Master Sergeant


Description:Black-American, shaved high & tight crew cut, groomed extended goatee, chiseled muscular body, natural silver-grey eyes, Sniper & Special-Operation tattoos on each fore-arm.

Real Name: MSG(R) Nathaniel Hale West
Alias(es): Head-Banger, Master Sergeant, MSG, Phantom, Ghost, Black Ghost, Black Phantom, Black Death
Level: 7
Power Category: Super Soldier
Educational Level: Military Specialist
Occupation: Part-Time “Cooler” at The Skull & Rose and Part-Time Security at The High Tower.

Height 6ft, 2in I.Q. 14 Save vs Magic +4 Strike +9
Weight 207 lbs M.E. 15 Save vs Psionics +0/+1 Parry +14
Nat. A.R. N/A M.A. 14 Save vs coma +10% Dodge (Autododge) +15 (+9)
S.D.C. 144 P.S. 24 Save vs poison/disease +4 Roll w/ impact +10
H.P. 49 P.P. 28(+7) Save vs H.F. +6 Pull punch +5
I.S.P. 106 P.E. 20 Save vs Possession +2 Initiative +7
Exp(update) 33,825/34,600 P.B. 16 Save vs Insanity +0 Damage +9
Sex Male Spd 29 Disarm +4
Birthday July 4, 1993 Trust/ Intimidate N/A Death Blow N/A Critical 18-20
HTH Martial Arts Charm/ Impress 30% KO 20 Attacks 7
Alignment Scrupulous H.F. N/A Pin/ Incapacitate 18-20 Perception +5


Punch 1D4
Elbow 1D6
Backhand Strike 1D6
Crush/ Squeeze 1D4
Kick 2D4
Karate Kick 2d4/2d6
Snap Kick 1d6
Roundhouse Kick 3d6 Can only be used once per melee, no other kicks that melee
Wheel Kick 2d6 Cannot be used before or after another kick
Crescent Kick 2d4+2
Jump Kick 6d6 Automatic Critical, uses all actions must be on first action
Flying Jump Kick 4d6 Counts as two actions
Knee 1D8
Body Block/ Tackle 1D4 Counts as one attack. Opponent loses next attack if hit is successful. 60% chance to knock down opponent (those with Maintain Balance get a second chance vs their skill). If knocked down opponent loses initiative and is knocked 1D6 feet away.
Power strike ×2 Doubles the damage of the attack. Counts as 2 attacks.
Pull Punch Roll damage as per normal. Roll 1D20 + pull punch bonus; requires an 11+ to succeed. If successful reduce damage to any value between 0 and the amount rolled.
Disarm Counts as one melee attack. A strike, hold or grappling maneuver to cause the opponent to drop their weapon or handheld item. Can be a defensive move (needs a 19+ to succeed) or a strike roll (opponent defends as normal).
Automatic Parry Parry up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Automatic Dodge Dodge up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Dodge Lose next action whether successful or not.
Roll with punch/ fall/ impact Must roll above attacker’s roll. Counts as next melee attack.
Entangle Counts as the next melee action. A defense that attempts to trap the weapon or arm of your attacker. Must roll higher than the attack roll; if successful the entangled can try to escape on their turn by rolling a dodge vs the entangling roll. Every melee round it’s maintained roll Entangle again as an attack/ action. Cannot make any other attack without releasing the entangle.
Arm Hold Use both hands to twisting the opponents arm around their back and immobilize them. If strike succeeds the victim is helpless until released. Any items in the hand of the arm being held can be easily removed. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Leg Hold Use both hands to force the victim on the ground with his leg held up. If the strike succeeds there’s no way for him to get up until the hold is released. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Body Hold Use both hands to force the victim into any number of wrestling holds. If the strike succeeds the victim can be immobilized on the ground or in a standing position. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Neck Hold Use both hands to hold the victim around the neck from behind. If the strike succeeds the victim is immobilized and totally vulnerable to attacks from any other character. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Paired Weapons This skill is automatic at 7th level hand to hand Expert and Martial Arts, but it can also be taken as a separate skill. The effects are identical (see Combat Terms), but when taken as a skill, only two specific kinds of paired weapons are included. For example, the character may be skilled in paired short swords or paired axe and short sword, but not both (that would require two paired weapons skills). When the skill is acquired under hand to hand, it represents a high level of achievement and any single-handed weapon can be used in a pair. Unlike a separate selection of the skill, high level combatants do not have to specify their paired weapons, they can use any two single-handed weapons.


