Napier Bay

Napier Bay

Borough: Brisby Flats
Sub-District: #28
Population: Approximately 100,000
Land Use: Industrial, Commercial, Residential
Urbanization: Intense
Wealth: Poor
Crime: Extreme

Overview: Like the other Dreadzones of the city, crime and poverty have so riddled this area that it borders on anarchy. This community used to be a proud industrial zone, lined with large heavy manufacturing facilities of every kind. Located right next to the original site for Project Daedalus (now known as The Labyrinth), Iron Beach was particularly hard hit by the resulting pullout of big industry and commercial business. A great deal of this had to do with the fear of alien infiltration and repercussions at the hands of Galactic Law Enforcers like Alpha Prime. As fear and paranoia spread throughout the city, the businesses closest to Daedalus site were then suddenly examined under a microscope and brought under constant siege by protesters and threats of terrorism. As a result, they were among the first to close shop and leave Century Station.

Within a year, 80% of the flagship companies and 60% of the smaller and ancillary businesses were gone. Moreover, nobody working in the area felt safe or secure in their employment. The community quickly got a reputation as a boom town that was quickly going bust, and anybody with half a brain should get out while the going was good. As businesses moved to other places around the world, droves of “employees” and consultants went with them, and the bad elements began moving in. Almost overnight, Iron Beach turned from prosperous industrial zone to a ghost town, perfect for vagabonds, criminals and scoundrels of every kind to move in and take over. Today, the area is off-limits to anybody unwilling to risk life and limb, especially since the abandoned factories make for great hideouts and headquarters for mutants, evil superbeings, criminals, and the dregs of society. Meanwhile, those working at the few remaining legitimate factories and businesses do not linger after work and rush home to their families. Many wish they could move elsewhere, but just can not afford to do so. On any given day, the crime rate at Napier Bay is equal to that of Waingroh or Hannigan.

Notable Locations:

Century Steel

Container Yards

Everest Airport

Incidental Petroleum

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