Gryphon – The Swordsman

Gryphon – The Swordsman



– The Swordsman –


Description: A husky man with some muscle on him. He is on the verge of gaining definition in his physique but his coding keeps him stationary far more than he wishes it would, and then there are his hours maintaining his “Worlds Online” servers. His shoes are often the most noticeable item of quality he owns and maintains well. He loves little tears in the knees of his jeans. Once they begin showing up he considers them “appropriately tested” continuing to wear them until the holes become as big as his open hand. When at home he has a shirt that says, “Sleeves are bullshit!” Nearly everything else is some kind of geek culture reference or joke he liked. He owns two suits for when work or social events require he dresses nice. He is fond of bracelets and torqs as forms of acceptable jewelry. His mustache is a throwback to his “new” favorite character from the ‘Tale of Wyatt Earp’ book, Doc Holiday. As a former felon trying to do good he feels he can relate more and more to how ‘Doc’ would get things done.

Socially he is a computer programmer, which means for him things either “are” or they “are not” since code either works or it doesn’t. Having paid his due for the crime he was arrested for he still never brings it up. He finds the court of public opinion would tell him it is impossible to ‘atone’ for any deed for which a court of law convicts you. He can come off as hot-head, quick-tempered, but basically nice. However to people he doesn’t know or trust he can appear mean, suspicious, and even vengeful. He favors wearing tank tops and t-shirts that feature his favorite old cartoon: The Transformers. He is an Optimus Prime fanboy and sees him as a valid role model, or at least of worthy metaphor for one. Don’t ask him about Michael Bay unless you want a near-unending rant about how he wishes that director would have found any other career path.


Real Name: Garrick Griffon Faulkner
Nickname(s): Garry, ‘Rick – used at his workplace. He never corrects them because the less they suspect the better.
Alias(es): Gryphon, Huckleberry
Level: Two
Power Category: Magic – Enchanted Weapon
Educational Level: Masters Degree – Robotics & Bio-Dome Sciences
Occupation: Senior Programmer

Height 5ft 8in / 6ft 6in H.M. I.Q. 23 (+9% to skills) Save vs Magic +1 / +11 Strike +1 / +3
Weight 190 lbs / 200 lbs H.M. M.E. 15 Save vs Psionics +0 / +3 Parry +3 / +5
Nat. A.R. 16 (H.M. Battle Armor) M.A. 12 Save vs coma +5% / +40% Dodge +3 / +7 / +9: Flight
S.D.C. 59 / 184: H.M.
P.S. 20 Save vs poison/ disease +1 / +8 Roll w/ impact +6
H.P. 23 / 43 H.M. P.P. 16 (+1 to S/P/D) Save vs H.F. +0 Pull punch +2
P.E. 17 / 25 H.M. Save vs Possession +0 Initiative +0
Exp 3,525 P.B. 13 / 20 H.M. Save vs Insanity +0 (12) Damage +5
Sex Yes, err, Male Spd 23 Disarm +0
Birthday Age: 27; December 7th (YoB: 1996) Trust/ Intimidate N/A Death Blow N/A Critical 20
HTH Expert Charm/ Impress 0% / 50% H.M. KO 20 Attacks 5 / 6: Flying
Alignment Scrupulous H.F. N/A Stun 20 Perception +6


Punch 1D4; Add 1D6 in “H.M.” + 5 / + 11 if Ashmadiel is in physical contact with Garrick. With Boxing he can KO on a Nat 20.
Gymnastics Kick 2D6; Add 1D6 in “H.M.” + 5 / + 11 if Ashmadiel is in physical contact with Garrick.
Body Block/Tackle 1D4; Add 1D6 in “H.M.” + 5 / + 11 if Ashmadiel is in physical contact with Garrick. This is a combination of moves that involves a body block and a knockdown attack (counts as two melee


Sword One +1 +1 +0 + 1 to strike and parry at level one, an additional + 1 to strike and parry at level three, and add another at levels seven, eleven, and fourteen.


Ashmadiel 6D6 + 6 + PS (5) Shoot Fireballs/Firebolts: 300ft Range; 4d6 + 6
Superhuman STR adds 1D6 damage
– Total Bonuses 7D6 + 11
Firebolt 4D6 + 6
Strike: + 3 / Parry: + 3 / Thrown: + 1


Granted Powers: Battle Armor 16 A.R. / 200 S.D.C. Granted by his connection to Ashmadiel. Please refer to the “Item” page for a complete description of the Armor’s power.


