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They Say Time Heals All Wounds

They Say Time Heals All Wounds

April 10th, 2024 – Wednesday: 6 AM

Darting away from Century Plaza about ten minutes before 6AM Garrick could still hear the hum of the city as he flew in black sweats. Trying very hard to shake Ameera’s playfully, pouting, face as he disentangled himself this morning to leave for sword practice. Aircar traffic was low at this time of day so he ducked lower between buildings excited to get back to Master Tyrone Nitobe’s class.

Landing about a minute before class started the students and the teacher looked a bit surprised as to his arrival. He was now very glad about the strict no phone policy of his sensei. While he had made a number of friendly acquaintances in the class he knew most of the guys were getting tired of and use to the ladies trying to flirt with the superhero in the ‘proverbial room’. Having his identity public as Garrick only seem to embolden some of them. Master Nitobe always squashed it if it got out of hand. Today was no exception, however, he let it linger a few extra minutes as personal way of acknowledging his actions in saving everyone. When Garrick explained to the group that he was 30 to 40 feet away from two heroes getting blown apart by a few of the active clones of the Ultramarine everyone paused. Garrick looked at his sensei and said he needed today to help meditate and process those images and that’s why he showed up to class. He wanted something more normal than the last 24 hours.

A number of students whom either had been in or had family that had served in: military, law enforcement, or medical professions. Instantly understood what he had seen and what he needed, they quietly spoke to anyone trying to get close to Garrick. Master Nitobe carefully went through the group lessons and hand picked whom would spar with Garrick that day. At the end of class Garrick was surprised when Master Nitobe called him up and nodded at the class. All of them and his sensei bowed and they thanked him for his service. They could see his stunned expression and class was dismissed. Nothing else was said and Garrick was allowed to leave without anyone trying to accost him.

April 14th, 2024 – Sunday: 11:33 AM

Garrick had just looked at the last issue of the Everyman paper targeting his team

“S” IS NOT FOR SOBER – Targeting the Rubberband Man
“A” IS NOT FOR ALLY – Targeting the Black Phantom
“V” IS NOT FOR VIRTUE – Targeting Hank of all people.
“I” IS NOT FOR INNOCENT – Targeting Caedechron.
“O” IS NOT FOR OBEDIENT – Targeting the Beast and his special consciousness.
“R” IS NOT FOR REPENTANT – Targeting Garrick “The Gryphon” Faulkner

Katherine had been looking at his reaction as he read the paper. The Garrick article contained interviews from some of the other folks who were in prison with Garrick, telling stories about the “infamous” Professor Gack and the deaths he caused. The article included information about his younger days too, described in a way that obviously reflects Adeline’s viewpoint, though from an interview with her husband. He wonders if the man is even capable of remorse, noting that Garrick’s sister has been in an institution for years and he’s never once tried to make contact – for all the good it would do.

Garrick made numerous frantic calls and used A.R.C.H.I.E. to help find out what he feared. The year he was released early was the same year she was institutionalized in Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, in central Georgia. Garrick immediately flew over to try and see her, but he wasn’t allowed to see her because there was a restraining order against him, from the husband. It was filed the day after Garrick revealed his identity as The Gryphon.

That evening Katherine had Janosh set the record straight regarding those portions of the late Dr. Cuthbert Faulkner’s journal. The Monday papers ran stories about a sobbing Gryphon pounding on the door, screaming his sister’s name and “I had no idea. Your letter said you wished I was dead. So I stayed away.” Richard Gray showing up to drive him home and offer to pay for the dented door.

The narrative never belittled the husband or Adeline and their children however the facts regarding Adeline and her torture of Garrick were not sugar coated. Next to that headline was everything Garrick was willing to take to the grave regarding his sister including the letter she wrote. It portrayed Adeline as being a child having a hard time at handling grief that grew into an adult whom came to act on her brother in the manner he enabled to continue. Cuthbert Faulkner was tarnished slightly in the eyes of history for not taking a better role in raising his children.

Social media and everyone had an opinion with Garrick being seen as far more tolerant and compassionate. Katherine asked Janosh to over time make in roads and politely wear the husband down in hopes the brother and sister could both heal. Time will tell how successful that will be.

April 16th, 2024 – Tuesday: 6:02 PM

Outside the Giving Tree

Eliza Gunn was surprised when Garrick “The Gryphon” Faulkner walked up to introduce himself wearing black work boots, press tan pants with cargo pockets, and a black, denim, button down shirt embroidered with the orange and white logo for Mallic-Faulkner Technologies. He wore a rather robust golden bracelet sculpted to look like a gryphon biting its tail. It looked very secure and did not move around his left wrist. She mentioned that she’d expected a different outfit and Garrick shook her hand saying that might be a great opener for the interview and he cocked his head while smiling. Eliza finally understood what Kelly Thompson had been yammering on about.

One of the recent things that had made it onto the superhero forums was pictures of Garrick with four different women: A) A blonde, white woman; B) a blonde, middle-eastern woman with color streaked hair, C) A blue hair white woman which many took to understand as Miss Amazing out of costume, D) A black woman whom was nearly as tall as Gryphon. The term playboy and man-whore had been tossed around depending upon whom was posting and their favor of the Gryphon. Only a few people thought about polyamory as a reason for being seen with the women on a consistent basis.

“Hello Century Station, this is Eliza Gunn, reporting live in the Norwood sub-district. We’re at the charity organization the Gryphon has been a long standing patron of, The Giving Tree. With me,” as the camera shot changes from a close up to a wide angle, “is the S.A.V.I.O.R. team captain, Garrick “The Gryphon” Faulkner, all around renaissance hero.”

“Thank you, Ms. Gunn, but I’m just a man whom works for a robotics company and is a volunteer member of the C.S.P.D.

Flipping over a small pad off camera “As president of the Faulkner Division of Mallic-Faulkner Technologies by day and the Gryphon of Norwood at night how do you find time to even sleep?”

Garrick looked around, “I can think of three people that put you up to asking me that question.” Garrick gave a hearty laugh before continuing, “The fact is one of my powers is not needing to sleep. It’s interesting because when I choose to sleep it’s to enjoy using my dreams as the avenue of processing countless thoughts at the same time. I believe some people call the process active dreaming.”

“You brought up a point I know countless users of the superhero forums want to know. There are a plethora of pictures showcasing you being seen out and about with four different women. I am also curious which one of them, if any, is related to your son, Sherman Faulkner?”

Garrick made a face suggesting he was impressed how quickly and deep she dug in on him, “Okay, can bring you bring up the photos on your phone and I can answer those questions? As to the information regarding my son. None of the women are his mother. Sherman lost his family and chose to stay with me when he had nothing and I stepped up to make sure he had a place to stay. In many ways I feel more like an older brother than a father figure. Sherman to me is family now and I hope that addresses the issue for you.”

Eliza’s tech person takes her phone and taps a few things on it then hands it back. The viewers see the pictures as follows:

  • Garrick having dinner Constance.
  • Garrick performing a morning jog with Ameera.
  • Garrick having coffee with Mavis.
  • Garrick hanging out with Katherine doing bummer cars. It’s from last Saturday since she has blue hair.

As he tapped each one in succession, “Girlfriend, Girlfriend, just friends, and Girlfriend that also lives with me.” The viewers saw a blue highlighted frame on their screens as he touched each picture.

“Some of our viewers I’m sure are surprised that you would admit to dating multiple women on air.”

“I don’t know why,” he seemed perplexed as though this might be normal, “There are plenty of single parents that date, and I just happen to be in a polyamorous relationship with three of the four women. All four of them are at least aware of each other and the last two have met in person. Not only have all three of my girlfriends met but they have their own private chat server where they talk all the time. I hide nothing from the three that have graced me with being my friends and partners. You might say my life is one giant exercise in time management, but I am a very happy man.”

“It sounds like you have it all, why are you donating your time here?”

Eliza regretted her wording when she saw his brow furrow, “Ms. Gunn, it is vitally important to remember the people that gave you a hand “up” from earlier situations where you find yourself near bottom. When I was released from Gramercy years ago on parole, I vowed to be better. Were it not for the Giving Tree those first few months I would’ve starved to death. So when I got employed and even later when I got my powers I made sure to give back to the place that helped to keep me alive and whole. I learned to cook in prison and have been getting pretty good at it I might add.”

He motioned for Malik, whom was leading a group of kids with food set up a spread and began serving the T.V. crew, “I taught them how to make chicken marsala because this week’s meal was Italian. Please try some.” Eliza had some on air and you can’t fake the reaction of happy surprise. She took an extra bite before handing it back to Malik and thanking him.

“That was incredible! They could start a cooking program here!”

“Well, if you know any chef’s wanting to help people find careers. Then by all means send them over to talk with the center director.”

“How did everyone here take your revealing your identity?”

“To be fair I sprung that on everyone, while everyone here at the center took it very well. Not everyone in my life was happy to be unprepared at such a revelation. We all worked through it though and I feel have become stronger and closer.”

“Would you mind changing tracks here in light of recent events?”

“No, ask away.”

“The reports, testimonies, and video footage suggest you deliberately set off a nuclear explosion off the coast. Over a hundred clones of the Ultramarine were found alongside Synistry’s near-complete roster, with the Scream Queen currently in Gramercy. I’m sure everyone has seen the footage streamed live regarding the rogue A.I. Thanatos and Synistry. How did you even know you could do it and why?”

Garrick sighed slightly, “I knew it because my father and I had built the facility in secret before we revealed our first “public” prototype of the Bio-Dome the day I gave my T.E.D. Talk about it on YouTube. As the E.P.A. has pointed out the design is similar to the one Iron Mike used in that it left no lasting radiation. I’ve often wondered how Iron Mike got a design that from historical records emulates my father’s design. However, we were not the only people trying to replicate the Daedalus power source. So it may likely never get answered,” Eliza looked shocked expecting she would have to draw some of this out. In seconds a link appears on the screen for people watching with touch displays allowing them to bring up the T.E.D. Talk in another tab or a mini window. “As to the why, it was to save everyone but they had also personally pissed me off.”

“How so?”

“I surprised my father when I single-handedly built my first A.I. using my late mother as the baseline, Cynthia Faulkner. My goal was to be able to talk with a version of her and I wouldn’t be so lonely. I was a teenager when I did this, but I didn’t truly understand how special what I had done would be. When I realized that Thanatos had stolen a part of the code I’d lovingly refer to as the last shred I had of my mother. Followed by Synistry perverting the experiment to provide not just power but sustainable living to the planet in every corner of the globe. I finished writing the code string that would auto-execute their destruction as I cut them off from the outside world.”

“You sacrificed your past to save the future?”

“Yes, I believe in the promise of Century Station,” Garrick nodded and looked sad yet somehow impressive.

“I did some checking and you’ve been to see Caedechron a few times. What are your thoughts regarding your continued support.

“Cai was his name when he was alive, thugs of Urien Daniels were sent to kill him. They succeeded when Urien Daniels tipped them off Cai had learned about their illegal activities. Let me be clear, Cai’s mortal body died and he was effectively murdered. Just before his death he was able to upload his consciousness into a robot he’d been working on. He murdered the responsible person after he’d been physically killed. His quality of existence was irrevocably altered and he sought revenge quietly. I don’t condone murder unless it is in defense of a person or parties unable to defend themselves. However, I feel he had extenuating circumstances that need to be taken into account when the justice department decides his fate. Regardless I will stick by him and help him stand should he fall because I have no interest in being a fair-weather friend. Cavalry knows that, Miss Amazing knows that.”

“Whom were you defending in your words when you murdered Synistry?”

“You, your crew, my teammates, my girlfriends, a woman I saved on a roof top in January. My sister, and all of Century Station. Perhaps even planet Earth if every single clone had been unleashed.”

“Your sister that was reported to be in an institution you’ve never visited until very recently?”

“Yes, however, per her husband’s restraining order I am not allowed to visit and once I knew that had happen to Adeline, I tried. Given the documents that have been made public in the papers its not hard to see how I might have missed reaching out to her. Next question,” his tone impressed moving on or finishing the interview there.

Eliza weighs the risks of poking the bear and decides to move on, “Polls are indicating that Mayor Zardona will win a re-election and that the federal government is inclined to ease impending sanctions. What do you say to that given rumors about the Mayor not being your biggest fan?”

“The Mayor has a rough job and I don’t envy him. That said I want him to win because I believe he’s the right man to help restore law and order to every part of Century Station.

“Thank you to Garrick “The Gryphon” Faulkner for giving us the time to get to know you a little better?”