W.P. Auto and Semi-Auto Rifles 1 +5 +3 +2
W.P. Bolt-Action Rifle 1 +7 +2 from Sniper already factored in.
W.P. Semi-Auto Pistol 1 +5 +3 +2
W.P. Sub-Machinegun 1 +5 +3 +2
W.P. Heavy 1 +5 +3 +2


W.P. Knife 1  +2 +2 +2


New Colt .45 ACP 4d6 SDC 100 rounds, 50 of which are in 5 magazines, 770 rounds in ammo can
Baretta model 92 9MM 3d6 SDC 100 rounds, 45 of which are in 3 magazines, 1200 rounds in ammo can
M24 SWS 7.62 sniper rifle  4d6 SDC 100 rounds, 24 of which are in 2 magazines; Leupold Mk 4 LR/T M1 10×40mm fixed-power scope, 300 rounds in ammo can
Simpyr Takedown 1d6x10 SDC 100 rounds, 24 of which are in 4 magazines; built in scope; 4000′
–Microjet Ammo 2d4x10 SDC 100 rounds, 24 of which are in 4 magazines; 8000′
Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG 1d6x10 SDC 10 rounds in one magazine; 2000 yd scope and Flash Suppressor, 100 rounds in ammo can
M4 5.56MM Rifle  5d6 SDC  100 rounds, 90 of which are in 3 magazines, 600 rounds in ammo can
H&K 9MM SMG  3d6 SDC  200 rounds, all of which are in 2 magazines
SWD Street Sweeper 12 Gauge  4d6/5d6 SDC  100 rounds 00 buckshot, 24 of which are in 2 magazines; 100 rounds Slugs, 24 of which are in 2 magazines
Galactic LMG 1d6x10 SDC 600 rounds, 2 belts of 300 each
H&K M320 GLM Laser sight installed.  Can fire twice per melee
–40MM HE Grenade 2d4x10 SDC 20′ rad Standard HE grenade. 10 rounds in a bandoleer, 50 rounds in ammo can
–40MM Guided Mini-Missle 2d4x10 SDC 20′ rad Round is lased to Target (+3 to strike).  10 rounds in a bandoleer
–40MM Stun/Flash NA See effect below.  20 rounds in a bandoleer
Combat Bush Knife  1d6 SDC  Always carried on person
Belt throwing knife set  1d6 SDC  4 knives
Spring loaded Collapsible Police Baton 1d6 Does 1d6+2 when extended into a target.
Powered Punch Gauntlets +4D6 SDC A pair of gauntlets over both hands that, when activated, release a powerful discharge of raw energy on contact with a target.  Each can produce 40 discharges per hour and recharges 4 per hour. The gauntlets each have 130 S.D.C. and can be damaged with a called shot.
Stun/Flash Grenades Hand tossed NA This type of grenade is designed to confuse and disorient terrorists or criminals who are holding hostages in confined places.  The grenade makes a loud exploding boom and a bright flash (and some smoke) which startles and blinds the terrorists/criminals.  Covers a 20 foot area.  Victims are -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, -1 to initiative and lose one melee attack/action for the next 1D4 melee rounds.
Standard Military Hand Grenade 1d6x10 SDC 15′ damage radius, 100′ range, 40
C4 plastic explosives 1d4x10/2 oz 20 one pound blocks, 1′ radius/2 oz, 55% electrical shock detonation


Portable Force Field Belt  14/120  Regenerate 10 SDC per hour, Belt has 180 SDC and can be damaged by a called shot


