Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #12
Population: Approximately 60,000
Land Use: Industrial, Residential, Commercial.
Urbanization: Moderate
Wealth: Middle Class
Crime: Moderate

Overview: As one of the few active industrial sectors left in Century Station, Ogilvie has reinvented itself from a heavy manufacturing zone to an environmental industries zone, with operations dedicated both to cleaning up the damage done to the area by older industrial efforts, as well as establishing commercially viable environmental projects that could substantially improve the quality of life in the city and throughout the country. A number of genetic research laboratories have found a home here.

Solar and Wind Farms can be found all throughout this subdistrict, as people have learned that the district, in accordance with an old law established many years ago, must buy excess electricity from anybody who produces more than they can use. Thus, many citizens here have started their own “energy farms” using solar panels and hyper-efficient windmills to cash in some quick money from the city government. While this has cost the city plenty in hard cash, it has also spared it from any lasting power shortages over the last 30 years, even during the Bloody Monday riots.

Notable Locations:

The Bio-Spawn Gene Institute

Century Station Memorial Park

Gaiatech, Inc


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