Bestowed Powers Heroic Attire
Handsome Appearance
Elemental Resistance
Magical Resistance
Sight of the Unseen
Flight of the Gryphon Knight
Endurance of the Gryphon Knight
Must say the following phrase while in physical contact to become bestowed.
Phrase: “Grant unto me the might of the Gryphon.”
Bestowed by his connection to Ashmadiel. Please refer to the “Item” page for a complete description of these powers.
Granted Powers Shape-shift into smaller form
Superhuman Strength
Damage Bonus
Battle Armor
Spits Fire
Must make contact for one minute every 72 hours to continue to draw upon these powers. Even if not in physical contact. Granted by his connection to Ashmadiel. Please refer to the “Item” page for a complete description of these powers.


RecyclingBiodome Engineering39% +5+25%1164%

English Language: Native Automatic 59+5 +25% 1 1 84%
English Literacy: Native Automatic 39+5 +20% 1 1 59%
Pilot: Automobile Automatic 69+2 1 1 69%
Mathematics: Basic Automatic 54+5 1 1 45%
Computer Operation Robot Program 49% +5 +25% 1 1 74%
Computer Programming
– Basic Hacking
Robot Program 39% +5
-1% +5%
Robot Electronics Robot Program 39% +5 +25% 1 1 64% (24%)
Robot Mechanics Robot Program 39% +5 +25% 1 1 64% (24%)
Math: Advanced Science 54% +5 +25% 1 1 79%
Artificial Intelligence Science 39% +5 +25% 1 1 64%
Chemistry Science 34% +5 +25% 1 1 59%
Chemistry: Analytical Science 49% +5 +25% 1 1 74%
Biology Science 39% +5 +25% 1 1 64%
Botany Science 49% +5 +25% 1 1 74%
Mechanical Engineer Biodome Engineering 34% +5 +25% 1 1 59%
Electrical Engineer Biodome Engineering 39% +5 +25% 1 1 64%
Zoology Biodome Engineering 39% +5 +25% 1 1 64%
Oxygen Systems Biodome Engineering 67% +4 +25% 1 1 92%
Boxing Physical N/A N/A 1 1 N/A
Wrestling Physical N/A N/A 1 1 N/A
– Walk Tightrope / High Wire
– 69% +3%
– Sense of Balance
– Climb Rope
– Back Flip
– Work Parallel Bars & Rings

– 59% +3
– 69% +2
– 79% +2
– 69% +3

W.P. SwordSecondarySee W.P. Section11See W.P. SectionHand to Hand: ExpertSecondarySee Combat Bonus Section11See Combat Bonus Section

Climbing Secondary 69% +5 1 1 69%
– Rappeling Secondary 39% +5 1 1 39%
Research Secondary 59% +5 1 1 59%
Cooking Secondary 44% +5 1 1 44%
Navigation Secondary 59% +5 1 1 59%
Swimming Secondary 59% +5 1 1 59%
Prowl Secondary 44% +5 1 1 44%
Running Secondary N/A 1 1 N/A


Garrick’s Truck AR: 7
Speed: 120MPH
“see more”
Please see the “Truck’s Item” page for more info.
Garrick’s Home These are listed on the “Garrick’s Home” page in detail. Please see the “Garrick’s Home” page for more info.


Ready Cash $6,000 On hand: $1,000 on hand and $5,000 stashed in his home.
Life Savings $12,000 Bank
Mallic Robotics Building Acct. $1,650,000 Bank This account accrues 1.4 million annually. $400,000 goes to repaying the the cost of the building (2.8 million) and as of March 30th, 2024 there’s three years left to go. $500,000 a year covers the city utilities. Leaving roughly 2 million in savings minus some repairs brings that amount to 1.65 million. Garrick is adamant about not touching this money letting it accrue interest and this will be his future nest egg to trying and start up Dalus Dome or some iteration in the future. Otherwise it may become the foundation for a legacy of the Gryphon. He was moved by the story of the Geist and is talking with Ashmadiel about this option.
Key Card 1 On person Garrick never takes his office key card out of his house. This one is to gain access to the home bypassing the keypad and can be used with its wifi signal up to 100ft away. Must change the battery in it once a year.
Serum Injector Pens 3 (2) In Bedroom / (1) On person These contained a serum that turned ordinary people into raging brutes, while dumbing down their apparent intellect. Need to find a lab and who is “Fat Lucca?”
Foldable Tablet 1 One person Samsung just launched a new “phablet” device and Garrick bought it for his personal phone/computer on the go.
Specs: Twin 10 core processor and twin GPU, 512GB ROM, 1TB MicroSD, Dual SIM, 36 MP Camera & 25 MP selfie cam, 4k display, Quad antenna, Bluetooth, NFC.
Garrick has the SDK for the phone and has turned it into his personal hacking device. He has yet to use it for anything nefarious or sneaky.
Transparent Smart Phone 1 On person Note: While he owns this phone he uses it primarily for work. Pearphone X Crystal edition
Specs: 12 core processor and the 1200 Mali GPU, 256GB ROM, 512GB MicroSD, Dual SIM, 24 MP Camera & 15 MP selfie cam.
Stainless Steel Jewelry 12 On person Note: These are various bracelets, torqs, pendants, rings, and armbands. They are primarily kept to throw confusion off which piece might really be his transformable sword.
Ski Mask 1 in house Note: This was given to him by Jake.