Language: American English Automatic 50+5 +35% 1 6 100%
Literacy: American English Automatic 30+5 +30% 1 6 90%
Pilot: Automobile Automatic 60+2 +10% 1 6 82%
Mathematics: Basic Automatic 45+5 +10% 1 6 90%
Running Military (Basic) program 1 6
Climbing Military (Basic) program 40+5 +40% 1 6 100%
Rappelling Military (Basic) program 30+5 +40% 1 6 100%
Military Etiquette Military (Basic) program 35+5 +20% 1 6 85%
Radio: Basic Military (Basic) program 45+5 +20% 1 6 95%
W.P. Auto & Semi-Auto Rifle Military (Basic) program 30+6 +20% 1 6 85%
Camoflage Military (Elite) program 20+5 +20% 1 6 70%
Forced March Military (Elite) program 1 6
Parachuting Military (Elite) program 40+5 +20% 1 6 90%
Trap/ Mine Detection Military (Elite) program 20+5 +20% 1 6 70%
W.P. Bolt-Action Rifle Military (Elite) program 30+6 +20% 1 6 85%
Sniper Military (Elite) program 1 6
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts Espionage (Basic) program 1 6
Detect Ambush Espionage (Basic) program 30+5 +15% 1 6 75%
Intelligence Espionage (Basic) program 32+4 +15% 1 6 71%
Land Navigation Espionage (Basic) program 36+4 +15% 1 6 71%
Tracking Espionage (Basic) program 25+5 +15% 1 6 75%
Interrogation Espionage (Basic) program 40+5 +15% 1 6 85%
Acrobatics Physical program 1 6
Gymnastics Physical program 1 6
Sense of Balance Physical program 60+3 +10% 1 6 88%
Walk Tightrope/ High Wire Physical program 60+3 +10% 1 6 88%
Work Parallel Bars & Rings Physical program 60+3 +10% 1 6 88%
Climb Rope Physical program 70+2 +10% 1 6 94%
Backflip Physical program 70+5 +10% 1 6 100%
Boxing Physical program 1 6
Wrestling Physical program 1 6
W.P. Semi-Auto Pistol W.P. Modern program 30+6 +10% 1 6 76%
W.P. Sub-Machinegun W.P. Modern program 30+6 +10% 1 6 76%
W.P. Heavy W.P. Modern program 30+6 +10% 1 6 76%
Prowl Special Rogue/ Communications 25+5 +20% 1 6 75%
Radio: Scramblers Special Rogue/ Communications 35+5 +10% 1 6 75%
W.P. Knife Secondary 1 6
Body Building Secondary 1 6
Athletics (General) Secondary 1 6
Swimming Secondary 50+5 1 6 80%
S.C.U.B.A. Secondary 50+5 1 6 80%
StreetWise Secondary 20+4 3 6 36%
Impressions Object Read 56+2 4 6 62%
Images Object Read 48+2 4 6 54%
Present Object Read 38+2 4 6 44%
Clairvoyance Psionic 58+2 4 6 64%
Find Contraband &
Illegal Weapons
Secondary 26+4 6 6 30%
Demolitions Secondary 60+3 6 6 63%