“Absolutely, make sure to get some more food before you go the kids worked hard to make sure there was enough,” Garrick gestured to the spread on the two tables set up. He turned to the camera to give a farewell smile and wave. The feed went down and Ameera and Ramona were waiting inside with everyone to congratulate him. Even the woman he saved with the mangled leg was there sporting her leg still in a power assisted splint until her ankle completely healed and therapy was over.

April 18th, 2024 – Thursday

‘The Magic of Books’ was Garrick’s destination during his lunch break. It was fun to drive his truck for him because people often looked for him in the sky and not driving around. When he got there the place was locked, empty and a for sale sign was up. It looked like Charlie took Garrick’s advice and got out of town. There was no forwarding address when he poked around online regarding the property.

As far as S.A.V.I.O.R. was going today had one other item of note. A psychiatric doctor named Johanna Fullard was hired to be the team’s psychic psychiatrist. This woman is the hero who was once known as Joan of Arc – one of the founding members of the Centurions. In a statement at the small press conference where the Mayor welcomed her on board the team once again. She says her “hero” days are behind her, as she’s decided she can be more helpful in this role than she ever was as an active Centurion.

April 22nd, 2024 – Monday

HyperiaA few days after discovering Charlie closed his store and moved out of town, Patsy shows up to join what’s left of S.A.V.I.O.R. She transforms into Hyperia and stays transformed, never turning back. She devotes herself full-time into being a hero and lets the work fully consume her. She maintains a good relationship with the rest of the team, but she never talks about anything personal. Whenever Garrick is accidentally charming or seductive around her she suddenly finds an excuse to leave and go on patrol or do research or be anywhere but there. She deliberately avoids doing anything that might make it seem like she’s vying for Garrick’s affections or interfering with any of Garrick’s relationships.

Dr. Fullard is concerned about Hyperia/Patsy, and they have sessions often, but nothing seems to change. When Garrick was asked by Dr. Fullard about Hyperia/Patsy he said she reminds him of how he felt a few years after getting out of prison. “Everything is very raw, and she talked about feeling unworthy of her power, that the gifts were like an intoxicating drug. Right now I suspect she’s feeling as though she has to prove she can beat the power and do good before she can forgive herself. It’s going to be a long road. In my opinion she still has some survivor’s guilt from the alternate dimension she hails from. We may all be broken in some ways but its how we deal with it that is what defines us. Time will tell how she handles it but I’ll always be there to help.” Dr. Fullard nodded silently while making notes.

May 1st, 2024 – Wednesday

Garrick was informed that the widow Imelda Zarovsky passed away that morning. Janosh informs him she left her estate and wealth to Garrick. It is noted in the autopsy that she had an odd physical abnormality – her teeth were sharper and more pointed than a normal human’s, but otherwise she seemed to have died of old age. No foul play is suspected. In dealing with her estate and personal effects Garrick discovers that she destroyed much of her personal history, though enough of it was left behind to suggest her and her late husband Emil weren’t human, but were instead aliens known as Erishik Dopplegangers who were trying to hide on Earth and live peaceful lives, defying all preconceived notions of their race. This evidence is inconclusive, and raises more questions than it answers, but that’s where that story seems to end.

Garrick makes this the house where he comes to think and wants to be alone. Over time it becomes equipped with robotic assistants he designs with A.R.C.H.I.E.’s manufacturing capabilities. The S.A.V.I.O.R. A.I. begins calling him “The Idea Man” for a nickname. Time will tell how such a friendship will affect the world.

May 10th, 2024 – Friday, after 10 PM

Public opinion of S.A.V.I.O.R. had been on a serious upswing. The “take no survivor” methods of S.A.V.I.O.R. seemed to really resonate with many folks. The Everyman was STILL experiencing a media backlash from the general public. Crime was starting to curtail given S.A.V.I.O.R.’s confirmed win and destruction of Synistry. Scream Queen being the only surviving member and stuck in Gramercy Island for the foreseeable future. Papa Zombie had eluded capture and was at large but keeping a low profile for the time being.

Garrick and Katherine had just left Constance’s place in Xenophan. Both Ameera and her had moved back to their homes last week since the security measures were finished that Amanda had ordered. All of them had a family dinner while Shorty #5, Sherman Faulkner, was off on a Worlds Online – Gizergleam Peaks raid with Horace. Before his departure that night Constance reminded him that his new Gel-Matrix brain had worked in the robot A.I. they had been testing on with flying colors. Should things go well production use could start as soon as Spring of 2025. When she asked him about the project name he smiled and told her he’d picked up on the word Nexus from all the talks of magic and ley lines. He liked the confluence of ideas it had suggested to him when he thought about it. Ashmadiel made a great project name because no one would guess it or the true friend and partner it obfuscated. He mentioned to Constance about talking with Amanda regarding making a miniature version for human subjects, especially those using cybernetics. Amanda thought it had merit and would run focus groups to check on market viability. Constance mentioned she’d help in any way she could.

Gryphon and Miss Amazing had just arrived in the air above Norwood and tapped their comm units. Gryphon informed A.R.C.H.I.E. & S.T.E.V.E. that they were on shift and would start working the southern half of Brisby that night, barring any emergency calls. Their optimistic replies made Gryphon chuckle, as he thanked them and began his patrol with Miss Amazing. Calling into each precinct as the A.I.s informed them when they crossed jurisdictional boundaries. A group of sirens could be heard in the distance alongside the crack of gunfire. “Duty Calls! Onward!” rang out Ashmadiel’s voice his head as he grinned at his partner and flew off!

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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Norwood Knights Grow

Norwood Knights Grow

April 3rd, 2024 – Wednesday: 11:31 AM

The suite was luxurious compared to anything Ameera had ever seen. Thankfully a number of her clients for exercise, yoga, and dancing lessons lived in either Midtown or Society Hill. It was kind of a strange transition when Garrick revealed himself. Now she had a CSPD officer assigned to her suite and her clients were informed that she was going to be transitioning locations but for the interim she was operating out of a suite provided by C.H.I.M.E.R.A.

Stefania and Desha had become the admins of Gryphon’s official fan club, gryphon.norwoodknights.com. The main site of norwoodknights.com now listed every hero no matter how small that called the sub-district home. Links to S.A.V.I.O.R., Spirit Enterprises, Tecate, and the Giving Tree adorned the bottom of every page on the site. Their Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit feeds were displayed on the main site as a one stop shop for information and updates.

The site was the brainchild of Antonia. She had started it as a way to sell a t-shirt she’d designed as project for her graphic design class. They had made enough money to have everyone enjoy a night of take out food and rented movies. In the last 24 hours sales had jumped to just over 1,000 orders! Their YouTube channel videos had each jumped to over 100,000 views after she uploaded: GRYPHON SAVES THROUGH SACRIFICE’ and ‘GRYPHON VS OBELISK – A COMPILATION OF FOOTAGE’. Yet the video that trumped them all was a small clip pushing over 720,000 views and 500,000 shares: ‘GRYPHON REVEALS IDENTITY’. In which contained the following, “… My name is Garrick Griffon Faulkner and I am the Gryphon of Norwood, team member of S.A.V.I.O.R. and here to Be Bold for those that can’t!”

All of the girls were being pressured online about how to become official Norwood Knights club members. It was beginning to become a full time job and Garrick really had no idea what he had done with that speech. If his popularity continued then they would have to decide to make this a small business. While he had inspired a lot of people those closest to him had their lives uprooted and dragged along in the wave of his reveal. Ameera was currently looking over whether or not to make the fan club a 501c or an LLC. A lot of this would depend on if the city was going to take over sponsorship of the group the way they had for the Centurions?

The fact he was a former felon was spoken about in a multitude of contexts both positive and negatively. Online, he was indeed news, yet every interview from the team was from the famous ex-jockey, Victor Valenzuela. also known as the Rubberband Man, spokesman of S.A.V.I.O.R. Ameera decided she would need to see about getting Garrick to give an interview at some point for them. Perhaps she could have the Rubberband Man ask the questions? So many changes were on he horizon and if what she gleaned from snuggling him this morning, he was just getting started.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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Reflections Of A Sponsored Hero

Reflections Of A Sponsored Hero

April 1st, 2024 – Monday: 12:01 AM

Gryphon had just left the 72nd precinct in Norwood. The officers and Sgt. Matanzas helped him get out on the roof to avoid the group of reporters out front. After Sgt. Matanzas and he had the remaining Skybike impounded following, Cyan, leaving with her partner, Indigo. He asked the sergeant to pull his record. He was expecting the warm reception of him to wear off, but was not expecting the happy surprise of the sergeant’s reaction. Seeing a reformed felon devoting himself to serving the community.

Even the captain of the precinct said he would email the Brisby Commandant and Director Balisong about his actions and non-lethal win over the cybergoons. Plus the show boating Mavericks that were trying to stop other powered criminals. The last 20 minutes was him posing for photos with the precinct officers. He decided that he needed to leave when he noticed four, perhaps five female officers starting to flirt with him. When he was up in the air he checked his phone. Seeing pictures from Katherine showing the simply amazing job she did with the furniture in their new home. They exchanged several emojis of hearts and smiley faces.

He saw a meeting request sent to him for 6 AM on Tuesday with Cai from Amanda. Constance would be there to help with HR on the super issue. However, he would be meeting with her about the projects he’d requested. He clicked on the “Accept” button and then made sure Cai had the information for the meeting. Her pushing the day back from Monday to Tuesday was not bad. Things come up all the time and she has a personal life as well.

He wanted to give him a few days to get settled in before he asked him to help with anything specific. Amanda would likely have him tasked with a project and then he could either help with the project that would pay for the humanitarian counterpart project. Or help on the humanitarian one, all the while having the resources to pursue the universal language translator idea. Really a win all around.

He flew to a specific building in Norwood, one he had last stood upon on January 1st. It was the building he met Patsy Palmer after catching her from a fall. He walked over and leaned against the A/C unit he had last time. Ashmadiel could sense this wasn’t depression but a reflection of the last four months.

“You have done well and come far Garrick Faulkner. This spot has significance to you, to us. Storytellers might say it was the true beginning of your journey accepting my gifts as a hero of the light.”

Gryphon smiled, “I concur, can you change into a metal spike for me?”

Kneeling he began carving into the roof mounted utility box she sat on with the now golden spike in his hand. “You know, I think I can actually be a renaissance man but it means being willing to let people pursue their destinies as well. Constance is going to try adding ‘Cynthia’ into her checks on the reactor in the ocean. I hope it will finally talk to her. Baby steps but I forgot after a time to treat the Cynthia A.I. as a person because it hurt to much. Those two could become rockstars of the future. Science as Jake wanted will be the true hero. We just have to make sure they have a future to get to.”

“And if you succeed in freeing me, how will you be the Gryphon then?”

“I’ve decided I am going to ask Constance and Amanda to build me a power armor suit as a back up. If I go that route then I feel that the hero: Veritas or Ferrum Veritas may be a good name for the project. Either way I won’t hide that I am the pilot and gave up my powers to free a friend. Then to continue the fight I just re-invented myself. Brandon will get a kick out of it.”

“How do you feel knowing the enemy knows whom you are?”

“Cops have to deal with that fact everyday. We live in an age of hacking and information brokering. I will talk with Amanda about her plans for the security system I asked her about. Between the two of us I think we can develop something good to protect Ameera and Constance. I actually suspect Synistry will try to attack my house at some point given I live in Brisby after all. However, if I was them I would wait until I could control the encounter better than attacking a known hero at their home. Likely fortified and if they figure out Miss Amazing lives with me then all the more reason to not attack. What they may not count on is that I have a plan on dealing with them as general in a war. Obelisk was willing to commit mass murder, so as far as I am concerned he gets a ticket straight to the afterlife. There was fear in his eyes when he thought he might drown. Whomever is pulling that groups strings will know I am willing to kill their men.”

“They would fit my definition of evil.”

“I’ve come to the conclusion that even if we eliminate Synistry there will always be someone willing to fill that void. Ever vigilant we’ll need to be without sacrificing people’s freedoms. It will be a hard road because what seems like safety to one person is prison to another. If we’re to be an inclusive and welcoming society then it means looking at issues from different angles and trying to find the most optimal approach. Humanity teaches us we may fail but we will look, learn, and log the mistakes to prevent them in the future. An old proverb states you will fall a thousand times before rising a champion.”

“Garrick Faulkner, you are not the same person I met four months ago, you have grown.”

“By the will of the light watching over us all, I hope to continue to do so Ashmadiel.” Gryphon stood up the sword turned back from a spike to a bracer on his left forearm. After watching the night pass for an hour he flew off to other horizons.

