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Reading Is Fundamentally Magical

Reading Is Fundamentally Magical

April 9th, 2024 – Tuesday: 1 PM


Gryphon cried out in a hope of turning the situation around. It surprised him when it worked and Arcana began to attack the rogue agent from the future that had betrayed Frac-Tal Hrix. While a battle raged around him he pulled out Charlie’s scroll that would disrupt the magics. He could see his doom coming from so many directions but trusted that Patsy would not have led him astray. As he began to read aloud the words began to glow blue and began to fade!

The rain hit the paper and the Gryphon rolled himself over the paper with his rear flank completely exposed! He could hear Hank fighting a living, magical wave! Still he read and persisted. Lighting rained down, blasts of firearms, and the never ending rain. JUST READ he kept think as he said the words that made no sense to him. He gave himself over to craziness of his world now and kept reading as though his life may very well depend on it.

As the last word disappeared from the paper he finally straightened himself upright as a greyish-brown colored cloud began to spill forth covering around 2,000 or more feet at a glance! He was watching as the circles evaporated into colored steam. Even more impressive was the rain storm vanishing completely in the next few seconds. Looking back the two from the future were gone as well! Now, to deal with Synistry and finish this once and for all.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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