Mind and Body are More Attuned Increases reaction time and alertness. Super-Soldier Enhancement
Uncanny Targeting & Throwing May fire a weapon or throw from a moving vehicle, strange position, while leaping, or while falling, all without penalty. Can throw items with astonishing accuracy (+2 to strike) at double the range. Items can be thrown at up to two separate targets simultaneously but with no bonus to strike (straight dice roll). Provides +2 to DGE, A-DGE, or PRY ranged attacks. S-S Enhancement.
Danger Sense The ability to sense immediate personal danger. The warning time is 3 seconds in advance per level of the super being and makes him hyper alert and ready to act or react at a moment’s notice; Cannot be attacked by surprise.  This power does not inform him of the nature, source, or direction of the danger, just that he is in imminent danger. Current warning time:  18 seconds or 1 combat melee.
Heightened Sense of Awareness An uncanny awareness of people and events transpiring around him. Manifests as a strange sense of déjà vu and readiness, anticipating events unfolding around him a scant second or two before they happen.  Due to this preparedness he doesn’t usually suffer from surprise and gets an automatic dodge against attacks. S-S enhancement
Sensitive Psionic: Telepathy Read surface thoughts of a subject within 60ft. Send brief directed thought/ message to a subject within 60ft. Two-way telepathic communication with another psychic with Telepathy within 140ft. I.S.P.: 4
Range: See desc.
Save: Standard, must suspect power is being used to save.
Duration: 2 min/lev
Current: 12 mins
Sensitive Psionic: Total Recall Remember every word read or heard, and everything seen. Blocks of info can be recalled in perfect detail at will for ISP. If no ISP: 1-50% Remembered in detail, 51-80% Details are forgotten but essence/ ideas are clear, 81-00% Only recall most basic concepts. ISP: 3
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: Instant.
Stunt:  Combat Premonition This is an enhancement of Danger Sense, which is combined with Awareness and Telepathy.  Character can determine a threat with more detail than just general danger or sense of déjà vu.  Example:  Threat plans to throw a grenade, character will know there is danger, a successful perception will allow character to know threat is going to throw a grenade but may not know where or at whom.  Once active roll Perception with a +2 bonus every round to find the threat.  Number of people in range affects difficulty (1-2 Easy, 3-4 Mod, 5-7 Hard, 8+ Challenge).  Success will tell the user the basic idea of the threat, the threat is not in sensory range or the sense was blocked.  Exact details known on a success are determined by the GM. ISP:  4
Range: 60′
Save: Standard, must suspect power is being used to save or Mind Block
Duration: Until Danger passes or is neutralized
Meditation A state of deep relaxation and focus to achieve insight and harmony into one’s self and the world around him add 6 ISP/hour
Sensitive Psionic:  Object Read This uncanny ability enables the psychic sensitive to receive impressions and images from an object regarding its use, history and last owner. This is done by holding the object and concentrating on a specific line of thought, or by opening up to a general impression (the latter is always more vague and random) . Just as a psychic must open himself to sense evil or magic, he must open himself to the object. If successful, he will receive impressions and/or images revealing bits of information .  Base Skills: Impressions: 56%+2% per level; Images: 48%+2% per level; Present: 38%+2% per level. ISP: 6
Range: Touch.
Save: None.
Duration: 2d6 mins.
Sensitive Psionic:  Clairvoyance Clairvoyance enables the psychic to see or feel glimpses of the possible future. This is achieved through meditation or intense concentration in which the clairvoyant thinks about a particular person, event or place. Add +5% to the base skill if the person involved is a friend or loved one. Clairvoyance is unpredictable and cannot be turned on and off like a light bulb. Sometimes it works (if the roll is under the base skill) and sometimes it does not (when the roll is above the base skill). A failed roll means the psychic received no insight to the future, despite the expenditure of ISP.  HU Base Skill: 58%+2% per level of experience.  HU 2nd ed. pg306 ISP: 4
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 6d6 melee.
Mind Block This is the ability to completely close or block oneself from all psychic/mental emanations.  When intentionally closed to supernatural or psychic forces the character can not sense anything, can not use psychic abilities, nor be influenced by others. A Mind Block will prevent penetration of Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, and Empathic Transmission. It can be an invaluable protective mask when dealing with malevolent psychic forces.  Adds a bonus of + 1 to save vs all psychic and mental attacks.  Note:  Mind Block only blocks psionic attacks that affect the psychic’s mind or emotional state (e.g. Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, etc.).  It offers no protection from magic. ISP: 4
Range: Self.
Save: None.
Duration: 10 mins/lev
Current: 60 mins
Mind Bond This creates an instant mind link between the Psionic and the victim.  When this happens, each will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the other. This includes all skills, secret identities, phobias, etc.  In both cases, the memory is complete for only 3 – 12 hours (roll 3d4).  After that, the characters must roll under 15% to recall any particular item.  A month later, all memories completely disappear.  Players should bear in mind that only the Psionic knows the memories are not permanent, thus the other person would have no reason to make notes or act
quickly before the memories fade.  Note:  Skills and skill bonuses are also temporarily absorbed, meaning that the psychic possesses all of his victim’s skills and skill bonuses (and vice versa).  Physical attributes, such as S.D.C. and attribute bonuses gained through physical training, are NOT acquired.  Alien or extremely mentally and/or emotionally disturbed minds can permanently impair the Psionic’s own mind as a result of the bond.  If bonded with an alien or extremely disturbed person, roll on the following table for a permanent insanity:
01%-40%: No Insanity.
41%-80%: Phobia.
81%-90%: Effective Disorder.
91%-00%: Neurosis.
ISP: 10
Range: Touch
Save: Standard
Duration: Special
Current: 60 mins


