Secret Base of S.A.V.I.O.R.

Secret Base of S.A.V.I.O.R.

This is the secret base of S.A.V.I.O.R.. It is located underneath the new Community Center in Zericho. The base has 3 entrances/ exits that are tunnels to secret above ground access points. There is also an entrance/ exit to the community center above. There is a garage and hangar with a short tunnel that exits out of a secret door in the bottom of an abandoned, drained pool.

Build per Rifter 37


A. Location & Secrecy

    5. City Level: Hidden in plain sight, beneath a community center in Zericho. Entrance to the base is through secret tunnels and access points away from the main building, and one in the center itself

B. Installation

    3. Split Contracts: Multiple contractors and front companies were used to build sections of the base, in a manner in which no separate contractor knows the whole picture or could determine their job was for a crime fighting headquarters.

C. Size

    6. Gigantic: A large, expansive underground facility.

D. Structure

    3. Fortified: The structure has been built from the ground up, taking into consideration the required needs of the team. Reinforced concrete and steel is used in every structure.

E. Facilities

    3. Giant Garage: This is one garage, large enough for one super-sized vehicle such as a bus or a tractor trailer, and includes all the tools to do reloads, repairs or maintenance on vehicles.
    4. Hangar: A hover vehicle and aircar hangar. Refueling station and all maintenance equipment are included.
    7. Manufacturing Shop: This includes a machine shop, paint booth and other tools of the trade to manufacture parts. For example, automotive parts or armor (to be installed in a garage), construction of weapons, or repair of super suits.
    8. Electronics Lab & Clean Room: This workshop has everything one needs to work on basic electronics (wiring up a bomb, computer repairs, creating a remote control, etc.), as well as a lab for working on microscopic silicon chips and electronics (can make microchips, circuit boards, etc.).
    9. Forensics Lab: This facility has nearly everything needed to analyze or decipher evidence.
    10. Chemistry Lab: This facility can be used to analyze, manufacture or store chemicals, explosives and select specialty weapons and equipment, as well as dissolve a corpse.
    11. Medical Room: This room can act as a simple first aid station, but is also equipped to handle long-term hospital care and emergency medical needs of up to three people. A doctor is still needed to perform the care, but this facility provides everything the doctor would need.
    12. Advanced Computer Station: Monitors cover a wall, powered by multiple computers sufficient to provide easy, untraceable access to the CityNet, as well as the first and second layers of the web. VR gloves and glasses are provided for more personal navigation. Dedicated, high-speed internet access is provided throughout the base by a hidden, secure wireless network. All computers are running the latest in software
    15. Large Meeting Room: A large, round table with recessed computer stations fill the center of the room, with a state of the art holographic display built into the center of it. One dozen reinforced chairs surround the table while a large display monitor covers one of the walls.
    16. Self-Contained Power Source: This base contains a restricted, sealed room with a fully automated, terrestrial nuclear power source good for at least 10 years of unlimited electrical power. This room is heavily reinforced and fortified. This helps prevent it from being breached from the outside and in the event of a catastrophe, prevents contamination from escaping and endangering the civilians above.

F. Accessibility

    4. Secret Passages and Slides: A network of secret passages and slides grant heroes quick access to the lair, and provide a quick exit away from the lair or to get out of the hideout quickly and unseen (for escape or easy travel out of the vicinity of the lair).

G. Living Conditions

    3. Spacious Bedrooms (15): Large bedrooms with a desk, TV and large, comfortable bed.
    6. Full Bathrooms (15): Restrooms and showers with running water and electricity.
    7. Super Bathrooms (2): Restrooms, showers, hot tubs and saunas with running water and electricity. Mens and Womens.
    10. Deluxe Chef’s Kitchen: Everything you’d ever need in a kitchen.
    11. Lounge: TV, entertainment center, fireplace, miniature library, etc.
    12. Gym: Weights, aerobicĀ· machines, cardio machines, etc

H. Defense

    4. Ultimate Security System: The whole area is constantly scanned and monitored by a sophisticated barrage of sensors. The entrances to the facility can be programmed to require retinal scans, voice commands, pass codes, pass cards, DNA scans, hand prints, and even unique use of a hero’s super powers.
    5. Natural Defense: There are seemingly natural aspects around the lair that help protect its entrances from being discovered, such as dead end alleys, overgrown lots, and abandoned facilities.
    7. Booby Traps: Each entrance is protected by knockout gas and a stun/shock system. Deeper into the passages are hidden, recessed lasers to provide more lethal repellents to those unaffected by the initial defenses.
    10. Automated Defenses: The hideaway is monitored and protected by a computer with limited, programmed responses. The system is programmed to control the automated weapons when needed. It not only watches over the facility, but also can alert the heroes to specific problems around the base (by radio or cell phone) and identify exactly what is going on.