Borough: Brisby Flats
Sub-District: #23
Population: Approximately 75,000
Land Use: Industrial, Residential, Commercial.
Urbanization: Intense.
Wealth: Middle Class.
Crime: Moderate.

Overview: Saritoba remains a decent place to live because it occupies part of what used be known as the Dream Garden, a large community of Research & Development firms all close to the Daedalus arcology (now the Labyrinth) for easy access to the scientific projects going on there. Now the Dream Garden is no more, split into Saritoba and Kerguelen. Saritoba has effectively walled off the sector of itself that runs adjacent to the Labyrinth and hopes nobody villainous goes over or around it. Meanwhile, redevelopment near the coast has sparked new life to many high-tech and light industrial firms, particularly in the areas of cybernetics, genetics, and experiments in human augmentation. The ready access to the Mid-Town Freeway as well as the monorail also makes this place worthy of future investment.

Notable Locations:


Microbyte Architectures

Zone Red

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