Ready Cash $4,156 On hand
Life Savings $50,100 Bank
Scrambler Field Radio  1 set Apartment Sector 10 issued scrambler radio for emergency contact with Sector 10 HQs
Burner Cell Phone 3 Pocket/Apartment Basic burner cell phones used for operations.
Field Strength Meter 1 Apartment Used to sweep apartment for bugs on a random and unpredictable time table
Still & Video camera w/Telephoto lens 1 Apartment Used to surveil assigned subjects
Amplified Sound Detector 1 Apartment Used to surveil assigned subjects
Audio recording device 1 Apartment Used to surveil assigned subjects
Medium Tactical ruck sack 1 Apartment Used to carry equipment for assignments
Standard Tactical Vest 1 Apartment Used to carry ammo, grenades and other tools for assignments, Black
Small Tactical flashlight 4 Pocket/Apartment Various uses, always carries one on person at all times
Regular Handcuffs 2 pair Belt/Apartment One pair on person at all times
Standard Household tool/repair kit 1 Apartment Intermediate tool kit for repairs in aprtment
Value priced Laptop 1 Apartment Various Official and Unofficial uses
Value priced flat screen 1 Apartment Various uses
550 Paracord 4 250′ spools Apartment Various uses
Zip-tie cuffs 10 pair Belt/Apartment One pair on person at all times
Full Dress Uniform 1 Apartment In display case
Several civilian style outfits Apartment Standard assortment of clothing for a typical person, to include appropriate seasonal clothing.  West’s clothing tends to be black or dark in the style and color of the outfits.  Including shoes
Several “worker” style outfits Apartment Various worker coveralls, shirts and clothing to be used while performing assignments
Homeless style outfits Apartment Various clothing in severe disrepair and applied stench to be used while performing assignments
Below 30 Coveralls 1 Apartment Used on long surveillance assignments in extreme cold
Arctic Parka 1 Apartment Used on long surveillance assignments in extreme cold
Business Suit 2 Apartment Tailored suits for more classy assignments
Black Tie/Tuxedo Suit 1 Apartment Tailored tux/suit for Black tie assignments
Security Guard Uniform 2 Apartment The High Tower Security guard standard uniform with modifications for West to carry various items that aren’t standard issue for The High Tower guards
All black “ninja” style outfit 2 Apartment All black skin tight outfit with full face mask and Tabi boots
Stun/Flash Grenades 10 Apartment See Weapons description
Wireless ear bud 1 In Ear Given to BP by The Geist
Simpyr Takedown 1 Various The Takedown is a single shot, large bore rifle that is often used for big game hunting and sniping. Although it can be fired like a normal rifle with no additional support, the recoil will cause char­acters with Physical Strength scores of 20 or lower to lose their next melee attack. Proper bracing of the weapon with its “gravity boot” anchors it in place and will allow any character to fire it normally without a loss of attacks. The anchors will hold the Takedown steady when resting on any solid surface. Feed: Six rounds per clip, Range: 4,000 feet (1200 m), Weight: 16 pounds (7.6 kg), Length: 54 inches (1.4 m), Damage: 1d6x10 standard rounds, 2d4x10 from large bore microjets or explosive rounds.
Microjet Ammunition 100 Various Unlike the exploding bullets, these are true rockets with microjet engines that dramatically increase range and damage. These rounds cannot be silenced and they cannot be safely fired in bursts. Each bullet has a blast radius of 18 inches and will double the range of the weapon.
Specialized Equipment ?? ?? Various pieces of equipment, gear, weapons, ammo, etc. will be issued to West on an “as needed” basis from his Sector 10 handler.  Equipment will be delivered in standard (UPS/FedEx) packages or he will be given instructions on where and how to procure the equipment.  Depending on the equipment he will be allowed to keep for future assignments.  If the equipment is highly specialized, then it may have to be returned according to specific instructions that are received with the equipment.