Scrawled into the side of the utility box:

Hey “P”,
All of my secrets are out in the open.
Big changes are coming and
I realize we both need to grow.
You may never see or read this,
but I am letting go for now.
I’m trusting in my faith that if
we are meant to be together.
The universe will find a way,
as it did with the church next
to my home.
Be happy wherever you are.
Goodbye “P”

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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Three-Way Call

Three-Way Call

March 27th, 2024 – Wednesday

Arcadia had been whisked away that same night Gryphon blew up. After she and Geist returned with her to Spirit Enterprises. Miss Amazing saw the five female cops of the C.S.P.D. and its director arrive to take Arcadia into political asylum.

March 28th, 2024 – Thursday

Katherine realized she’d just be worried about Gryphon and not resting if she went back right now. She needed a few hours of sleep herself. She was sick of school getting in the way of being with him so she found the nearest place for GED testing next to Spirit and asked Richard if she could steal a couch on a floor for a day. After explaining what she wanted to do he agreed and made sure a receptionist was on her floor to get her anything she might need.

Trying to keep up with Garrick even before he became a super was rough on people. But trying to keep up with him after finding out he “only” needed three hours of sleep a day if he was not transformed and when he was transformed he didn’t need it AT ALL! For a mere three seconds she was happy about him having other women to tire out.

He rarely asked anything of anyone. She was his first intimate encounter with a women and his first girlfriend. Constance and Ameera made up his second and third girlfriends. She wondered periodically if he dated everyone because he couldn’t seal the deal with Pasty Palmer. Ameera said no, that she had directly asked about that very thing. He told her it might have taken him longer but he would likely have ended up at the same juncture.

She had gotten a text from Constance on the three-way chat that Garrick had been back to work the following morning! He maybe had three hours of sleep and she could still see him moving around hiding the 3rd degree burns under his clothing! Ameera was the most easy going and she surprised everyone with ‘SONOFAB***H’ as her reply. Everyone seemed surprised when he put in for vacation time till after his move to Jenga Tower. Katherine had only communicated via text with him since she saw him last in the secret base after he nearly blew up! This morning he had dropped off two of her favorite drinks from the Vault Coffee Shop. She was mad briefly at the receptionist Richard had assigned to this floor for not letting her know. Then she read the note he left:

Miss Amazing,
Would you please forgive my meager attempt to ease the heroic work you are doing shepherding a young woman. Going through loosing her life as she knew it and culture shock of an antitheses-like society she can’t help to live in now. It has been said on this world that women are stuck between a man’s past and a man’s future. Arcadia’s rage is well founded in our suffragist movements. While women legally have the same rights as men. I feel men have only gotten better at smearing their advances from the shadows.

For me it is hard to not go back and look at how I treat the women in my life gracious enough to put up with me. I’ve been trying very hard to make sure you had the resources at your disposal to stand on your own. That work continues even today because I never want you to think you need to depend on me. I want you to know you can take care of yourself in every way. Therefore you’re with me because it’s your wish to do so and not your need to do so.

As of this letter I am down to only 1st degree burns and I suspect will be healed completely by noon or 1 PM. I got you two of the coffees you like from the Vault. I made some street tacos for you. I hope knowing you’re inspiring to me, the coffee, and food will help get you through the day. Oh I got the coffee in my hero outfit just for fun and to let people see how fast I can heal. My wish is that it gives people a renewed sense of hope that their heroes can recover for them.

Always working at being worthy of you.



P.S. I begged the receptionist not to tell you until I left because if I saw those baby blue eyes and hair I wouldn’t want to leave. XOXOXOX

Katherine apologized to the receptionist and he nodded, “It’s okay ma’am it was clear he was into you. If I may be so bold I’d lock that one down. If you don’t I will.” He laughed but she could tell by his eyes the stories of Garrick getting hit on by men from Constance were obviously very real!

March 28th, 2024 – Thursday: Lunchtime

She had been chatting and everyone made time to video chat on the Discord server Constance got for them. When everyone got online Constance remarked, “Kat, is that the skyline of the Hill behind you? Where are you?”

“I slept on the couch here at Spirit. It’s super close to the midtown location for the GED test location. I’m heading over to the GED place today to finish off high school and start college, again, in the summer.”

“That’s wonderful of you, but does that mean you haven’t seen our handsome, frustrating boy scout?”

[Everyone laughed, somewhere Garrick felt a chill go down his spine]

“He stopped by this morning and brought coffee and food,” and she held up the note for them to read, “he couldn’t have processed what it means to nearly die.”

“Tell me about it! I have not been able to get that image out of my head! We were there trying to leave the area when one of his teammates screamed the robots were going to explode!”

Constance picked up at the pause from Ameera, “Yes, we turned around briefly to gauge our distance when he flew over the building and grabbed the tentacle arm of one of the only two we could see left. He shouted, “This is what we signed up to do!” and then up, up, and away!”

“Next, KABOOM! It was like the sun had turned on at 3 AM!”

“We both thought we had just watched him die! My body was still walking and I ran into a light pole,” Constance rubs the light bruise on her head.

“When it cleared another flying teammate of his that took care of the other robot flew over to him. They used this faint blue glowing energy to grab his listing body from floating the air and fly away. Constance’s brother showed up and was keeping us calm until @NorwoodKnights retweeted @GryphonKnight saying ‘Oww’ so we knew he wasn’t dead.”

Katherine nodded, “I saw him at the base and all you had to do was Google victims of fire damage to understand what he looked like. The one that brought him in said he undressed himself! He got to see the miraculous glow of healing energy burst over him twice before I showed up to see his active healing still working on his burns and bruises.”

“So this is what it must be like to date a cop or soldier on active duty,” Constance asked in general wonder?

“I don’t know for certain but it does ring of similarities for sure.”

“How do we tell handsome to please slow down?”

Constance pulls her phone out in front of the other two and puts it on speaker showing its calling someone called “Honey.” When the other girls arch an eyebrow she says, its their word for each other. Ameera mentioned she and Garrick use Handsome and Sweetie. Kat looked shy and mentioned Garr-bear and Kitty-Kat. Before Constance could laugh Garrick answered, “Hey Honey, I swear I am not working on work.”

Constance furrowed her brow, “So if you’re not working on Mallic, Faulkner, or M.F.T. stuff, what are you working on? Why can I here all those people in the background?”

“Well, I got coffee this morning for Kat, I stopped by Ameera’s Dance Studio and installed a small zen garden on the rear patio for helping with meditation. It’s only a foot by 3 feet. I can’t wait for her to see it, she’s been wanting one for awhile and I ordered the rocks from the bunny island in Japan where she spent some time as an exchange student. Then I bought a bunch of old motherboards and I’m working on an art installation piece that may still not be done soon. Sorry about that but when people stand about 15 feet back the objects should resemble your face. I was inspired by your framed, motherboard art and wanted to show you how much I appreciated you letting me nerd out when I come over. Now to answer your other question I am in Norwood at the 72nd CSPD Precinct Station.”

Everyone’s eyes when wide from the lovely doe-eyed looks they had hearing him describe the ways he tries to make them feel special as Constance exclaimed, “WHAT? WHY?”

“Well, I did mentioned it to some of the cops at Granny’s house and they gave me the names of the people I needed to speak with to set up me coming to work with the police for 24 hours on the 31st or this coming Sunday. I’ve been leaving messages but this was the first time I got a chance to meet with the 72nd Precinct Captain, south portion of Norwood. The District Chief and the Brisby Borough Commandant that reports to Director Balisong. I tried to tell Kat more that night but got interrupted a few times by things. Now she’s being a sweet friend to the foster girl from out of town.”

“Garri… Gryphon, do you actually know what it means to take it easy?”

“I’ve been over this with you what six, seven times now. No I don’t how to take it easy but I feel right as rain within the last half hour or so. If you want to give someone a hard time call your brother.” Everyone was surprised he snapped at Constance. She muted the phone and mentioned she really gives him a hard time about resting. “Wait, I’m sorry, all three of you keep asking this and my answer has not changed. I don’t know what you want me to infer from this so just set something up and surprise me. Constance, I could use your help on another matter though?”

Katherine wondered if knowing her longer made asking for help easier on Garrick? Constance replied, “Sure honey, I’m sorry to I just worry about you. We all worry and seeing you blow up has not helped that sense of worry. Okay, what can I do for you?”

“Can you find out what birthday Kat wants to use now? I hope she told you how she got her, umm, ‘special talents’ made her younger. She never told me what her original birthday was and I just assume she wants to forget it and that old life. I am planning something for her and I wanted to know when her ‘new’ birthday was going be now. Maybe this surprise will line up and maybe not? Please don’t tell her about the surprise. I’m sure she reads my mind all the time given how bad her ex was so its hard to keep it a secret around her. I’m always filling my head with random thoughts to try and throw her off. She’s going to be so surprised, well, I hope so at least.”

At first she was momentarily annoyed by the assumption that she always reads his mind, but then Kat was blushing and seemed to really not know glancing at the two on her screen as Constance said, “Sure honey, I have ways of making her talk. I got your back.”

Garrick thanked her and then said he had to go it was time for the meeting. He blew a kiss into the phone and hung up.

Ameera asked, “Kat, do you really scan his mind that much?”

Katherine carefully controlled her response, “I don’t know how he got that in his head. My ex-husband was a cheating douchebag and quite the liar. Garr-bear is none of those things.” Collectively, Constance and Ameera let out an ‘aww’ when she called him Garr-bear. “Now two can play at this relaxing game. After we get moved into the new house, I think we can schedule another ‘special’ night like the one after Papa Zombie.”

[Everyone nodded in agreement]

Ameera asked, “Question. We know he’s a workaholic. We know he loves helping people since I have been going to the Giving Tree to spending more time with him. They think I’m his only girlfriend, and to be fair it’s easier to let them believe what they want.” More nodding as she continued, “If Kat can keep us in the loop why don’t we start planning group relaxation times a few times a month and just kidnap him? Although, I am still super excited by another party night and the three of us going to buy lingerie together!”

Kat said it sounded like a good plan and she’d think about how to make it work. Right now each of them had to talk with Garrick when they can fit it in so he knows they’re not happy about how much he’s pushing himself. Ameera mentioned that he might react a bit odd if he’s not processed coming that close to death, the relaxing is so he can process those emotions which could be very hard on him. Everyone realized he may not be thinking of himself right now to avoid dealing with how he feels about it. Katherine wondered quietly how much of that was his sword’s doing. Was he even acting on his own accord?

The video call ended and Kat went to thank Richard and ask if he could arrange another ride to the testing center for the GED?

2nd Genius Lost

2nd Genius Lost

March 27th, 2024 – Wednesday: 2:30 AM

Gryphon stood there in Jake’s garage holding possibly the youngest empress of the six that presided over the galactic Atorian Empire. Arcadia, is how her name came out in English. Gryphon held her as she struggled slightly hearing the sounds of an explosion on the display setup connected to a rather impressive and possibly alien tech telescope, showing the brief flash in the night sky. The sound was brief and replaced by shrieking of Granny2Good calling out for her brother. Realizing he just sacrificed himself to effectively wipe out a third of the Atorian leadership.

Arcadia, or her old life as Empress Arcadia, was now dead. She’d been deemed a traitor by either an older sister, aunt or mother that had arrived in the final moments. That family member was now dying in an explosion of her ship and the one the other empress had arrived upon looking for her. Gryphon felt she didn’t need to have that visual remembering how seeing his father Cuthbert die in front of him as he tried to call for help and render aid at a similar teen age. While Ashmadiel had, he hoped, temporarily stripped him of his powers of flight until he could learn to trust his teammates more. He still possessed his strength which was sufficient to hold her with a single arm while he called Ameera.

Ameera sounded concerned when she answered the phone, “Handsome, I was so worried, the center said you had dropped off the food and headed back to work. I stayed and helped Ramona serve dinner hoping you might show up. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, we lost a hero today. Saved a girl from prison on another planet, and I’m still processing right now. I will call you back when time permits later but hero work is what it is.”

Ameera what stunned by the mention of a death but steeled herself about her response, “Tell Miss Amazing to be safe as well and I’ll pray for you both.”

“I will, bye bye,” he hit the button to end the call and slid the phone away. Ameera at least knew that Katherine was not the one that died given his response. She called Constance to let her know she’d been in touch with Gryphon but someone near him on their team other than Katherine had died tonight. Gryphon knew the range was really impressive on the comm units and he tapped unit in his ear calling shorty. Since Shorty #5 was the one in the suit he was the one with the comm unit as well.

“Shorty, we’ll need to talk about what I wrote you, Jake sacrificed himself to save us and quite possibly the galaxy. Jake is dead. Yes, again.” Garrick told him to stay put and we’d be back soon. CLICK. Shorty #5 could hear G2G screaming and sobbing in the background. All this power and we couldn’t save him. Gryphon knew as Garrick that Jake had just given him and Mallic Robotics a new shot at life he couldn’t have hoped for. The Hideyoshi Motors account was saved in the long run.

