The Alien Covenant

The Alien Covenant

The Covenant

The Covenant is an ancient, time-bound, nearly sacred piece of galactic law that forbids starfaring civilizations from meddling in the affairs of those who have not yet mastered space travel and left their native solar system. It is enforced by the Thissera-Micean Cooperative (TMC), the mercenary space-policing force that maintains order in the vast quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy in which Earth resides. Alpha Prime is a TMC Officer. By the laws of The Covenant, they rarely interfere or interact with Earth except to enforce this sacred law.

The Covenant is not without flexibility, and it even recognizes that sometimes, a little alien intervention or involvement can be positive. This means crimebusting and adventuring is not necessarily a crime, especially if it is localized. It is only a crime when it has a profound impact on (comparatively) primitive societies, sciences and technology like Earth’s. Consequently, if the alien visitor’s actions do not change or advance these things, there are no repercussions. Exactly how the Covenant is enforced also depends on the people who enforce it and exactly how they interpret the law.

Note: The creation and/or distribution of alien technology, even in limited quantities (say just to help outfit a group of heroes or villains), sharing/ teaching advances in science or technology, working to undermine a government or law enforcement agency (including threatening, manipulating or killing world leaders), and deliberately trying to change an ideology or society, are all counted among crimes against The Covenant, even if one had the best of intentions at heart.

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