smart he was compared to the average person, Jake and his father were at least that much smarter than him.

Seeing the mad scientist made him miss his father at the worst of times. At his best Jake just made him nostalgic for better times. Good or bad Jake was brilliant and Gryphon needed him to take on Murder Master. Garrick still tries very hard to emulate how his father would talk to people. His father knew how in his words “to cultivate a relationship” and help that person become their best. Even when he challenged someone he would always end up helping them achieve something great and find out more about themselves in the process. Ever since Garrick read his father’s journal and the secrets he never shared with anyone but his own mind. He always wondered why his father considered his children his greatest failure as a person that nurtures people. He knew Garrick’s darkest secret and seemed to hate himself for allowing his son to shoulder the burden. It also appears to be the reason he invested so much time in Garrick and his son’s desire to help get humans to space by ending homelessness.

Gryphon wasn’t surprised that there wasn’t a lot of fanfare about Miss Amazing’s new suit. Sure in had a stealth setting changing the white parts of the costume black, kevlar trauma plates in every blue pocket and the center torso front and back. It was a flexible weave kevlar that only went rigid under kinetic impact or heightened temperature changes (fireballs, explosions/lightning strikes/cold). The half jacket and boots could be used in other outfits for minor armor in undercover missions. He was thrilled he had begun to figure out the color blue so he could change the gray fabric to blue! Every time he figured out a new color he was one step closer to bending light and wrapping someone in near invisible camouflage! Just like that movie with that alien tech monster hunting people in a jungle and the city in the sequel. The safari hunting beast could be invisible if very still. When it moved the form looked very close to a ripple in still water. Were it not for Granny2Good it would still be just some fancy cloth. She helped make it real!

Hovering above the ground a few inches drifting back and forth in the Antarctic winds. Wearing a blue parka over his armor and current medical issue from misunderstanding what an alien supplement would “actually” do to him. Garrick was so excited, Zion, his buddy from wardrobe back in his movie days had all the arctic gear and was still in Century Station. Apparently, he had been working on another movie that went bust when Garrick called him looking to “buy” all of it and he was ecstatic to unload it! Garrick explained it was for another burgeoning project, however, Zion and Garrick had been on a number of “Indy” movies that always tanked mid project for a plethora of various reasons. Zion loved Garrick because that “whiteboy” always had his back! He knew Garrick was good for the grand total of $38,000 for all the gear. Garrick said he would turn in the invoice first thing Monday morning. Everyone was stunned when it arrived and Granny appeared to think it was a miracle. She had been checking on Miss Amazing when the truck had arrived. She loved it even more when when Garrick explained Xander Financial would be paying for it!

Garrick could not believe it when Zion had arctic gear that matched the white setting on Miss Amazing’s outfit or even the neon pink one for Granny2Good! If it wasn’t for the blue tinted fur on Miss Amazing’s boots and parka she would be a ghost in the south polar region! Miss Amazing was doing well, all things considered. This morning in their home she had found out that Black Phantom had been working for Sector-10 this whole time! What’s more than that is they knew about her and had “apparently” just been letting her flounder to see what she did! It meant that the deaths of the others at the facility that trained her were far more certain now. Black Phantom had decided to retire from the spy organization now that they had signed the documents to become S.A.V.I.O.R. The hero team sponsored by Spirit Enterprises. He asked that we decide if we still wanted him on the team. While not quick we decided that he should stay.

The Covenant got the black parka and his scarf a second later appeared on top, very cool! Black Phantom was the only one of them that had gear for such a situation on his person. Everyone got some additional gear from the crates Zion brought over. All of this felt so right, but no one would believe it without pictures so Gryphon made sure to get a bunch (and short videos) with his phone and geo-tag them. His only hope was that Granny might stop beating around the bush about trying to save him and start working for the team’s benefit and not just him. “Unless.. She thinks I’ve no place being here among everyone else,” he thought to himself. Whenever she sees “him” in trouble she goes off mission to try and save Gryphon. At least that is how Gryphon sees it and he has no idea how to bring up how insulting it is. Granny2Good is the only person on the team who can take a better beating than him. He knows the conversation will have to wait because he has no wish to rock the group dynamic on mission. At least he’s aware that using gloves means he has to get a better grip on his sword (Gryphon felt so embarrassed when it nearly slipped out of his hand).

“I’m just being dumb,” he thought to himself. This is the most team driven Jake has ever been trying to break the dimensional barriers open to to get that Nazi-World’s Liberty Bell to save Cavalry. Gryphon thought afterwards that he’s always lived in the shadow of someone. Why should it be any different being a superhero. Jake would likely disappear to another dimension once the barrier was down because nothing was holding him here. Gryphon found it hard to believe Jake was dedicated to anyone not helping him achieve his own goals, but that just made him human, not evil. He still had his own agendas to pursue and “almost” no regard for any customs of society regardless of dimension. Gryphon would let him go if he didn’t need him to get rid of a version of himself that had become Murder Master. All so Hyperia could have her life back and Gryphon could save someone. Was the desire to do so “himself” more important than the end result? Gryphon patted the parka over his coat’s inner pocket, which now held a wand he intended to give Patsy so she might find a way to get her powers back. No, the end result of saving her was more important than being the final runner in the relay race that crossed the finish line. He laughed to himself, “Guess I am just a starter hero, oh well, free trip to Antarctica and Australia in one day. Not bad at all for a failure.”

One more thought nagged him. If it seemed someone or something was trying to hide all the magic, wouldn’t Antarctica be the perfect place to stockpile this? Then maybe they will face off against those people that took the Wayfarer and Aaziakel? The ice castle loomed before everyone as the next step in the mission.




Art by: AZ_Artisan


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    1. It’s a Pink so light, it’s basically white. But still fashionable! A nice mix of fashion and practicality while in the white antarctic landscape.

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