Millennium Station

Millennium Station

This is the alternate universe where Patsy Palmer, aka: Hyperia, comes from. In this alternate world from what our heroes know, Century Station, was named Millennium Station. The following are the known differences between our universe and this parallel universe from a conversation between Patsy Palmer and Garrick Faulkner.

Differences in the universe of Millennium Station

Recent Events

Alpha Prime was unable to convince the governments of Earth that Galactic law superseded the planet’s right to self-governance. All of Earth’s heroes and several villains made a stand against the alien and accompanying cohorts alongside the governments of the world when she tried to confiscate the technology after her “infamous” arrest.

Nanotechnology: They have developed this technology primarily to help treat serious injuries, such as severe burns and gunshot wounds. They have also used it to initially create a hospital table that would conform to the patient. However, Orthopedic uses quickly developed and even Cybernetic enhancements use the technology to work in helping to maintain an “aesthetically pleasing” look to prosthetics.

Cyber-technology: While there are very few full conversion cyborg or cybernetic lifeforms. Cybernetic augmentation is available as a means of overcoming physical disabilities. Very little legal cybernetics in the fashion of arms and armor are allowed outside governmental, state, and municipal institutions.

Omniborg, is a hero that surfaced after the death of Cuthbert Faulkner, four time Doctorate and father of modern nanotechnology. Omniborg appears to be a nano-organic ‘cyborg’ that can shape shift into any humanoid shape, re-attach and if necessary re-grow any severed limbs!

There is a thriving moon-based colony thanks to work done by the late – Gavin Faulkner. Both he and his father, Cuthbert, died tragically in the fallout from the battle that forced Alpha Prime off world.

Silicone Crystal storage technology was the invention that allowed the break through in Nanotechnology. It has raised the bar on personal consumer electronics by 10 to 15 years.

The forces of Magic are acknowledged and known about publicly, though still much rarer than technology. As a power Magic is wielded in varying degrees by numerous heroes and villains in this world – Patsy could list no less then 30 right off the top of her head! Most strange is that even self-proclaimed “Wizards” are counted among those heroes and villains, casting their “spells” to achieve superhuman feats. In that world magic doesn’t seem to be just limited to a handful of enchanted object/ weapon wielders and those few with bestowed powers.

As far as Garrick and Patsy can tell none of the super heroes share identical names with any Hero or Heroine from each other’s world.

Older Events

Airships are commonplace all over, and the Empire State Building continued the use of observation deck as a docking platform, as originally intended. The “Hindenburg Disaster” never happened and Airshps/Blimps/Dirigibles have become the sky equivalent to cruise ships on the sea.

President Kennedy was never assassinated and has gone on to become an Ambassador for the United States of America.

They have 10 shuttles now: Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, Sol, Jupiter, Orion and Phoenix.

They have “daily” flights to the Moon Station from China, France, South Africa, Dubai, England, Japan, Russia, and USA (New York, Los Angeles, and Millennium Station).

The Statue of Liberty in Millennium Station’s world is bronze (clothing & items) and steel (skin).

The Transformers cartoon show never aired in Millennium Station’s, and conversely the GoBots never aired in Century Station.

The Flag for the United States has 48 stars and Puerto Rico is a full state. North and South Carolina are combined into “Carolina”, North and South Dakota combined into “Dakota”, West Virginia is simply known as “Virginia”, and the state of Virginia and the City of Washington D.C. is called the District of Washington. Washington State was named Olympia, and Seattle became the capital of Olympia.

The money in Millennium Station’s world is a different color for each denomination of the bill on top of showing the numerical value.

They have “KGC” (Kentucky Grilled Chicken) rather than KFC.

Mini vans were replaced by double decker cars. Double decker buses also became quite the common theme on a global scale.

Desert Storm never happened as Saddam Hussein was apprehended by Black Ops Super Soldiers from the team “Sable Initiative.” Tourism to historical places in Iraq are still a thing that happens these days.

Legends of the ancient Sumerian Gods include a divine figure known as “Hablar, the Speech-Giver.”

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