Assassin Dolls – S01E06

Assassin Dolls – S01E06

25 years ago

Two men sit on a bench next to the clearing in the woods. Alice and Hikari run around the grass laughing and squealing. They are acting, for once, like the children they are. “Kenzuo, Eichi, I see your children are playing well together.” and older man says as he walks up to the two men. As you watch you begin to notice that the one addressed as Eichi is the same business man we have seen previously, only much younger. “Welcome, Grandfather,” Kenzuo replies.

They are talking about family, life, and philosophy as they sit there watching the two girls play. Eventually they begin to talk about business, specifically the bioengineering firm that the two men run. They are talking about the legislation that is about to go through that will prevent a number of their advances from going through.

Eichi simply replies at the end, “it is more of the same that we have gotten over the past ten years. It will amount to nothing.”

20 years ago

Eichi is in a lab coat in a futuristic lab. Kenzuo enters the lab. What they are saying can’t be heard, but it’s pretty obvious that they’re arguing. An older Alice and Hikari sit in a sterile room and look out at the two men.

“I’m scared, Alice.”

“Be strong, Hikari. They will come up with a solution. They have to.”

“I don’t want to die.”

The argument gets more violent as the two girls continue to watch the men fight. Eventually Kenzuo storms out of the lab.


“Be strong, Hikari. Always remember that you need to be strong,” Alice says, even as tears run down her cheeks.

15 years ago

An emaciated adult Alice is sitting on a chair next to a hospital bed. Hikari is lying in the bed with her eyes closed. A long continuous tone sounds in the room from the heart monitor where there is just a single flat line. A strange apparatus is attached to the girl’s head as men move around the room in hazmat suits.

After a few minutes of movement, they move the body of Hikari to a gurney and wheel her out of the room.

“Your turn, miss,” one of the faceless men says and helps her up onto the bed.

“Will it hurt?”

“You won’t feel a thing,” he says.

They connect her up to the apparatus. She closes her eyes as lightning begins to ark from one lead to another on the helmet.


Kenzuo sits in a dark room without any windows wearing a lab coat. A man is relaying a report to him regarding Subjects 1, 2, 29, and 13. They talk about amino acids, life viability, and a number of other factors that sound like technobabble.

As soon as the man leaves Angel walks in through a hidden door behind the desk. “Crane King, the target has been assigned and given to Subject 1. Are you sure that you want to attack him?”

“It is not your place to question me, Subject 13.”

“If not me, then who, Crane King?”

He sits there quietly for a few moments as Angel just watches him. “You are right, Subject 13. It is time. He is pushing his public agenda to far. He is getting too public and he has stepped from the shadows into the light. It is time for the Spider King to die.”

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