Through his most recent adventure he’d learned that Patsy was still on this world for some reason? Without Jake’s gun he’d have to invent and inter-dimensional gateway to get her home. Why on the various Earth’s did she stay? Surely, the Wayfarer, would have been able to get her home by now. It couldn’t be because of himself, and then he was brought out of his thoughts.

The teenage Arcadia, with her triple mohawks and tattooed head was shaking. In, Atorian, he said, “It’s going to be all right. It’s going to be all right. It’s going to be all right. Hush, little baby, don’t say a word. Granny’s gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won’t sing,
Granny’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Granny’s gonna buy you a looking glass

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Granny’s gonna buy you a billy goat

And if that billy goat won’t pull,
Granny’s gonna buy you a cart and bull

And if that cart and bull turn over,
Granny’s gonna buy you a dog named Rover

And if that dog named Rover won’t bark
Granny’s gonna buy you a horse and cart

And if that horse and cart fall down,
You’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town.”

Garrick was hoping this would pull Granny out of her grief to help the now stranded and presumed dead, former Atorian empress. Garrick knew he had to honor Jake’s sacrifice. There was no doubt he had “haters” and people that would be willing to do him harm. However, he had to get details in place first to protect everyone else he cared about. He had to visit Amanda and find out where his new office was at CF Robotics was as CEO. The name would change but the house must be put in order first. Science would happen, humanity would have the means to become part of the galactic narrative after all.

He bowed his head for a moment in prayer, thankful in these interesting times he was not alone.

In his head, Garrick suddenly heard Ashmadiel say quietly, with pride, “Remember this feeling. You are never alone.” Garrick began floating then, his power of flight restored.

Reader Note: I don’t know where the lyrics for the lullaby originate.

The Scientist And The Swordsman

The Scientist And The Swordsman

March 24th, 2024 – Sunday

Jake had mentioned needing three days in our world to prep a way to stop the Atorians in the dimension Gryphon called Earth Three. Everyone came home in the first few hours of the 24th of March, 2024. Jake tapped Gryphon on the arm and said he wanted to talk on Monday when his work had a window. Gryphon nodded, saying he’d be available, he bid Granny2Good thank you for the lovely dinner. He then said his goodbye’s to all present, asked Katherine for her hand, transforming back to Garrick. Both of them heading for his truck to proceed home.

Katherine was quiet watching him drive on the way back to their home. He sat in the truck after their arrival and just whispered, “Dad, how would you make this right? I’m stumped!” He never even noticed Katherine go and come back with a mug of coffee that had the Transformer’s Autobot symbol on it. Shorty #5 knew something was up when Katherine asked him to find Garrick’s favorite coffee cup. He got the quick rundown about the other, slightly ahead, dimension that revealed something really screwing with Garrick’s psyche right now.

What had bothered Katherine the most was seeing the Gryphon taken down when he heard Mallic Robotics had gone under. She was worried for him and putting her concern about Patsy still being in this dimension on hold. When he finally laid down to sleep she could sense Ashmadiel whispering soothing things inside his head. The sword kept telling him to rely on his friends for aid and support. That they were partners and that means not letting the other down when things get rough.

When he woke up it was almost noon! He heard Constance say, “Katherine, he’s opening his eyes, let Ameera know she’s getting a new pot ready.” “On it,” Garrick heard Katherine reply.

Realizing he was half dressed, Garrick understood how awkward Patsy must have felt when she found out she’d been saved again. It was only a few seconds and he was FULLY awake! The woman he was worried most about leaned into view, “Honey, I love you, and Katherine gave me the rundown about you both going to another dimension! Tell me about what happened to us there after you eat something.” Garrick sits up to food and tea from Ameera. Katherine and Ameera sit and listen to his recounting of Miss Amazing’s and the Gryphon’s trip! Including the rundown of what 6 months in the future does to Mallic Robotics at news from that Geist of Earth Three. Garrick is careful to use “Hero identities” for Ameera and Constance’s benefit. Constance is troubled by the news regarding Earth Three’s Blake Masters. She kisses Garrick on the cheek as Ameera explains she told the Norwood Knights that today was dealing with personal issues.

Brandon arrived about 30 minutes after Constance calls him. Garrick gives him the thumb drive saying he knows these files are named identically to the naming conventions we use in this dimension. Brandon thanks him and said Constance made him a small script to check the names for matches and then to verify if anything had been copied to an external drive. Brandon thanks him for looking out for the company, him, and his sister. When he thinks everyone is busy he leans in, “Buddy, I don’t know what super powers you have but, Wow! oooOOOWWWWW!”

Constance is small next to her brother and hasn’t yanked his ear in a long time, “Brandon, don’t you have a company to save from corporate espionage thanks to Garrick? Besides the fact that the people with the information were trying to prevent another Alpha Prime moment. They also have a follow up meeting with him on Monday, so he’ll be off that day to make sure he doesn’t miss it. Oh, and brother, dear, you might want to take notes to avoid a third ex-Mrs. Mallic,” Brandon nodded as Constance let go of his ear, “Okay, oww. Well, provided Pavek had no part in this someone else is getting a promotion.” Brandon headed off to his office to run the scripts and verify whom was and was not involved.

Once things settle down Constance takes Ameera home and tells Garrick she’ll see him at 10 PM. Katherine sees him behaving more upbeat and asks him how he’s feeling. “Well, about average, Ashmadiel has been great about about reminding me I’m not alone anymore. All of you have been great about making sure there was a way through the fire I saw my life turning into once again. You were able to brace others for news that would wreck some people. Constance, is the best crisis manager I have ever known. Ameera has this soothing aura around her wherever she goes and I think Ethel and her must know the same stuff about teas. I forgot to thank you this morning for bringing me coffee, and being sweet enough to do so in a Autobot mug.” Katherine made a mental note Shorty #5 got one free pass in the future for something dumb because of his help.

When Garrick asked her what she wanted to do she paused and asked if he wanted to watch the Wonder Woman movie? Then she’d watch Transformers with him, he could even invite Shorty for the Transformer stuff. She watched him perk up and run down stair to tell Shorty #5. She smiles because it was the first night they really hung out like a family. Garrick even showed Shorty #5 how to toss pizza dough, make a mess, and do it two more times till they got it right. At 9:30 PM Garrick watched him go back down stairs with the last two slices and hit the next raid online. She finally understood his obsession with the Optimus Prime voice even if it was still weird. After he left she sent a text to Geist that Gryphon seemed better having rested. She sent another text to Constance he was on his way and just let her know he got there in one piece. She looked up about 20 minutes later to see the confirmation from Constance.

Constance, met him at the door in a long silk robe. She had him change into one and told him tonight they were going to relax and he was going to get rewarded for saving all her hard work from being used against them. Then she grabbed his chin, “So help me if I wake up alone tomorrow…” never finishing the sentence but kissing him.

March 25th, 2024 – Monday

Brandon fires Blake Masters first thing Monday morning after finding evidence that he transferred files from their system to an external device. Blake’s firing is loud and the police are brought in to escort him off the premises. Brandon opts to not press charges though, he creates a little power point presentation about corporate espionage and sends it out to the company. Everyone is required to click the link at the end acknowledging watching it. Constance and Garrick know that he had been planning on doing that until Garrick got back with the bombshell from his meeting with Jake.

When the Scientist and the Swordsman met at lunch time. Jake looked like what Garrick used to on the film sets. However, there was one noted missing aroma, the stench of various alcohols! The smell of coffee came from the flask this when Jake would partake. Jake explain the initials were a deliberate attempt to make Garrick think of his dad. While Jake didn’t know him he did admire how much he pushed science and therefore the collective intelligence of the human race. Garrick had become distracted from that goal by events in his life and he was here to offer him a top position next to Amanda Surges and Starbucks Guy!

He produced a document about excepting the position and Garrick mentioned he had not expected this direction! Jake had one goal, to get Garrick back to working on science and pushing the boundaries once more. Garrick was excited but loyal to the people who gave him his second chance when he needed it most. He hand wrote the addendum on the back of Jake’s copy and his. Jake and he both signed each one, stating Garrick would turn in his two weeks when there was an offer to buyout Mallic on the table. Later, Garrick made sure that part of the video had a copy off line stashed where he kept various other recordings. Jake explained using the Starbucks Guy to make sales they had managed to snag Mallic’s largest account. He was hoping this could be leverage that might make them amenable to the buyout. Garrick mentioned that by absorbing Mallic they could get the already up and running factory which would expand at the start of next month when he moved out. Jake told him when he came on board he could change the name to what he wanted.

  • Amanda would be the VP of Operations
  • Starbucks Guy would become VP of Sales
    • Brandon would work under him as a Director of Sales.
  • Jake mentioned wanting to replace the current H.R. employee because of outbursts. They both laughed but Constance could either work with Garrick or fill that role.
  • Garrick would be Director of Innovation and R&D.
    • In the event of Jake’s passing the title of CEO would pass to Garrick.

Garrick signed both contract copies and that point and so did Jake.

Constance listened to his proposal and watched him get passionate about how this merger could help in the long run, Mallic/Faulkner Robotics. When she brought up Garrick just went from wanting to divorce himself from Mallic to wanting to be a partner. He mentioned he was trying to make sure in the longterm survivability of the company and still help as the hero: Gryphon. Constance watched Garrick get passionate about trying to convince her – did he really not realize how seductive he was being?  She tried to distance herself from that by playfully chiding him about it, asking if now was really the best time for that? She’s deep in thought about what this means for them and how this could work. Mallic is still working to expand into the full building before the move begins on the 1st. She’d have to talk with her brother of course, but this has potential and she can see it working out.

In the afternoon on Monday, Constance finds out that Hideyoshi Motors decided to go with “Mallic’s cheaper competitor. It’s nothing personal.” Manufacturing Hideyoshi’s robotic parts was a large percentage of the manufacturing Mallic performed, and while losing it wouldn’t drive them out of business it would be a loss that is felt. Of course, this comes as no big surprise based on everything Garrick learned recently. Constance notes as she heads off to discuss the proposal with Brandon that they would not loose anything if they went with Garrick’s offer. When she mentioned this conversation might take time. Garrick said he needed to talk with precinct captain in Norwood as Gryphon about his 24-hr crime fighting marathon on the end of the month. They decided to make it up to each other tomorrow with lunch together before heading their separate ways.

Century Station Historical Fighting Association

Century Station Historical Fighting Association

February 27th, 2024 – Tuesday 8 PM

Ameera surprised Garrick and Ramona having a discussions about one of the Church of the Reflectionist sermons. Ameera watched him trying to not be charming and failing, hard! She walked up and surprised him by taking his arm and kissing him on the cheek, “Hello handsome! I thought I’d surprise you since you donate so much of your time here. I thought it might be fun to help you at something you’re so passionate about.”

“Oh, this is great! Do I finally get to meet the reason I can’t get you to show up on Thursdays? Hi there, I’m Ramona De La Cova.”

Garrick was still reeling a bit from the surprise as Ameera shook Ramona’s outstretched hand, “Ameera Von Schöne, it’s a pleasure to meet you Ramona, did I hear you trying to get my sweetheart to church?”

“Yes, do you attend a church?”

“Only if they accept multi-denominational and LGBTQ members. I have to many friends that fall into one those often marginalized groups. If God is purported to love everyone, then God loves everyone. The idea that a human can decide whom God loves is the true heretical notion.”

Garrick was surprised at such an answer but asked them both, “Honey, why don’t you and Ramona have a chat while I finish these dishes and then we can go home?”

Ameera kissed him and turned to Ramona, “If the Church of the Reflectionist is that open minded then let’s leave this handsome, hunk of man,” she smacked his ass hard, but found him unmoved and unflinching from the blow, “to his task.” Ramona nodded and off the two of them went into the main room. He saw Ameera again a bit after 9 PM and she helped him finish the last few dishes and put everything away. The Giving Tree couldn’t adjust its dinner time back 30 minutes to accommodate Garrick’s schedule changes so he worked extra hard when he showed up to make up for it. With her help he was ready to go at 9:18 PM. “She’s passionate about healing and prayer. I think it would be good if we go at least once. Then decide with an educated opinion rather than with superstition.”

“I’ll think about it, but that is time I’m trying to spend with Shorty while he’s still young an impressionable.”

Ameera nodded, “Talk with him about it and we can all go together. We could get ice cream afterwards.” Garrick nods and remarks he does love ice cream.