Luck Points 6 EARNED GAME 2: One for the log, Have You Seen GO? Jan. 19-20, 2024
EARNED GAME 2: One for the log, Remembering Gramercy, the Devil’s Rock
SPENT GAME 2: 3 spent on skill based roles to help find out information and influence NPC reactions (Kiss moment). – Dec. 30, 2017
SPENT GAME 1: 2 spent on skill based roles to help find out information and influence NPC reactions. – Dec. 16, 2017
EARNED GAME 1: One for the log, 9th of January, 2024
DRAMA CARD: Safe Travels 1st Slot Acquired Pre Session One:
Play this card when traveling. You make it to your destination without interference by dangerous circumstances, encounters, etc.
DRAMA CARD: Long Time No See 2nd Slot Acquired Pre Session One:
Upon meeting an NPC for the first time, you may play this card. You may add that NPC to your character sheet as an ally. You have known that NPC for years, perhaps you were childhood friends, or maybe cousins. Whatever the backstory you and the GM create, the NPC will be a fiercely loyal ally.
DRAMA CARD: Orgasmic Personality 3rd Slot Traded from another player after 3rd Game
Play this card when attempting to seduce someone. They give into your desires in more ways than one.
DRAMA CARD: Sidekick End of 1st Game Acquired Pre Session One:
Play this card when dealing with a character that could potentially be a cohort, sidekick, or follower. That character shall adopt you as her boss and shall join you on your journey. Miss Amazing becomes the Gryphon’s sidekick.
DRAMA CARD: Alternate Universe BACKSTORY Acquired Pre Session One:
Play this card upon receiving it. At some point during the game session, the character will encounter someone from another universe or timeline. Alternately, the character may encounter a means to travel to an alternate universe or timeline. This is how he meets the misplaced hero Hyperia, aka: Patsy Palmer


Miscellaneous Notes:

Birth Order: First Born (One Sister; One Step-Sister & One Step-Brother)
Land of Origin: Century Station
Childhood Environment: Science / Scholastic
Social/Economic Background: Upper Class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: When he picked up the sword, Ashmadiel.


Character Bio:

First born, Garrick has one sister and two additional step-siblings: a step-sister and step-brother. He is descended from the famous 20th century author, William Faulkner. Everyone in his family appears to have written him off as the “Fallen Faulkner” since he turned from a dual Doctorates in Pharmacology and Natural Science. He now only has his twin Master’s degrees in those fields ever since the day Alpha Prime arrived.

He’s still blamed by his sister for their father having a heart-attack after Alpha-Prime removed all of the alien technology and any research built upon it. 85 percent of Garrick’s work to bring affordable bio-domes to third world countries. That would integrate with their environment and help sustain them rather than depopulate its resources. Was based on using that alien technology to help people and make a proof of concept to begin colonizing other planets. Garrick lost everything he and his father had put into this enterprise. Their old research lab was just off the coast of Society Hill’s Victoria Beach neighborhood. Now all Garrick does is check the fusion reactor with a few Linux scripts to make sure it doesn’t become a hazard.

His father’s partner in backing this endeavor understood this was beyond anyone’s control but needed to maintain appearances. The Zarvosky family purchase a building for Garrick in Brisby Flats and out of love for Garrick’s late father, Cuthbert Faulkner PhD, MD, ScD, they kept it for him while he was away in jail and then on probation. In order to make ends meet he agreed to let most (two-thirds) of the building be converted into a robotics factory and his “day” job is making sure the code running the assembly bots stays patched and up to date.

Ever since the fateful night on the 31st of January when he uncovered the remaining stash from his trailer heist a decade before. He became acquainted with Ashmadiel, the once Angel of Guardianship. He and the angel still argue about the angel being a form of alien. At night, he has begun fighting crime to pay the debt to the Zarvosky widow back as a “private investigator / hero for hire.”


Data Slab

“Yes Garrick,” replied his custom coded AI he’d been working on to mimic an old cartoon Robot Truck he had seen in historic videos.
“Can you bring up the CSPD website for the CHIMERA Affiliate Application?”
“Yes Garrick, here you go.”

Garrick looked long and hard at the application realizing this may be the only way to save himself from a no win situation he had just landed himself in. Even Horace Sharma, his gaming buddy from work would call what happened to Garrick just screwed. 90 minutes ago Garrick or should one use the “Hero Name” he had just branded himself with: Gryphon. Well, the Gryphon had just saved a lady from a car jacking in Brisby Flats District. All of this craziness started with Daedalus Industries and the Gryphon knew he had been lucky to get away from the CSPD officer that had arrived on scene.

