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Norwood 72nd

Norwood 72nd

March 31st, 2024 – Sunday: 12:01 AM

Gryphon had landed 16 minutes ago and was greeted by the precinct captain. He was getting acquainted with his partner for the first of three eight hour shifts. A few people were talking about the explosion and others were talking about the fact this super tackled Obelisk of Synistry by HIMSELF!

Gryphon and Sgt. Matanzas were headed out when an armored airvan landed in front of the 7-2. The Requisitors piled out, and Gryphon lowered his window to wave. Mavis Beacon and Col. Lightning came over to let him know they were inspired by Gryphon. They came down to arrange some days they could lend a hand embedded with C-SWAT, or another arrangement that could work. Then they may be able to set up a rotation within another sub-district in desperate need of help.

The Sergeant thanked them as well mentioning they had to get over to a robbery in progress. Col. Lightning looked at Mavis still waving as they drove away, “God, that kid can’t turn it off. Hey, Mavis, I did warn you. He’s dating at least three girls you want to be number four?”

“I might be the only one that could keep up with him?” Mavis cocked her head to side slightly, “We’ll see.”

“Long game, huh? Alright, enough sight seeing we got a meeting inside. Requisitors, fall in!” Col. Lightning and his crew walked inside to discuss how they might help out with this precinct or another one in need. Lord knew there were plenty of precincts that could use the help.

Internally Gryphon chuckled about the irony of sitting in the front of a squad car after his past. Sgt Matanzas was surprised when he spoke Spanish with a Cuban accent perfectly. Gryphon explained that he could communicate in every language on the planet. “Wait, how good is your hearing?”

“You mean when you were complaining to the captain about being stuck with a super until you found out it was me?”

“You met my grandmother several weeks ago at the Giving Tree. She raised me when my mother died of a drug overdose. My father had been a cop and died in the line of duty. My mother did not cope well and I went to live with my abuela in Waingroh. You and Miss Amazing saved her and my son.” Gryphon was stunned when the sergeant tapped a few icons on the smart phone at the stop light and a video played of him getting hit by bullets and then the rocket launcher! “You saved my family! I was in the middle busting an illegal gun runner whom may still prove useful in taking down the 9-Millimeter gun store. Nothing ever sticks to those sonsofbitches!”

“Well, I want to know how my team and I can better interface with local police to help them in areas like this. I want us to have a much more proactive approach to finding crime and squashing it out. It seems the second phase of my plan, in which we inspire other groups to do the same has already born fruit. Phase Three is to help Mavericks that don’t want corporate sponsorship work out a way to become an affiliate group of the Centurions. This way I can contribute to Operation Overlord, C.H.I.M.E.R.A. can get more of the manpower it needs. We present a unified front against crime and show everyone that together we are more than the sum of our parts.”

“Well you’re about to get your chance, here we are and if those two black skybikes are any indicator then the Mavericks: Cyan and Indigo are inside that bank. Every time we try to bring them in cops just end up sent to the hospital. It makes the city look weak and emboldens criminals to defy law enforcement. Here’s your chance to put your ideas into action what’s your play?”

Cyan and Indigo were having their hands full dealing with two Cybergoons. Not because they were out matched, but the amount of damage these guys can soak up and dish out was impressive to say the least! Indigo was facing one with a laser canon, whom was carving up sections of the bank branch’s front area. Cyan was facing the one with the grenade launcher trying to prevent them from hitting the vault door. He had surveyed the area and Sgt. Matanzas was calling in a unit to place bugs on the skybikes, this was a diversion and deliberately meant to be overheard by anyone picking up radio chatter. The actual plan was to try and plant two (one to be found with some effort and one they couldn’t find). Using their phone the sergeant explained the plan to the nearest squad cars that could make backup. Gryphon tweeted a selfie about helping the cops, Cyan and Indigo stop a bank robbery in progress with the hashtags: #24HOURPatrol #NorwoodKnights #Gryphon.

Seeing that the Cybergoon had firing vector on Cyan trying help her partner Indigo. He flew past them and waved he drew his sword and his glowing Gryphon aura flared to life! Cyan watched him cut the rocket propelled grenade in half creating two explosions that would have hit her center mass! His aura wavered and flickered out while his armor took some serious hits. He flew forward and sliced the launcher in half! “Hey cyberschmucks! I’ll be your huckleberry tonight, name’s Gryphon! Time to BE BOLD!”