Luck Points 4
Anti-Courage Play this card against another character. At some point during the scene, something will make an appearance that causes fear in that character. Not yet played
Skilled Play this card when attempting to perform a skill you do not know. You get one shot at using the skill as if you were the maximum level you could have attained had you learned it. Not yet played.
The Streets Play this when you are seeking something in a city. You find someone who will help you with the information you need. He or she will expect you to repay the favor at some point in the future. Not yet played.
Lost Play this card when you are lost.  The GM will create a situation that will give you a clue as to where to go next. Traded to Ethel for The Streets
Plan B Play this card after you and at least one other character make a plan.  When the plan goes to Hell, forever whatever reason, your Plan B kicks in.  This allows you and the characters who made the plan with you to re-roll one dice roll per round until the end of the scene.  you must take the new result. Played in side session, 1/6/17, to save the plan of surveilling Precision to determine if she was the Mole.
Bloody Mess Play this card when a character dies. That character dies in a particularly dramatic and gory manner, possibly destroying the body. The Game Master decides the detail and how much a death impacts the scene. Turned in for a re-draw.
Old School Play this card when dealing with a gang, pirate crew or some other group of outlaws. You will be treated with the respect given to them by any other member of their crew. Depending on the circumstances, you may even be asked to join them. Game Session 7/15/18.  Played to prevent a devastating attack by Metronome’s clockwork minions and was Challenged by Metronome to single combat, showing the respect earned.
Orgasmic Personality Play this card when attempting to seduce someone.  They will give into your desires in more ways than one. Traded to Ethel for Bloody Mess.
Sworn Enemy (Play immediately) Play this card immediately upon receiving it. Someone that you will meet during the game session shall become your sworn enemy. Game session 12/16/17. Sworn Enemy is not known yet.  Game session 5/14/18. Sworn Enemy was revealed as Miss Amazing.


Miscellaneous Notes:

Birth Order: Classified
Land of Origin: Classified
Childhood Environment: Classified
Social/Economic Background: Classified
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Classified
Sponsoring Organization: Branch of the Military
Motive for the Procedure: Special Forces
Nature of the Procedure: Eugenics/ Genetic Engineering
Nature of the Test Subject: Mutant
Current Status with the Sponsoring Organization: Classified
Likelihood of Successful Replication: Abandoned project with one success.


Character Bio:


Nathaniel Hale West was born July 4th, 1993 to Luther and Fabiola (Saint-Juste) West.  He was born in Century Station and grew up in the Lennox neighborhood of Brisby Flats.  He is an only child as his parents were affected by the radiation from the Winslow incident.  His Father was a U.S. Army clerk at the Military building on the out-skirts of C.S.  Both his parents were killed by a new ColorPunk gang when he was in Junior-High.  He was luckily taken to The Giving Tree by family friend and young CSPD patrol officer Stanley Allen (Who just happened to be the one who first “arrested” West when he was younger and a “trouble-maker”).  Upon graduating High School, he enlisted as an Infantry Soldier.

He was quickly recognized as a potential Elite Soldier, groomed and trained as such.  Other “Secret” parts of the Military/Government recognized his recessive genetic abilities (always knew an ambush was coming and was never surprise attacked).  He was funneled into Sector and given (unknown to him) experimental genetic engineering to enhance his innate abilities.  The experiment was performed on others, but since they lacked the recessive bloodline similar to West, it was a complete failure (Even cloning was tried, but also failed).  Unfazed by these failures, Sector assigned West as a “Golem” in Sector 10.  He was designated a “point-man” in all the units and missions he was assigned, because of his abilities.  He was also trained as an Master Sniper and would often do “solo” missions because of his abilities.  Every unit and mission he was assigned was extremely successful, above and beyond the “normal” stats for the work he performed.