Hiding in an abandoned building he set his mobile data slab to ‘null mode’ and watched the room go dark. His hand instinctively fell upon the hilt of his new sword: Ashmadiel. He began a conversation in his mind.

Hey darlin’ take me to the square if you think I went to far on that punk, daisy.

Ashmadiel - The Gryphon's Guardian

You must be scared to use such grammar. You came close to taking it to far according to the rules of this society. He will likely need medicinal help to recover from those burns.

He fell back into a trash can! How’s that my fault?

You hit him with two fireballs and he tripped trying to run from the third. You did save the woman from defilement or death. However, your city-state has rules about villainous apprehension. The third fireball hit an abandoned building. What if the building had innocent lives in it? You need training and the best way is to find a mentor.

I can’t go back to Gramercy, I don’t know if I trust CHIMERA, if it means working with Alpha Prime. The rumble is that Mayor Zardona ain’t gonna be able to stop the FED from coming in at his end of term.

You never did find out whom was behind your shortened stay in the ‘Devil’s Rock’ or why the shortened parole?

Nope, the warden just said I had friends outside. Then a guard gave me some glad rags and I was let loose.

Your former associates must be thrilled you never expounded about them, certainly.

Heck, Snitches get stitches, no way darlin’ and I ain’t gonna take a dirt nap early. Besides they have never contacted me probably to avoid any investigation into the heist that freed you almost a decade ago. Got a lot to atone for and, um, and make the world a better place.

Glad to hear that positive tone once more, now get back to that silver steed of yours and let’s get home. Take some time and study what can you do better next time.

Garrick nodded and swung out and back at his neck. To someone watching and unfamiliar with the sight it might look like suicide by decapitation. However, the second the edge hit his skin the whole weapon explodes into a wave of golden mercury! Shrinking into and solidifying into a twisted wire torq with twin eagle/gryphon heads set with ruby eyes. Garrick also looked much smaller at 5’8″ rather than the 6’4″ he had just been. His clothing appears different and more in line with someone that works for a living. Garrick moved over two buildings to where he had stashed his truck and drove far out of his way to get home via safe routes.

The night had been so weird Garrick knowing he had just done something heroic was mind blowing. He thought his life had begun to stop plummeting when his sentence was reduced from 12 years to 3 and 3 years parole. He thought his father had been watching out for him when the Zarvosky family showed up at his release on August 4, 2019. Well, their butler and driver explaining the home and truck they had purchased and furnished in Garrick’s name so he could begin rebuilding his life and credit. He had missed the Bloody Monday riots by just about four weeks and often just tried helping out at food kitchens to get in good with the neighborhood and eat when times were tight.

Then on March 15, 2020 Garrick found a robotics company calling themselves Mallic Robotics Inc. looking for a footprint and he submitted his building for the location. He won the bid and set all of the money from leasing to a blind trust to repay the Zarvosky family. He was also hired as the senior programmer for infrastructure maintenance. It’s at the low end of what a senior programmer should be getting for pay, however, he didn’t care because he was on parole at the time. Even now he earns $73,000 a year plus benefits. When August 4, 2022 rolled around and he received his papers detailing his case was now officially closed and he was no longer and active felon. At that point he still could never have imagined his life turning out the way it did tonight.

It was a cold night January 31, 2023 and three days prior he had visited the first hiding spot for one of the two boxes from the truck heist. That location had been cleared out and demolished. This night he was determined to see if that spot behind the Zericho Wax Museum in Brisby Flats was still hidden. Not only was the box there, but the box looked un-disturbed! Perhaps whomever found the other box did not think there was a second stash. At night he could almost move undetected to an abandoned warehouse. Quietly he opened the box…
…Now it was March 31, 2023 and he had just saved a woman and gave a bad guy 3rd degree burns over 75% of his body. Being a hero had so many nuances to it that he was not sure he could quantify all the situations he might get into. While the feeling of being a hero was uber-euphoric! Garrick couldn’t help but wonder how his life would have changed if he had been on the receiving end of those fire ball blasts. He knew he had to find some friends to train with and against so he did not harm innocents or needlessly damage property. As 2024, our modern year begins, Garrick is watching a news report on how Century Station has come a long way toward improving. Mayor Zardona is nearing the end of his 5 year term and his programs, though they’ve helped immensely. Those programs still have a long way to go in order to satisfy the requirements given to the mayor by the Federal Government.

Garrick wondered if maybe the heat had worn off and the Gryphon might try fighting crime as a private investigator. It was worth investigating at the very least.




All art by AZ_Rune Art