Borough: Brisby Flats
Sub-District: #18
Population: Approximately 70,000.
Land Use: Industrial, Commercial, Residential.
Urbanization: Moderate.
Wealth: Poor
Crime: Intense

Overview: The tiny Norwood area is fighting losing battle after battle in what seems like a never ending war against the creeping anarchy of its neighboring sub-district, Waingroh. Each month crime seems to steadily worsen, and many fear it’s only a matter of time before they are written off as another Dreadzone. The only hope it has is that the sub-district’s proximity to the Xenophon sub-district. Because the city wishes to keep that district as clean as possible it is practicing a containment strategy on Norwood. To that end, CSPD district patrols extensively cover the half of Norwood closest to Xenophon , while letting the rest of the district go without.

Norwood is filled with illicit nightclubs that run illegal gambling, prostitution, and any number of other unsavory crimes. The vast majority of these dens of iniquity are favored hangouts of the major movers and shakers in the conventional underworld. This includes: Various syndicate enforcers (whom are always good for information), colorpunk leaders, young toughs, crooked cops, and a rising amount of up and coming super beings, etc.

Notable Locations:

The Giving Tree

Mallic Robotics

Nine Millimeter

Nine Lives Nightclub

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