Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #17
Population: Approximately 75,000
Land Use: Industrial, Commercial, Residential.
Urbanization: Intense
Wealth: Poor
Crime: Light

Overview: Named after a famous artist who used to own large parts of the subdistrict before selling them to urban developers a century ago, Willingham is a poor area of old industrial centers and factories. It is jam-packed with row houses that have remained relatively crime-free due to the strength of the neighborhood block watches, and more importantly, to the expert urban planning present throughout the district. Unlike other parts of town, Willingham features wide sidewalks, many parks and plazas, and pedestrian-only avenues that encourage people to spend time out of doors, and among other citizens. There is scarcely a spot in the district where one will not find a lot of civilians present. To the criminal mind, this represents a very hostile territory, for crime is easiest to pull off where there is nobody to oppose it. In Willingham, there is no such place. There is only one busy thoroughfare after another, filled with people on the lookout for any criminal scum who would dare invade their part of the city.

Community Centers and Churches of all kinds dominate the landscape as visible reminders that there are few places where criminals can “hide in plain sight.”

The Covenant lives in the western part of this district.

Notable Locations:

Bloody Monday Memorial

Century Station Crime College

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