Quincy Flats

Quincy Flats

Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #15
Population: Approximately 380,000
Land Use: Residential, Industrial, Commercial.
Urbanization: Intense
Wealth: Poor
Crime: Intense

Overview: Quincy Flats, a.k.a. “The Quince,” is another hard luck subdistrict with major overcrowding, serious unemployment, and explosive crime problems. However, much of the crime here, car theft, fencing stolen goods, illegal gambling, and vice, is nonviolent and strictly controlled by a number of syndicates, which means they tend not to harm innocent bystanders. There is another reason why random violence has gone down. In recent months, a team of mysterious high-tech gunmen have begun prowling the rooftops on a perpetual search and destroy mission. These “street soldiers” dress in light suits of power armor matched with full environmental systems and bulky multi-optics helmets, and carry high-end laser and ion weaponry. So far they have proven more than a match for any punks, color gangs, and syndicate enforcers they have come across. The crew is also thought to be responsible for the deaths of a few supervillains known to operate in the area, such as the Incantrix, Quark, and Roughneck.

Notable Locations:

The Quince Casino

The Pit

Rochelle’s Modeling Agency

The Wheels

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