Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #19
Population: Approximately 800,000
Land Use: Residential, Commercial, Industrial.
Urbanization: Intense
Wealth: Poor
Crime: Extreme

Overview: Waingroh has always been Century Station’s “wrong side of the tracks.” A blighted urban sprawl populated by the poor, angry and down-and-out. When the city’s fortunes turned for the worse, Waingroh was the first to become a bona fide “Dreadzone.” A place where the crooks held far more power than the cops, where law and order had ceased to matter, and where the sound of gunfire was as frequent as a bell tower’s hourly chime.

Today, the area is dirt poor with rampant crime on a hellish magnitude, both super and pedestrian, as well as being a haven for fugitives, crooks and evil superbeings. Unlike Dreadzones such as Hannigan and Iron Beach, there are still a few decent spots here and there, where neighborhoods band together to keep their streets as safe as they can, and commercial districts where brave merchants refuse to pull out of “their” community. Sadly, this also makes the place a prime target for street punks, color gangs and syndicate activity, not to mention low-balling supervillains who don’t mind knocking over a few easy scores. Gung-ho outlaws dominate the criminal culture here. The kind of bandits who prefer blasting their way into a place and wasting a few innocent folks for shock value or fun rather than carefully planning their heists and getting away clean. It is as if the criminals here are less concerned with making a profit from their larceny than simply looking for a way to leave this world in a blaze of glory. This makes criminal activity in Waingroh very dangerous, because behind every heist and scheme is a bloodbath just waiting to happen .

Because of the local presence of The Rubbleyard, many buildings in the district resemble architectural hodgepodges, having patched their holes with the leftovers of a dozen different buildings.

Notable Locations:

Cover Charge

The Rubbleyard

Waingroh High School


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