H71 Portal Gun

H71 Portal Gun

This portal gun belongs to Jake Thompson of Dimension H-71. It is a Super Invention with several unique properties. It requires W.P. Energy Pistol to wield accurately.

Physical Appearance & S.D.C. of the Super-Gizmo: 200 S.D.C. with a Natural A.R. 15.

Power Level of the Super Abilities: 6th Level

The Super Abilities the Gizmo Instills: Gateways and Portals. The portal gun may have other functions which are currently unknown.

Gateways Generate stable corridors within 60 feet that connect different points on the globe (or possibly further for a luck point and/or story reason). Takes one melee to call up the destination, generate the necessary energy, and open the portals that bridge the distance. Gateways appear as 10ft diameter discs of shimmering green energy and last for 1D4 melee rounds. Can have up to 13 locations pre-programmed. Must be at the location to program it into the gun. Can delete existing locations to program new ones. Known Programmed locations:
1. Jake’s home.

2. Space Gas Station

3. Jimmy John’s Bathroom

4. White House

5. Deep Space Not Near any Planets

6. Australia

7. MIB Headquarters

8. White House

9. In N Out San Jose

Portals Generate portals within 60 feet that function as two-way doorways to a destination up to 480 feet away. Takes one attack/ action to set the destination and another action to create the portals. Portals appear as 10ft diameter discs of shimmering green energy and last for 1D4 melee rounds. Can open these portals to location he can’t see provided he knows a little something about it (it’s the basement, a storage closet, the room at the end of the hall, etc.) and it’s in his range. +2 to strike when using this power to attack.

Repairing the Super Invention: Repairs aren’t too difficult or too expensive for someone who knows what they’re doing. This requires someone knowledgeable in the skills Weapons Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Astrophysics, Mathematics: Advanced, and Cross-Dimensional Physics. Cost is 3D6×1000 dollars.