Ameera lived in a two story town-home situated above her dance studio on the coastal side of Xenophan. Half of her second floor was a shrine dedicated to Buddhism. Ameera explained that in learning dance she found yoga to be her main form of exercise. These were things she got to study abroad in high school and her early college. She ran across Buddhism in her travels and began to follow its teachings as much as possible. She became enthralled with eastern traditions and their sense of mysticism. Tantric Yoga was something she dearly wanted to teach Garrick. They talk and Ameera began to include experiments for him to do while they discussed things. Soon she realized relaxing Garrick was as simple as giving him a task, any task. The more he had to learn about a task the happier his face would light up.

When she found her special Rubik’s Cube that had 5 by 5 squares per side, Garrick solved it in 23 minutes! She talked to him about his feelings regarding undoing the mess that the cube was in. Then she moved on to his work, his past as a scientist, and finally to being a hero. The trend was his fear of his sister promoting a love of work because he could help people without them hating him. Even though its been nearly two decades she still bears him ill intent and he still is just happy she’s alive. As she learned about him becoming a super powered individual she began to clearly see why the sword picked him. She had an epiphany about the person he had to meet.

Their talk went on till 1:30 AM on the 28th. She mentioned that they had to skip his workout in the morning to go see a friend of hers that would be holding a free class at Copernicus University in the morning. He agreed and she asked if he wanted to sleep or stay up? Garrick revealed that as his bond grew with the sword he now only required 3 hours of sleep in his non-super body. When he was transformed now he just didn’t fatigue, sleep was not required! Awed, but she nodded and said she needed some sleep and if he’d honor her by sharing her bed. As he began to get undressed she paused him at his underwear, “You need to think about and dream process what we talked about today. Sex would only cloud your mind right now. We can revisit this pleasurable thought though in the afternoon as the sun sets. Now come and lay down and let me hold you. Feel my heart beating against you and dream about what relaxes you. What you want from work, life, and the heroic persona you share with the sword.”

February 28th, 2024 – Wednesday 6:06 AM

They arrived on campus and Garrick had been transformed per Ameera’s request but wearing his Copernicus orange hoodie and black with orange lettering sweats. This was the day Garrick met Tyrone Nitobe, half African-American and half Japanese-American, practitioner of the ancient forms of martial combat. Tyrone was only 5 feet 2 inches tall and yet he was instructing a class with a commanding presence in the open quad on campus. There was a banner blowing in the breeze. The C.S.H.F.A. was showing off Polish saber techniques this morning. Garrick got so excited when he tried to get a little closer he stopped when everyone turned and stared at him!

He was floating about four to six inches off the ground and Ameera lightly, and ever so briefly face palmed. Gryphon looked sheepish once again,”Sorry,” he landed, “please continue I did not mean to interrupt, very sorry!” Tyrone had another student take over as he came to visit the powered individual his wife’s friend had brought to his class. Garrick felt like he just had a very benign version of a #CavalryMoment just then.

“Greetings sir, I am Tyrone Nitobe. Ameera, darling Aiko will love knowing you stopped by. Well, since your friend here has ruined whatever disguise he was shooting for. To whom do we have the pleasure of meeting?” He made a gesture back to his class.

Gryphon nodded, “Well, Master Nitobe, I’m known as the Gryphon.”

“Ahh! Yes, I saw you on a news bite regarding the Papa Zombie take down! Jake Thompson really did well on that one indeed. So, what can I do for a member of S.A.V.I.O.R.?”

Gryphon stepped back and made sure the area around him was clear before he summoned Ashmadiel. “Master Nitobe, Could you help me become a better fighter with this?” The class continued but at least a couple students became distracted at the spectacle.

“I will need to hold it for a few minutes if you would be so kind,” Tyrone stretched out his palm open as though “no” was not an answer he expected to hear. Gryphon closed his eyes for a brief second and then smiled and presented the sword to him. Tyrone put the sword through a number of drills. More of the students began to stop their practice and watch, instead. More than one of them wished at that moment they were allowed to have their phones on them so they could capture this strange sight! But Tyrone’s rules were strict about that sort of thing here. Tyrone turned to Gryphon after a 5 min routine, “Would you be willing to give me a demonstration of your martial skill? I need to see where you’re at if I am to decide ‘HOW’ I could train or teach you. Gina,” he called out to one of the gaping students. “Please go grab my sword.”

Gryphon took the sword back that was offered to him. The student who was sent away, Gina, returned quickly with the requested weapon. She handed it to Tyrone and quickly backed away, blushing as she noticed Garrick looking at her. Ameera sighed inwardly. “Don’t hold back,” Tyrone told Garrick. With both combatants ready, Gryphon nodded and for three minutes he tried to land a hit on Tyrone and was parried, dodged, and even grazed once! All the students had stopped to watch this impressive display by their master. The match ended with Master Nitobe knocking Gryphon down with a leg sweep by his sword. He helped Gryphon up and he realized that he never mocked Gryphon but was polite, he was benevolent and not cruel, he was swift of action! He even managed to avoid Gryphon trying to use his flying speed at one point in the fight.

To Gryphon’s credit while very frustrated he now really wanted to learn from Tyrone Nitobe. The students noticed that the Gryphon was healing from the wounds, bumps, and the scrape. Then Master Nitobe said to him, “I will take you on as my student. The lessons will be private until we can find a training sword you won’t break.” It was clear now how much his sword had been beat up in this duel with Gryphon.

Tyrone turned to Ameera and said, “Continue cardio and isometric conditioning with him. I will build on those fundamentals.” Looking back at Garrick he continued, “You will ultimately be responsible for your power in your body. When I feel you are ready I may let you train with the class. But not until then. Do you accept?”

“Yes sir, thank you for your help.”

“Here’s my card, now I have to get back to my students. We’ll talk soon, Gryphon, have a good morning.” Gryphon bowed and his bow was returned. The break ended as everyone got back to their routines. On the way back to her home Ameera mentioned he’d want to learn all the sword katas he could. It would allow him to relax with moving meditation. He kissed her and smiled as he dropped her off and headed in to work.

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Frauen von Gryphon

Frauen von Gryphon

February 23rd, 2024 – Friday 3:37 AM

Katherine sat there looking at Garrick sleep. He needed to develop some skill with tact and timing but what she knew for a fact was she’d always have the truth. Unlike her last husband, Steven Woods, she was beginning to understand Garrick. She was nearly over mourning about what was and what was not to be. Like Steven her life with just Garrick was not going to happen. She stroked his brow when he tensed up and reach out to see what nightmare was plaguing him now. He was dreaming about Brandon Mallic, his boss, trying to kill him for agreeing to date Constance Mallic, Brandon’s sister.

When Garrick had returned home from his dinner with Constance it was almost midnight. She teased him saying, “I almost thought you’d picked up another girlfriend.” It was the shocked look on his face and the reply, “I was very upfront about you and Ameera. What are the odds of finding three women interested in me, much less me and polyamory? I swear to you, read my mind! I had no intention of going there to get another girlfriend! I wore this jacket because I lost a bet!” Katherine saw how panicked he was and they sat on the floor holding hands as she rooted through his brain for an hour! With probing questions and mimicking his seduction skill to get him spill his thoughts and think about what she wanted him to think about. She stopped after watching their first kiss and her making him leave before anything else happened. The fact that she wanted to make a good first impression was important to her, based on how Garrick remembered the events. She’d even extracted a commitment to make sure the other women in his life were taken care of. This lady was in for the long haul.

Katherine had made up her mind to make it work, but if this Mavis thought she was going to get in so quickly she had another thing coming. She sent Garrick a text:

I’ll reach out to Constance sometime today, but don’t peg me for details. Also, if you do this again within at least a few months the three of us will string you up. ? ??? Kissyface! Now please stop for awhile, and smell the roses ??? you got Garr-bear! ??? To remind you how much I love you, Constance, would be invited to the next event like last Monday night.

February 23rd, 2024 – Friday 1:38 PM

After a few text messages going through introductions and finding out Constance was getting ready to headed over to take her first class at Ameera’s dance studio.


Hi there, Constance.

Hello, Miss Amazing right? I’ve seen some videos of you and Gryphon in action. Thank you for keeping him safe. He means the world to me as I know he does to you.

I agreed to reach out after reading Gryphon’s mind about your dinner. It looks like you’ve been after him for sometime. Are you sure you want to share him?

After what he’s been through in lockup he isn’t going to look at anything in ways we would expect. I’m sure all three of us would to some degree fantasize about having such a caring and giving man to themselves. That just isn’t him though.

Tell me about it, one thing I made clear though was no one else after you for awhile. I’m doing my best to keep up because it’s all new for me as well.

Oh, I could share stories about trying to keep up with him in California, damn workaholic.

I know, right!

[Both women laugh]

Please help me with one thing regardless of your decision after we meet.

Sure, what?

Try to get him to rest more, he told me about his healing power giving him the ability to get 6 hours of sleep in 2!

Oh, but did he mention that if he changes back to soon the damage does not proportionately adjust to his normal body? He nearly bled out on me one night and just said “woops!” when he barely managed to change back!

Good grief I would’ve been a wreck if I had to see that! If you’d like I could go smack him for you?

Katherine thought long and hard and said, Just tell him you know about the blood in the shower night. Then smack him kinda nice and remind him we all talk to each other because he is big on communication and being on the same page.

Consider it done.

Tell, Ameera when you see her I think you’re cool. Oh, and Ameera gets him Tuesday night after his Giving Tree work until patrol on Wednesday night baring hero work.

Okay, maybe we could all meet and work out a day for myself, perhaps?

Sure, let’s meet at the Norwood Knights house, 42 Wallaby Way. Sunday, about 11:30 AM. When we all get there I’ll share my name with you to prevent lover boy from accidentally doing it.

[Both women laugh]

Has that happened before?

One member of our team accidentally called The Gryphon in a drugged stupor and used his real name with Ameera when she answered his phone. She’s kept the secret though.

Good to know.

Also, my email is simply.amazing @leapkick.net in case you need to send me anything. It’s encrypted and goes to my phone so nothing to worry about there.

Thank you Miss Amazing and I’ll see you this weekend!

You’re welcome Constance. I think this is going to work, see you then.

Okay, bye.


Maybe,” Katherine thought to herself as she hung up, “If I keep saying that, I’ll eventually believe it.


February 24th, 2024 – Saturday 9:00 AM

Paperwork signed between Brandon and Garrick on Friday. With copies off to each of their lawyers regarding Garrick turning over the last third of the building on April 5th, and money would be transferred on March 30th as a second payment since that third of the building was its own account on all city utilities. Garrick was pre-approved to look for properties not exceed $610,000 in value. With a realtor hand picked by Janosh. Calls were made to try and purchase 42 Wallaby Way as a rental property and just assume the lease to the tenants of the property with no changes to them. More inquiries were made into the acquisition of the Zericho Wax Museum.

However, today was interesting for Katherine. She was wondering why she had to pick the house out if she wasn’t signing on it. She completely trusted him to find a great home for them. She loved that he wanted her opinion but legally she thought it would just be his home. When she voiced this to Garrick over breakfast he paused and nodded, “Allow me to clarify a few things. Your identity needs additional paperwork to help build it clout. This house purchase will also begin to establish you a credit rating. Also, it’s “OUR” home so what makes you think you’re not signing. Besides what is the point in having money if you can’t share it with the people you love. Each of you are special to me, and I will find appropriate things to honor Ameera and Constance with. However, you’re my partner through thick and thin! I’m trying to solidify this new identity of yours with a home in “OUR” names, a starting credit rating, a legal counsel for you to call upon as needed. In June the high school part of your identity will be done or you can just go get a GED now. I just want to give you the life you never had because you’ve blessed me with a love I thought I’d never find.”

She got up out of her chair came over to Garrick and crawled up into his lap to start kissing him. A lot. After a few minutes passed Garrick told her he needed air. If she would give him that then the new dress he laid out on their bed would probably be welcomed by her. She begrudgingly got off him with mock disappointment to see what he was talking about. The dress was knee length, black wool, and a classic blue leather jacket. It fit her on the first try, he said he had ordered it on Etsy with her measurements from her costume. The jacket was also from an Etsy vintage merchant.

“I have read that every woman loves a black dress and the jacket goes with your hair. Would sure look pretty for house hunting. Besides, the realtor will be here in 40-45 minutes. I have your uniform cleaned and packed in the truck just in case.” Katherine looked so happy because they were doing normal, couple, stuff together. Just the two of them. She may be forced to share him with the other women, but for now he was just all hers. They spent most of Saturday looking for homes in the nice portions of Norwood, Willingham, Xenophan and even one in Retropolis.