After the many “situations” in Century Station he was approached to be re-designated as a “Wraith” and assigned to C.S.  He accepted, mainly because he wanted to “return home”, but he also had heard the rumors of ShakeDown aka PVT. Damien Sweetwater, whom he considered a traitor to his country and his old neighborhood (they grew up together in Lennox and The Giving Tree) and PaPa Zombie (He had heard of the atrocities through his Mother, whom immigrated from Haiti) terrorizing his home town and old neighborhood.

He was officially retired (not in the same sense as Prodigal) from the U.S. Army as a Master Sargent and relocated to C.S.  He took up residence in The High Tower (modest second floor, corner apartment, North West side of building).  He took a part-time job as a fill-in security guard and in-house Detective (above-board employment) with the building and does part-time fill-in security (“Cooler”, paid under the table, side hustle) at The Skull & Rose.

Shortly after taking up residence in The High Tower, he crossed paths with Oakley Hubbard. At first Hubbard thought West might be the next “bad” person in his sights; however, while crazy, he is not stupid and recognized “something” in West that told him that he wasn’t the “bad” person that Hubbard was looking for…

Unofficially he surveils the local gangs, criminals and thugs, reporting all intelligence of Major operations to either his Primary Handler (Code-Name Silent Pirate), in Sector 10, or minor operations to Detective Stanley Allen (Code-Name Babatunde), of the CSPD (The very same).  He has also been forced to interact (fight) various members of different ColorPunks and other “local” gangs.  They were dumb enough to try and commit various crimes against West.  At first, he just “bloodied noses”; however, when some came back for “revenge” or retaliation, he was forced to “defend” himself (he has racked up a bit of a kill count for being “retired”).  He has always tried to use restraint when “defending” himself. This is actually a more “black-book” part of his unofficial assignment.  He is given “key” targets to be “sidelined”, temporarily or permanently.  Elaborate plans are made by him to “accidentally” interact with these key targets (Groups or individuals), then they are “sidelined” when West is “forced” to defend himself.  By “sidelining” these targets, certain pivotal activities are stopped, either temporarily or permanently.

West has been given a certain amount of leeway when it comes to dealing with certain “lower echelon” crimes that are well under the radar of Sector 10 or are considered petty crimes by CSPD. He has carte blanche. He is allowed to deal with them as he pleases. For the most part, he “teaches” them a hard lesson. Every once in a while they learn a permanent lesson. His extra-extra-curricular activities have gone on unnoticed for the most part. Every once in a while one of his “lessons” comes to the light of his Sector 10 handler and Sector 10 leadership. He is usually given a verbal reprimand and told not to do it again. Lately, he has been stepping up his lessons, he feels his unofficial work just hasn’t been having much of an effect and he can’t get his leaders to see or understand what he sees every day. He has become borderline vigilant in his efforts. Choosing to “sideline” targets in a permanent fashion over a temporary one when he has the choice and sometimes when he doesn’t.

His apartment looks like a typical modest clean, middle class, bachelor pad; however, it has been secretly modified to suit his unofficial assignment.  Hidden compartments, stash holes, pistol holsters, knife holsters, surveillance & radio equipment, armory and various other pieces of useful “black-ops” equipment.  When officially working as a Security Guard/In-House Detective, in his building, he carries a standard “Cop-Piece” 9MM, collapsible baton and combat bush knife all on his police-style patrol belt.  While “off-duty” he carries a modern Colt .45, in a concealing shoulder holster, he has the extended ammo magazine, with 4 spares.  He also has the combat bush knife and baton (both concealed), along with a 4 piece set of throwing knives.

He is not married and has no children that he is aware of.  He dates (Heterosexual), but often it is an unknowing cover for some OP, or a one-night-stand for his “needs”.


Picture credits: Character Illustration: AZ_Rune
Sniper Tattoo from: Tattoo Skid
Special Forces Tattoo from: Tattoo Daze