Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach

Borough: Society Hill
Sub-District: #5
Population: Approximately 25,000.
Land Use: Residential, Commercial, Industrial.
Urbanization: Light.
Wealth: Rich.
Crime: Light.

Overview: What used to be nice public beaches have all been bought up by rich tycoons from Silver City and other districts who either live or vacation there. The shoreline is jagged and dynamic, great for water sports, or just for viewing. It is one of the few unspoiled parts left of the District. Unfortunately for most citizens, all of the land is spoken for, presumably to prevent the “unsavory elements” from using it.

The dark side to Victoria Beach is its jagged and dynamic shoreline. The entire shoreline experiences a rapid and dramatic tidal change, not unlike that of the Bay of Fundi in Canada. Here, the tide rises and falls by about 15 feet, which is more than enough to drown unsuspecting beachcombers. It also makes the beach an ideal spot to dispose of murder victims and other criminal evidence, and the speedy exiting tide carries all such things far, far out to sea, where they are never recovered.

Notable Locations:

Porpoise Point

Shipwreck of The Gargantua

Underwater Bio-Dome

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