They narrowed it down from 16 homes to two choices in Norwood ($215,000 & $295,000), two in Willingham ($287,000 & $328,000), and one in Xenophan ($467,000). The Realtor gave them the paperwork on each and codes to go in for the next 72 hours. He would come back by next Saturday and hopefully they would’ve decided and be ready to make an offer. When Garrick said there would be no payment plan and it would be for the full value of the home in one shot! The realtor said he’d have a great deal more wiggle room in what amount to offer on a cash sale. Garrick thanked him and looked forward to seeing him next Saturday.

Once he was gone Garrick said something that caught Katherine off guard, “I’m wanting to do naughty things with you so much, but…”

“But? But? How is there a “but” to wanting to do things I have been waiting for all day?”

“I have to adult right now. I’ve got to go and get the groceries, house supplies, food for the Giving Tree meals, and a few surprise dishes. Would you be okay going to the store with me before we head home?”

“If it means at least a little more time with you and you alone, then let’s go!” Garrick used his phone to track shopping lists. Checking with the team by texting Richard and Beast if there were any updates. Knowing his Starscream A.I. predicted a Monday completion of the document review he didn’t probe either one to hard for updates. He did let Richard know that April 1st, Would be the last day for anything at his house. Hopefully his plans up could be ready by then or we could rent a warehouse as a back up. He also let Nathaniel know this as well.

February 24th, 2024 – Saturday 10:00 PM

It was just about patrol time and Katherine was changing into her hero outfit when she saw Garrick yawning in the bathroom. He splashed water on his face before saying his phrase that changed him into the Gryphon. Per the radio chatter from the police bands most of their night was spent helping Zeau in Javarta around Copernicus University. S.A.V.I.O.R. was well received in and around the campus, though everyone they saved kept asking if #JakeThompsonLLC was secretly a teacher at the University.

He had done an admirable job fending off requests for #PartyWithTheGryphon from the people they saved. He directed them to reach out to the hashtag #NorwoodKnights on social media as he occasionally hangs out with the people using it and the @NorwoodKnights social media handle. Miss Amazing made sure to warn Ameera their membership may be growing. When they got home and he changed back it was 3:30 AM on the 25th and he said wake him up at 10:30 AM and he fell straight to sleep. She texted Constance that she saw a way this could all work out details at the meeting. Then she went to bed herself setting a multitude of alarms.

February 25th, 2024 – Sunday 10:30 AM

Garrick had a very odd feeling as he woke up from having some very adult dreams. Gryphon's Angels He had been fighting crime with his three girlfriends and then it was the unwind scenario that seemed straight out of a porno trying to have a plot line. When he opened his eyes though Miss Amazing sitting on top of him, wearing her mask and nothing else. She leaned down and kissed him on the ear, “So, stud, what’s it like to wake up to part of your dream? We have 15 minutes and the clock is ticking, so this has to be a quickie. Now, make me believe I’m amazing!”

…15 loud minutes later…

Katherine was bounding out of bed re-energized. Garrick was blushing from head to toe as he got dressed. She loaded his food stuff up into the car. He packed the supplies for the art studies today’s subject matter would entail. She gave him a big kiss and told him she had some things to see to as well today and she’d see him soon enough. Garrick looked so happy as he wished her well and left for 42 Wallaby Way.

The first thing she did was text Shorty #1 and asked him to check with Ethel if she could come by Sunday night for old movies and her lasagna? Then she got in her car and headed over to show up after Garrick. She got back on her group chat and told Ameera she was going to rip the band-aid off today. Monday worked out and it was a great fall back but she needed to know how she’d react when it came time to stay over somewhere. Ameera asked if she had someone to stay with. She said she wanted to have dinner with a new friend, but would Tyra and her meet her at her and Gryphon’s house afterwards and help her through the night? Soon enough she got the reply they’d both be there when she called. Feeling a bit better she headed over to follow Garrick to 42 Wallaby Way.

Constance sent a reply she was wrapping a few things up and would be there about 11:45 AM. When Ameera asked if she had visited that sports apparel store in Xenophan, she sent a “Maybe” and a “?” emoji. Everyone knew she was getting the new red & black high-end Under Armor outfit for meeting Garrick outside of work. When they all finally met up out front of Stefania and Desha’s place on Wallaby Way. Hugs were shared all around. Realizing that Constance and Katherine were the same height at 5’6″ and Ameera was only scantly taller at Garrick’s normal height of 5’8″. Garrick himself was in the back. Antonia and he had set up sketch pads across from one another, drawing each other like dueling artists in a 30 minute warm up challenge.

During this time Katherine shared her name with Constance and laid out her plan. Sunday night and Tuesday night were the only nights Garrick never went out on patrol with her or the team. While she has not discussed this with him yet these are the days she’s willing to share him. Both Constance and her bonded over being new to this style of relationship and Ameera said she would help them with questions and references as much as possible. Katherine’s been reading as much as she can about polyamory being so many styles that it broaches on an ala’carte style dating and marriage. However, she believes that while Garrick liked the group fun from last Monday night it was personal relationships he seemed to gravitate more to. She showed them the note about his affection to her for the surprise orgy after the Papa Zombie take down. Now she was not sure how she was going to react when he didn’t come home but she knew he’d be safe with either Constance or Ameera.

The rule was that when he was with whomever got him on one of those days she’d try to not text or call him unless it was hero work or really important. If they could agree that they’d not call or text during patrol times unless they saw him or S.A.V.I.O.R. on the news. Next rule was he had to stop getting anymore partners for a few months while everyone got use to a new kind of normal. Third, everyone use some form contraception because kids would complicate issues a great deal. The 24 hours would go from 10 PM to 10 PM because that matched up with patrol times. So if Constance was game then Garrick would go home with her tonight and be available to her until 10 PM Monday when he’d start patrol with Miss Amazing. She apologized to Ameera but Tuesday night was his weekly charity at the Giving Tree. It often let out at 11 PM but perhaps it could be arranged to scale it back an hour from 7 PM to 10 PM? If everyone agreed then any other dating outside of this would be communicated so no one felt anyone was cheating by hiding it.

When they were done with their meeting Garrick was painting Tyra in oils & acrylics. She had posed in one of the long pool chairs holding a book in a fake representation of reading it. This was the first time Katherine had watched him around the girls. Stefania took the sandwiches Kat had brought and served them to everyone. At one point she realized Constance was studying him as well.

Katherine asked, “Do you see it too?”

Constance nodded, “He’s smiling and effortlessly charming. It’s ridiculous that he doesn’t realize this.” Garrick yawned again since he wasn’t changed. Stefania brought him some tea and mentioned he had 15 minutes before he had to change models again. Garrick nodded and said he couldn’t wait to meet the new model they had been teasing him about. Katherine looked at Constance, “I doubt he’s going to put up much of a fight about going home with you. You’re about to get your wish to see him rested.”

“Thank you for being so brave and open with him and me. He’s never been over to my home before, I am very excited.”

“Time for us to go and stun him. Have you had any experience being a model? Your outfit looks great by the way.”

Constance looked a little embarassed but nodded after a moment. “Just once. He knows about it.” Then the three of them walked into his view. To say the artist heroically known as the Gryphon was surprised when Katherine, Constance, and Ameera walked out would be an understatement.

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Stefania, May I Have My Pants Back?

Stefania, May I Have My Pants Back?

Friday, February 9th, 2024: 5:30 AM


“Yes, Katherine.”

Trying to contain her laughter, barely, “I was not aware you could fit a neon orange light bulb in your ass.”

With an eye roll and a tossed pillow at her head, “I have no idea why it takes a minimum of a year before the color begins to fade. Besides aren’t you trying to transfer to the big C.U.?”

“Um, maybe, hey handsome look here!”

One distracting boob-flash later and Garrick is the recipient of the return throw of that same pillow. The large table in his room lit up with a picture of Nathaniel indicating a badge swipe. Katherine turns to Garrick, “Odd. Why didn’t your phone get the text alert?” Garrick replied that is setup for only two people. He didn’t let the conversation continue and Kat’s face pouted a bit. She knew who the two people were. She finished changing into her workout clothes she was issued from her high school. As Garrick went downstairs to say hi and then start the street tacos he had prepped in the fridge. One of her favorite sights was watching him cook, he denies it but she notices he hums songs when he does it and she sees him smile.

6:10 AM

Everyone finally arrives, and Garrick was so happy to see Ethel and Katherine taking a moment for some girl talk. Ethel’s workout outfit was a near identical shade of pink to her costume, just with liberal black trim and accents. Garrick joked in his head that if Ethel was 50 years younger he would be and HR violation for his team. Before she headed down from changing she had stopped over at his kitchen island to let Garrick know that Nicholas wasn’t going to be flying anymore, but not to make fun of him for helping to keep a low profile. As she turned to go she saw the second bedroom door was open and noticed a Miss Amazing costumed outfit over a chair. When she looked at Garrick he wiped an eye mentioning he needed to dust tonight. He told her that Patsy had wanted to move out and try and make a place for herself in this world. He had given her the cash to get started and she left in an UberLyft. He currently has no idea where she is. Ethel patted his hand offering condolences and said she’d let him get back to the tacos. Garrick just murmured to himself lost in his thoughts.

When he came down with the tacos Nathaniel and Ethel were doing good cop, bad cop with Carl dressed in a classic chauffeur uniform. Spurned by fear he was telling his mother, Mrs. Angela Mackenzie-Weisman, whom prosecutes Maverick supers for the city, all about their activities! As they continued politely interrogating Carl, the topic of the CEO of Xander Financial Group, Mason Blodgett, came up. The Council of Industry was not happy with Mayor Zardona not towing the line they feel he should for supporting his campaign. It seems Mayor Zardona may not be such the puppet many fear he is for the Council. Carl was able to pass the investigation and eventually the conversation shifted to other topics.

Katherine brought over a piece of paper after she checks the mailbox outside. She’s been taking classes at Everett Community College to help her transition from Waingroh High School straight to Copernicus University so she can go to the same school as Garrick. Nearly everyone knew she used to teach at Copernicus, but after the experiments she’s forced to re-live college admissions on the same monetary stipulations that many high schoolers have. In other words, without a scholarship or a lot of money there is no way for her to afford it. Luckily, having once been a teacher she knew about the scholarships to apply for and what to write to get one that offered a full ride except boarding.

However, taking classes again that she wasn’t fond of the first time, coupled with the same professor that should have retired by now. Garrick wonders if her actual age is 30’s or 40’s and then his next memory causes a dumb smirk on his face and he realizes he doesn’t actually care. She is frustrated that she got a “D” in psychology. She mentions going to take an extra credit for the psychology class at Everett which will bump her grade to the “B -” minimum for the scholarship she’s on. Garrick mentions to Nathan and her his fear regarding the black ops world they both come from and his paranoid concerns regarding this.

Alex thought about joining until Katherine explained that there was no pay involved, just the grade boost. Alex’s grades are doing just great in comparison so this wouldn’t actually benefit him to show up. Alex mentions he’s good with getting coffee and mail at the law firm as part of his paid internship for becoming a private eye. When Garrick offered to let him know if a spot opens up at his work, Jake mentions he having interviews. Shorty #1 perks up at that while the other Shorties assure Garrick they’re happy until Richard finds them homes. When the Internet being shut off is brought up they shudder. Ever since that time their homework has been done and they each do it. Garrick was adamant about making sure they all get the benefits of school. Especially since they rotate which one goes each day.

A few moments later though, he realizes he has a chance to actually talk with Jake about checking his work on a Fusion Reactor. He has his father’s work that wasn’t confiscated and he still has years of data from the fusion reactor in low power mode. If he submits these designs and asks what specifically is the alien components that would have to be re-engineered then perhaps he can honor his father and the Zarovsky family’s faith in his Bio-Dome idea. Jake was enjoying the street tacos Garrick had made, when approached and asked about checking Garrick’s work to make sure the device wasn’t alien he told him that it would be no problem. He asked Garrick if people here on Earth were using USB-C currently? When he got the affirmative response he mentioned he would dig out an adapter and bring it with him on his next visit. Garrick realized he’s seen other dimensions of Earth and been across the galaxy. Rather than even ask about what was currently cutting edge tech on this earth and what he was thinking about Garrick just said thanks, and left him to his meal.

Nathaniel headed over and tries to talk with Katherine whom just finished asking Jake when her phone might be ready. It’s not that she had left it with him, but he was making her a special sim card that would unlock every carrier and she’d never need to worry about paying for it again, ever! However, today she had already realized Garrick has not completely forgotten about Patsy even if he doesn’t talk about her anymore. So when Nathan asked about a meditation session before she left for her extra credit today her face screamed how boring it sounded to her. She loved social media! It allowed her formerly very extroverted self to have an outlet as this new had to keep on the down low at school to make sure the Nursery never found her. She almost blew off Nathan until he mentioned her “D” and the idea of loosing her scholarship snapped her back to the moment and they headed to a quieter section of the mats for their hour long meditation. Garrick was excited to know she was older than him so when he watched her walking away he did not feel guilty when that dumb smirk came back. Shorty #2 tapped him on the leg when he noticed Garrick was starring at her twirling her hair.

