Society Hill

Society Hill

a.k.a. “The Hill” and “Silver Hill”

Far and away the nicest part of town, Society Hill still resembles the Century Station of yesteryear. It is a thick forest of gleaming skyscrapers and massive complexes boasting bizarre and experimental architecture, intertwined with streets, bridges, skyways, and rapid transit lines. The sky here is thick with personal and commercial aircraft, and the landscape is dominated by two arcologies – the Sliver City Residential Arcology and the Millions Pavilion, one of the world’s largest shopping centers.

The financial services industry keeps the high standard of living afloat, and crime is minimized by a serious police presence which includes special CSPD patrols assigned to the neighborhoods of anyone with enough political pull, as well as numerous well-armed private guards (some superhuman) hired by skittish residents to make sure their neighborhoods do not get touched by the citywide crime crisis.


Silver City

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