The battle took exactly 20 seconds to finish, and Gryphon had streamed the entire thing on Twitter LIVE! The video was going viral and news crews were racing to the location. Cyan and Indigo had dragged their foe out with the broken laser cannon. Gryphon carried his foe out, well his torso anyways. He was dragging the arms and legs by various cabling. CSPD came forward to take the criminals into custody, when Cyan and Indigo began backing off toward their black skybikes.

“Hey Cyan, Indigo, I’m big on being transparent and you both did okay back there. However, if you leave you should know that when we pulled up I had the CSPD bug your skybikes so they could track you. I’ll tell you where if you just talk with me for a second or two.”

Even though their faces were covered, the body language of sudden shoulder jerks suggested surprise and shock. Gryphon continued, “Look, I just want to talk about how we can help the city together. Unless you both want to admit to the public that the two of you like hurting the cops that you sent to the hospital?” He pointed to the phone he had used ‘Gorilla Tape’ to adhere to his coat. “Guess what your entire fight was live! People saw you stop criminals, people saw us work together to get the last one. Teamwork is possible.”

Cyan spoke up, “Corporate SHILLS NO WAY MAN! LIVE FREE OR DIE!”

Indigo nodded and Gryphon shook his head, “Yes, yes, a noble intent,” he turns so the damage to the building is shown once more and he turns back, “I believe a better quote was from one of the boldest people this country has known. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! Patrick Henry was one of the founding father’s of America. Now you have the chance to be one of the founding members of Century Station’s future!” News crews were beginning to arrive and set up behind the police line formed as Gryphon continued, “Mayor Zardona is fighting a war and if you’ve studied history regarding conflicts with multiple fronts fairs poorly for all involved. Synistry struck in Silver City on Friday! There is no place in the city truly safe anymore. You both don’t want to be corporate sponsored, I understand, and I can appreciate it. I offer a challenge: If I can beat whichever one of you wishes to fight me in 20 seconds then you get to leave without trackers on your skybikes. The condition for my win is you must promise the citizens of Century Station that you’ll meet with Director Balisong in 72 hours and become an affiliated group of the Centurions. Help the city win the war for its soul! If you win you get to leave with your skybikes, but you will at least know you have trackers on them.”

“Big words from a corporate sellout, the corporation might know whom you are. But the city doesn’t! How can you expect us to trust the city when at your core you don’t!” Cyan had moved closer yelling through her mask. Indigo stepped forward, “Enough talking, you ready?”

Cameras were rolling from ground and air as Gryphon answered, “Yep, let’s let everyone see me for whom I am.” His armor, which includes his helmet vanishes. Indigo closed on him but was surprised when he showed his face. He realized his mistake when Gryphon began counting loudly! With his supernatural strength Gryphon pinned Indigo’s foot under his crushing stomp! As the Maverick looked down Gryphon swung the gryphon pommel of Ashmadiel up and right in between where his eyes would be in his mask with a resounding CRACK! Indigo flipped up and back as he was knocked out cold!

Admits the cheers of the CSPD present, “Cyan, you should teach him chess when he wakes up, after the painkillers.”

Turning to the cameras, “Cyan had a valid point about trust and trying to protect people with anonymity. What I miss most about Jake Thompson is that he didn’t care what you thought of him. He also believe masks and fake identities are stupid. Those that feel the need to use them please continue to do so. However,” Gryphon gestures to the CSPD, “They are not super heroes and they are braver than every cape I know. They have families and still go out and risk their lives everyday. If I am going to earn your trust then I need to at least bare a similar burden. Mayor Zardona, I stand with you, I stand with Century Station’s future. My name is Garrick Griffon Faulkner and I am the Gryphon of Norwood, team member of S.A.V.I.O.R. and here to Be Bold for those that can’t!”

Gryphon picks up Indigo and carries him over to the skybike. Cyan gets on still stunned that Gryphon outed himself on TV and LIVE Twitter. Indigo is draped over the skybike Cyan uses her cape to secure his arms and legs from the exhausts. Gryphon pulls the phone loose and ends the stream as the flashes of cameras and reporters can be heard behind him.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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