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“So a single idea, from the human mind, it could start a groundswell, it could be a flash point for a movement and it can actually rewrite our future. We have proof today of that very thing actually happening! We live in an age of super beings, many we humans engineered through science! We live in an age where aliens have visited us proving we are not alone! Sixty plus years ago this was a fantasy, and now it is fact!”

“Our quest, or the idea I don’t want to die with me is not new. It is nonetheless worth achieving, for if it stays inside of you an idea is powerless. If you never pull that idea out for others to contend with. Many people when they come up with an idea feel as though they have become the hero of a story yet to be told. This is a logical fallacy for if you’re the hero, who tells the tale and spreads the idea? No your job as the idea’s originator is the wizard, or wise mentor from Joseph Campbell’s description of the hero’s journey. So then, without each and everyone of you I am the Merlin archetype in King Arthur’s hero journey. The mentor with no one to guide to a brighter future. Which beseeches the question, would you help me and become my King Arthur, Joan of Arc, El Cid, Saladin, Tokugawa?”

(Garrick gestures to various people in the audience as he names each historical figure. The camera pans and much of the audience is leaning forward in their seats)

“How many of you slept in a bed you own in a house you own or lease?”

(Every hand goes up)

“Great, glad to hear it! Now with a fair amount of luck I am willing to wager if you didn’t purchase your home a good percentage of your parents did and they scraped money, got a loan from a bank or friends, family, perhaps both?”

(Audience panning and over 75% of the audience nods)

“Now you also had to weigh factors and settle for living in the house you wanted but maybe a neighborhood you weren’t so keen on. The reverse is also a likely conclusion. Then comes the new house woes of construction screw ups, or old house woes of time. Let’s not forget life with job changes causing you to have to move and resettle facing the same dilemmas over again.”

(Audience camera panning and 100% of the audience nods)

“Now this is where I get to remind everyone that with all of those issues YOU are the lucky ones!”

(A screen drops down showing the homeless of Century Station, Florida, Southeastern U.S. and the world)

“This is the quest I lay before you Knights of the Hearth and Home! We can stop homelessness in our lifetimes, and provide a redundant power grid should Daedalus ever go off-line! It gets even better! We at Dalus Dome Inc. need your help in spreading that our idea will be sent to N.A.S.A. for launch in 6 months to be tested as an environment habitat on the Moon! So if you spread this idea I am about to share, you can not only end homelessness but we can begin to colonize other planets! In future generations trips to Earth may be a family vacation one might plan! So if you’re with me and Dalus Dome show me by clapping!”

(Audience camera panning and 100% of the audience claps. The screen darkens and rises along with a curtain behind him revealing a shiny, silver, 15 ft. tall, 80 ft. wide dome that begins to rise up 10 feet showing a dome cylinder)

“Ladies and gentlemen may I present the Dome-10 heading to N.A.S.A. after this very talk is over!”

(Applause. A camera crew in N.A.S.A. jackets come out and when the door seal breaks, then slides open they go inside as their live feeds appear on several screens overhead)

“We have designed a completely modular dome house that can even simulate day and night for people living in places that don’t have access to the sky. It has, get ready, the world’s first micro fusion reactor! Small enough to fit in a hiking backpack with harness! Yet, its maximum power out put can sustain 100 people for 10 years or 10 people for 50 years! You could live anywhere and have power, clean water, nutritional meals bars, satellite Internet, long range radio, and all the amenities of home! It gets even better because once we hit production for every three homes made we can afford to send one anywhere in the world where there is homelessness! That means 10 people just got a home, because of you!”

(Between the live feed showing and validating the features of the home and Garrick’s speech. Sporadic clapping, shocked gasps, and dropped jaws litter the audience. Especially at the images/feed of a miniature, working fusion reactor)

“We’ll will have them available to any home construction company that wishes to offer them and they just have to take them off the transport vehicle and walk away! To prevent future brownouts these homes can be linked with cables that come with each of them. Allowing small communities to share power should a linked home have an issue and then send word to one of the licensed electrical companies for a repair technician to come and replace the faulty modular unit. Everything in the home is plug and play.”


“Now, I am sure some of you are wondering when would production start, and the answer is after the moon test is done so we are looking at 9 to 12 months! In a funnier analogy our company just got pregnant with and idea, and N.A.S.A. is going to help us give birth to it!”


“Now, that we crossed that hurdle, what about the cost because this is the future and the future is always expensive, right?”

(Many of the audience is pointing with finger guns as though this is the nail in the idea coffin)

“Saving the world is not free, but if anyone has time feel free to search out my papers on recycling. As 87% of the structure and everything inside it is recycled materials! Our base model dome will retail for $75,000 and the top of the line will retail for $125,000!”

(Shocked gasps)

“Yes, an aircar will cost more than one, or even two of our homes – model dependent – which you could put on the ocean floor with our airlock door feature off the coast of, let’s say Jamaica.”

(Laughter and stunned faces)

“We set the price point so low to include many families that can’t afford a common home in these days. With the modular nature they can be connected in a flat grid or stacked. They can even become bisected to allow for two families to buy one home with five rooms for each of them! The financing options at that point open up countless possibilities! Take care of your folks with a multi-generational approach. Siblings and their respective families can each have half of our Dome-10!”

(Approving nods)

“Oh, I almost forgot that if you have a disability we already have designed a full suite of options for wheelchairs, height challenged, and even really tall people.”

(Applause and approving nods)

“Here’s a wonderful nugget for all of you heroes and heroines! This particular location was picked at Copernicus University because of the number of seats. 390 to be exact. Now here’s what more exciting than seeing this entire room packed! If everyone in here were to have bought a home that means up 3,900 people have a place to live in the United States. A place with constant power! A place with clean water which could clean up Flint, Michigan permanently! What it also means is that in impoverished countries we would have sent 130 homes allowing 1,300 people to have homes that otherwise would not! If they chose to refuel the homes in 10 years then you have given homes to 1,300 people and provided power and clean water to 13,000!”

(Standing applause and cheers)

That’s how YOU solved homelessness and helped humanity reach the stars!”

(Standing applause and cheers)


Art by: AZ_Artisan
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