The highlight of the workouts this morning was Richard gathering everyone around and announcing at the beginning of the session that there would be a catered party tonight at Garrick’s house followed by a night on the town. He wanted to celebrate all the hard work everyone had been doing and a night out covered by him as the team leader seemed like fun. Everyone was excited to go except Katherine because of her extra credit would take until very late tonight, but she told Garrick in front of everyone that tonight he had a “Hall Pass” for the party. Nicholas was the other one, whom, had fallen behind in grading some of his papers. He told Garrick that he had adjunct work at the college and would pop in to make sure Katherine was fine. This seem to visibly relieve Garrick as everyone began to break into their routines designed by Nathan to help them best work on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and training review from previous work outs.

8:30 AM

Katherine said good bye and headed off in her Smart Fortwo car. Heading into his office after making sure which Shorty had to get a move on to school. He opened his email to find Horace had begun speaking to him again. Saying that they were still friends but he need some more time because he was pretty peeved “Gary” had not trusted him with turning into a superhero first. Garrick wrote him and apologized, promising him all the questions he wanted when he was ready.

His team was asking him once a day about Mavericks in the news if he was “there” or not. Many of the people that spoke to him in the office were from shipping and techs in the lab. Shipping kept joking about when cops would show up to haul him away for doing a good deed. Lab techs kept trying to figure out which Maverick he was.

Blake in marketing still thought of him as a freak that was forcing his private life on everyone at the office. Any person in the office that showed any overt interest in how handsome Gary looked now was reminded by Blake that “it” was just a costume. Gary was still the ugly workhorse he had always been. When Garrick heard that the first time, he was about to walk into the break room. He stopped and turned around going back into his office and went back to work. He hated Blake’s opinion but he was far more worried about what they would think if he retaliated in any way. Besides it was America and he was entitled to his opinion even if Garrick hated it because it reminded him of sister, Adeline.

He stopped leaving his office at that point unless it was requested for a meeting. He kept repeating that it was easier to be hated because no one lies when they hate a person or a thing. Since nearly every aspect of his job could be done remotely over the network he spent the remainder of the day being the invisible person getting things done. His work productivity actually went up significantly and the reports for an entire three days got filled out that afternoon, in near personal isolation.

4:30 PM

Shipping sent an email out to security about a truck pulling in that wasn’t on their list. At the same moment Garrick’s tablet that’s on his network lit up showing Richard had rang his door bell. Garrick buzzes him in and then finds out that the truck is the catering company from Society Hill! Garrick runs over to the shipping area and explains the mix up to the security and warehouse workers. He then finds the driver and gives him instructions to pull in through the other side. He apologizes that his directions were not well worded and the driver nods and heads around. The dock employee asks why he didn’t just pick up the truck and fly it over? Garrick sighs, “Frankly, its easily over a few tons, and I was worried I might hurt someone inside.” With sloped shoulders he heads back and never even sees the shocked look on the dock worker’s face. Surprised that someone with powers cared about hurting someone without them.

Garrick works up a smile he practiced in prison whenever he needed one. Despite being thrilled the day would be over and his work had been caught up till Tuesday deadlines for next week. Just after Garrick gets back Nathan shows up. Garrick begins to direct the sous chef to his kitchen which gets a nod of approval about its functions and utility. The sous chef warns his workers if there are any errors tonight then he’ll be coming back here to have their replacements built. Garrick almost smiles but he can see the cooks and wait staff nod slowly as though this was not a joke. Tells Optimus to let the team run the kitchen manually unless they ask for something. He introduces the sous chef to his A.I. and as he leaves them alone he can see the professional team begin to ramp up the dishes involving very expensive use of wagyu beef, lamb, lobster!

Garrick takes a picture with the cooking staff behind him and send it to Katherine with the caption, “Miss you, dinner looks almost as Amazing as you!” He loved that he finally had a retort to her sexy pictures on Jake’s Atorian Starfighter. He smiled at her reply, “you. ⚰️. ?. ?.” As dinner and dessert was served he sent pictures and got similar replies. It was finally getting his mind off of fearing spies would nab her or think about that asshole, Blake. In between the main course and dessert Richard informed us of Jake being held up trying to get “The Goods” and was likely on another planet. Both Carl and Garrick reacted as nerds are apt to do. Carl thought he got arrested in space and Garrick just wanted to travel to another world. Richard continued by explaining he’d reserved a VIP booth at the Nine Lives Club! Apparently, Richard had been going to the club on his own getting to be known as a high roller to quote the Vegas term. Now he planned on bringing us down for some rest and relaxation. The sous chef left extra meals label: Kat, Shorty #2, Shorty #3, and Short #4 in his fridge per that request.

Ethel allowed Shorty #1 to fly her aircar home and rent a movie from pay-per-view. Which the young clone was excited because it appears that he is beginning to be treated as an adult. He did, however, make sure she had a way home before taking off for a date of the third installment in the Jumanji franchise. Thinking of others is always a good sign of growing up Garrick thought. He also found it interesting this was the first time he had noticed a Shorty wanting to spend time away from his brother clones. That was a good sign they would begin developing their own personalities and identities as individuals.

7:30 PM

Garrick took one final selfie on Richard’s custom, stretched, 2022 model of the Rolls Royce Wraith they were going to ride in to Nine Lives, and was photo-bombed but he just rolled with it and sent the photo. The reply, “UGH! SO BORING, oh ?? have a good time on your hall pass.” Carl did a stellar job driving and getting the door for us curbside half past 7 PM. However, when he showed up three minutes later from parking telling us the club owner gave him Fat Lucca’s parking spot everyone gave him a nod of approval and respect! Garrick had to throw on the charm Alex remembers from the watching him get Ramona’s contact info without appearing to try. He saw Garrick and the bouncer talk about his birthday being next month and making sure he didn’t order any alcohol. They shook on it but when Garrick said they can take the Rolls and leave mentioning the bad experience they had all of a sudden it became Alex’s birthday!

The whole line out side began cheering, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”

Inside the club you could feel the “THUMP THUMP” of the beats in the EDM being played by the DJ on stage with their sound crew. There was a table in one corner on a raised dais with a two step climb and a red velvet curtain that could be drawn for privacy. Richard indicated with a nod and a wave of his hand that was the group’s destination. As we headed over Ethel ran into Snake Person and they caught up for a few minutes before she sauntered over in a shimmering dress. There were a few looks followed by smacks of their dates that Ethel could hear and she smiled. She still had “it” she thought to herself, eff Sharon!

Bottles had already been set up on the table and our nearest bouncer, Greg, also informed the group he would be their personal liaison for anything they needed tonight. Richard mentioned that while he hoped we might be able to check this place out, tonight the group’s primary objective was to have a good time. Granny said something supporting that but with the music Garrick didn’t hear it. Richard headed out to go dancing, Garrick headed off to the bar after seemingly depressing Ethel with his fruit laden vodka order. Garrick didn’t really drink a lot of alcohol since he knew how easy it was to pollute it making it unsafe to drink. However, he did like his drinks sweet if he was going to do that.

Making it to the bar the bartender hands him a ‘White Russian’ and nods in a direction. Garrick looks and one guy runs off, a lovely olive skinned woman that reminds him slightly of Patsy walks away absorbed in a phone call. This was how he met, Thad, a clothing store manager near the stadiums. Garrick began talking to him and after about 30 minutes he realized he had done it, again. He did his best to let Thad down gently but that it was not going to happen. Thad made sure to let him know he’d be waiting if he changed his mind.

Shortly after Thad had broken away he Ethel came up to talk with him. She was nice and checking in on him. She asked him about how he felt about Patsy and Katherine. She got the full run down of why he never made a move. She was the first person to tell him adult choices are rough but being good is not always easy. She saw Garrick think for a second and then smile and Ethel thanked the bartender for refiling their drinks. Garrick nodded and checked his phone but no missed messages from Katherine. Ethel then asked him to think about the hall pass he’d been given because Katherine didn’t have to do that. Nodding again he decided to try and talk with a couple girls before the night ended. Ethel was happy that she’d been able to make him feel a little better and patted his arm before moving on.

Garrick was sipping his drink and realizing that tonight whether or not he was monogamous was irrelevant! Katherine had trusted him to come home to her even after getting as wild as he wanted to go. According to many a relationship website she was a goddamn unicorn! Women like her were not suppose to exist. For some reason she liked him? He was so giddy that even when he saw no messages from her his face had that dumb grin again. Everything began to feel amazing like brighter colors could be seen!

He looked up and saw the lady from earlier that looked like she could be Patsy’s sister. “Oh, please would you like me to move? I didn’t think you were coming back. I’m so sorry about that,” Garrick motioned for her to reclaim the chair he had been occupying. She smiled and said, “Oh no that’s okay.”

“I apologize you’re probably waiting for your boyfriend?”

“Oh, no I…” she blushes and Garrick is forced to admit she may be prettier than Patsy. “Oh then your girlfriend, I don’t judge, apologies.”

With a casual wave of her hand, “They are all out on the dance floor. My friends dragged me out here and I… I don’t dance.”

“Alas, neither do I. We’re both moored at sea with not a drop of water to drink,” Garrick sighed and then grinned. The slightly younger looking woman smiled and played with her hair nearly identical to his former roommate. “That may be the best line I’ve personally heard, Stefania, and you are?”

She produced her hand and her took as he had practiced from watching his father so many times, “Piacere di carne, signora. Garrick, hizmetinizde.”

His mind was exploding in waves of color and her touch was the softest thing he had ever felt! It was like nothing he had EVER EXPERIENCE! When his eyes met hers she seems astounded that he had spoken in Italian and then finished in Turkish as though they were native to him! “How many languages to you know! You’re amazing! Italian and Turkish! Ci siamo incontrati prima di signore? or Eğer gökten melek misin?”

“I had a friend that is American, Turkish and Lebanese in their ancestry. However, if I had met you I would’ve remembered because while I didn’t come from heaven meeting you feels like its smiling on me.” For the first time in days he did not think about Patsy in the slightest. He did think of how amazing Katherine was granting him a “Hall Pass” otherwise he might never have met Stefania. He would find ways to make sure she knew how much he appreciated her trust in him to give him no restrictions about what happens this night.

Time is fluid to Garrick and he is wondering why everything feels wonderful. Playfully he blames Stefania for making everything about this evening so incredibly pretty and she giggles as they continue talking. Then, without warning there’s a tickle at the base of his neck above his collar. Instinctively he turns to find out about the source of such pleasure and there is Thad with another White Russian! Holy crap, Thad must’ve spiked his drink! That explains why he found the touch of a man so pleasing, he’d been drugged!

Even as mad as he was at something so rape cultured! The drug in his drink was stimulating nearly every pleasure center he had. So, he politely refuses his drink to avoid what he believes would be a second dose. Garrick even makes everything about his interest in Stefania. Once Thad leaves again he makes sure the bartender knows to send him a drink with the message that this is a repayment and he’d prefer not to take his money. It was the nicest “don’t come around me again” he could muster given the chemistry analytical nature of his mind was figuring out how to dissolve Thad for trying to date rape him!

When Stefania touched his hand and said she liked his eyes he completely forgot about Thad. Everything regarding any of his anger was melting away and was beginning to go really great until. From behind them on the complete other side of the bar screams were being heard and a huge window seemed to have exploded! Then another explosion and wrenching of metal as a car alarm begins to wail loud enough to overcome the music playing! Various folks at the tables look, get up, scream, and run for the exit by the VIP booth! Garrick was able to see the reaction of the tables and hear the fight breaking out behind him and Stefania. He takes her hand and says, “I don’t have time to explain, but you said you were here with friends we need to grab them and get out of here!” Stefania nods and when directed begins to point to her friends. Garrick is now about an inch off the ground but keeps pace with Stefania moving in her heels.

Antonia was the first of her friends they made it to as the dance floor began to stampede for an exit the folks at the tables headed towards. Antonia grabbed onto Desha. When they saw Garrick their eyes went wide as they realized a man wearing armor was trying to rescue them! Stefania noticed the sudden appearance of his armor and made sure they knew he was her friend. Then he lifted off the ground as though he was leaping and landed next to her friend from Canada, Tyra. Poor Tyra was beginning to freak out and a knight appearing from above with her friends offering to rescue her was not something she was about to pass up. The last friend had features of Stefania but blonde hair! Ameera was quick to hop on to the savior that had grabbed “all” of her friends as she watched someone get knocked over!

One final leap and they were at the door, Garrick’s armored presence caused the bouncer at the door by the stage to just back up as the Gryphon swung the door open letting them leave. He had seen Nathan near the stage and knew his friends were in action. When the gun shots were heard upon exiting Desha asked if he was the Norwood Gryphon?

“I am the Gryphon of Norwood. Now let’s get you ladies home and away from the gun fire!”

They all nodded as he lifted into the air, with Stefania on his back while carrying the other four pressed against his chest. When he asked about addresses they all began talking at once. However, Stefania, pressed her face against the side of his helm as she moved one of her arms so her fingers could graze his bare neck, “42 Walaby Way. I have a pool and a bikini you need to see. Your name is safe with me big G.”

The Gryphon replied he knew the Walaby address and began moving in that direction. It was roughly 10 minutes to her home and half of the trip was the ladies realizing they just escaped a second Florida nightclub shooting. The second half, due mainly to the efforts of the Gryphon calming them down, was the ladies realizing they were flying with the person that had saved them.

While he was aware he was high on some sort of aphrodisiac stimulant. The Gryphon couldn’t stop the feelings of having 5 beautiful ladies pressed up against him. It really felt like heaven and he could very easily see how drug addiction would never be eradicated. He was even more thankful to Katherine now because if it weren’t for her. He knew he’d likely seek out this drug in the future.

Stefania directed him to land in the backyard by the pool. When they touched down she asked him to wait one minute while she asked her friends a question. He nodded that he’d do so, and as she left him there relaxing in the fact that they’re safe his armor began to vanish piece by piece. Dissolving into golden flecks of light blown away by a soft breeze. There were some squeals and gasps when the group saw him outside his helmet.

A few minutes later the Gryphon was staring at the stars when Stefania approached him. “The girls and I have decided that to say thank you we shall be your entertainment for the night. Desha and I are both going for our Bachelor’s in physical therapy after realizing what we wanted after massage school. So let me turn on the fire pit and we’re going to give you a massage while we arrange a fashion show!”

Before he could even say a word Desha was taking his coat off of him while Stefania laid a finger on his lips. Garrick was convinced he was still high given his reaction to their touch and blowing on his ear when they would ask him where he was sore! He was allowed to keep his boxer briefs and the gold and silver eagle headed torq around his neck as the two women led him to a pool chair. Stefania and Desha then said they would be right back but Ameera would keep him company until they returned. It was at that moment he heard a jingling noise. From around the fire in the darkness came the blond haired, mocha skinned, Ameera. Dressed in a modern tribal belly dancing outfit she began to dance around the stone firepit blazing brightly. As she approached the Gryphon, silken veils were pulled from her belt of metal plaques and bells. She continued to dance around him allowing the veils to be fall upon him and often obscuring his gaze.

The dance ended with a veil draped over his eyes as he laid back in the pool chair. Then he felt Ameera’s hands reach over from behind the chair and tilt his head back as she bent down to kiss him. Pulling away his sight returned to Tyra and Antonia dressed in alternating black and white bikinis that would be more accurately be described as body floss or a slingshot micro bikini one-piece. Inside his mind Garrick had an epiphany the nearly naked women in front of him. He had wondered what Katherine would look like in these outfits? Was there a more than one way to fall for a person? He had read about the spark between people and that other times that spark is a match that grows brighter with ti…
…Tyra and Antonia are sitting on the end of the pool chair and rubbing tanning oil into each other’s back! Now they pushing the backs of their bodies up and down his legs while tilting their heads back to look him in the eyes! Desha reappears wearing pink bikini/lingerie two piece with a more athletic theme to it. She ushers Tyra and Antonia to the hot tub where they join, Ameera, whom from this angle appears to be wearing nothing. Garrick is convinced her top must just be lower than the hot tub’s edge from his vantage.

Desha begins a real foot massage and Garrick can ‘feel’ it working. In his head he knows his body is transformed and not a costume or illusion, so Blake can stuff it as far as he is concerned. “I can see you ‘really’ enjoyed your fashion show Big G.” Desha giggled as she kept working on his feet and calves, while Stefania had surprised him leaning over the back of the pool chair pressing herself up close. Having a clear view of how ‘happy’ he was. Desha mentions she going to join her girlfriends and Ameera in the hot tub leaving the mighty Gryphon in Stefania’s care.

Stefania swings around to his side and sits right on his lap. As her head turns to face him her grins grows as well, “Well, well, very happy indeed!” That sensation made his body shudder and shake and then he saw her swim suit was a two piece mesh and not meant for a public beach. When he began to reach for her she reclined into his chest resting her head on his shoulder, “I never thought I would meet someone as shy as I used to be before I met all of my friends. There’s no other way you would have such control under Molly.”

Garrick asked if she saw who spiked his drink and she grabbed his arm and began to really work on his biceps and triceps as she told him, “No, while the guy that was hitting on you was a likely suspect I don’t actually know for certain. What keyed me in was the reaction to physical stimulus, I am becoming a physical therapist and they do go over common drugs to be aware of. When the fighting and shooting started though you fought hard against what you were feeling and saved us from another club shooting like the tragedy 6-7 years ago.”

“Evil happens when good men do nothing, it’s one of my favorite quotes.”

“But do they get rewarded? You’re on a “Hall Pass” that only lasts tonight right?”

“I, yes that’s right, I kinda remember telling you at the club about getting a “Hall Pass” from my girlfriend.”

“It was sweet to watch you wonder whether it was a gift or a test. So I have a compromise, (whispers) Garrick.” Our hero raised an eye brow and tilts his head down as she looks up, “Antonia, Tyra, and Desha are in a triangle, poly-couple, however, Desha is bi and in to you, we both go to Copernicus and met in the same class for physical therapy. Ameera is technically a distantly related cousin, but you have to go back to the 1700’s on my father’s side and her mother’s side to find it. You are the first guy she’s ever danced for solo, she’s been working on that routine a little over a year. She’s been studying for the hopeful approval to get in the master’s program for performing arts at Copernicus.”

“It was enchanting to say the least,” he smiled.

“Trust me big guy I can feel how enchanted you are. So I need a simple yes or no do you trust me not to betray you?”

“My gut says yes, trust her.”

“Then I promise that if anyone kisses you tonight it will stay at the pectoral, shoulder, and shoulder blades and above. Touching with hands will be the only other allowed form of contact unless you grant otherwise. If you agree then you promise to abide by two secret requests, trust me remember.”

“Okay,” he said as his shoulder and chest was being kneaded in her hands with decent force, but felt so good because of the Molly, “I agree and trust you.”

Stefania called out for Desha to have the blindfold ready, because the Gryphon has agreed to his reward! Stefania got up and led him to the pool and he stepped into the hot tub. Desha stood up and wrapped the silk scarves from Ameera around his eyes with Stefania and Ameera looking at him biting their lips. The Gryphon was asked to sit on the edge of the hot tub and he started to until the second request was made, “Loose the underwear, that’s my second request.”

The Gryphon complied, blushed, and sat down in the water quickly among a few gasps.

Saturday, February 10th, 2024: 2:46 AM

The Gryphon’s phone had been going crazy for sometime and Ameera left the pile of bodies resting on towels in bliss to find out what was going on. When she tapped on the last message it said 2:46 A.M. All of the rest were significantly before then. Ameera realized she had the Gryphon’s personal phone and it was the Crystal Edition of the Pearphone X! She took a selfie and added her contact info to his phone. Then texted herself so she’d have his contact info. Afterwards she brought over his phone tapped Stefania on the shoulder from over the hot tub edge. She was still laying on top of him in the hot tub’s molded reclined seat. Just enjoying everything and tracing his muscles on his chest and arms. Gryphon and her looked up and when he said, “Oh the real world calls, um just set my phone on the chair and I’ll get out but I don’t want to get it wet.” Stefania looked at Ameera pained as though her dream got crushed. Alas, she climbed up and out of the hot tub followed by the other ladies and then Gryphon.

The Gryphon tried to find underwear when Ameera laughs out loud about him tracking ‘whom’ is using his front door and why is ‘Kat’ Amazing? The other girls spring the trap as they have all his articles of clothing and he is forced to fly over the larger pool several times to cut them off and get dress an article at a time. Ameera begins recording on her phone as he is naked and trying to get his clothes back from the other ladies. He professes how thankful he is that they respected his boundaries of what he considered an acceptable use of the “hall pass” given to him by his girlfriend. He promises to address the issue of whether his relationship is a monogamous or ethical non-monogamy relationship. He is certain though he would need to have a talk to make sure he didn’t disrespect her before engaging in intimate congress with any of the beautiful women. He is finally dressed by the end of it and to be nice she edits out him being totally naked, but once he gets underwear she uploads the clip from there. She uses the hashtags: #gryphon #partywiththegryphon #norwoodknights #savedfromninelivesshooting on all her social media. The rest of the girls follow suit with an avalanche of photos taken from during the night where they show themselves at the club and later partying at the house using filters to mostly blur his face.

Stefania was especially sad to see Garrick go and made sure the two of them exchanged contact information. Then she was the second person to tell him how lucky Kat was. Desha was shaking her head in the affirmative behind Stefania gesturing at the other ladies and mentioned playfully that they should paint “Norwood Knights Hall Pass” on the roof! Everyone laughed at the playful joke. Stefania, Desha and Ameera stood watching as the Gryphon took off telling his Norwood Knights they will meet again. After about 500 feet in the air he headed to Xenophon to find a 24-hour mart opened at 3 AM so he could get a money order. Stefania’s home was surprisingly fairly nice for the area – if Norwood can be said to have a “good” area her home was most definitely in it. She had lamented off-handedly during all they talked about that night that she might not be able be able to stay there much longer, since her jerk landlord increased the rent on her and she’s fallen behind. While he was flying he sends a text on his phone to Janosh.

After getting the landlord’s name and saying it wrong so she corrects him. The Gryphon smiled because the ladies likely found his coat he had deliberately left behind. He lands in an alley near 24 hour mart and goes inside to buy a money order large enough to cover two months of rent with the excess cash he had. He addresses it to the landlord, with the memo section having the house address and rent written upon it. He removes the money order’s receipt and sticks it in his pocket. After buying small bouquet that had 6 roses and bidding the clerk a good night setting the sixth rose on the counter. He walks briskly back into the alley and shoots straight into the air summoning his armor after he set the 5 roses against his chest in his shirt.

Flying back he calls out for his knights as he lands. Everyone gathers around and he can see Stefania is holding his coat. Dropping the armor and apologizing for the intrusion he produces a rose for each lady mentioning he couldn’t think of a better way to protect the roses from the wind. When he gets to Stefania at last he hands her the rose as she returns his coat. He reaches into his pocket to get the true reason for his surprise return. Summoning his armor again over the clothes raising his visor, he takes her hands in his and kisses them to thank his hostess. As he does so he slips the money order into her hands. She is smiling but then opens the money order her jaw begins to drop! “Stefania, I cannot do this for everyone, if some of your friends are in a position to be reliable roommates then perhaps you can save your home. Please though this is a gift to help repay you for keeping my name to yourself, a true friend. Just pay it forward and help someone else one day.” She starts crying and stammering repeatedly, “How are you so nice? Why are you so nice?”

The others rush over to her concerned and Desha shoots a protective look at the Gryphon. When Stefania stops and explains that he just may have saved the house everyone stares at the money order covering two months of rent! Then they slowly look back at the Gryphon. Desha’s expression is relief that he is a hero in more ways than one. A few of the other girls can’t believe it and Tyra reaches out to poke him once more to make sure its not a dream. As he begins to raise off into the air he we says, “Farewell, fair ladies, should you wish it we shall meet again. Farewell my Norwood Knights, may you stay safe and find happiness in all of your pursuits!”

3:15 AM

He flies home to talk with Katherine and goes in from the roof. Finding her in the bed she looks asleep to him. He sits on the edge of the bed and just strokes her hair SUPER thrilled she’s okay. He leans down and kisses Katherine on the cheek whispering in her ear, “I’m sorry if this feels slow of me but I am so happy you’re home and not hurt. The group needs me but I ‘love’ knowing I will see you again. Sweet dreams Kitty Kat and I adore you.”

Then head downstairs to join everyone else.


Art by: AZ_Artisan
The names for the five girls came from our guest GM’s love of ESPN fantasy football. Then the character descriptions were based off what the name results were. Everything else about them is based off people I know in my hobbies. Come watch the next game for part 2 of the adventure of our guest GM: HippoTV!