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This small robotics firm makes most of its money creating parts used in other robots. It has become one of the shining stars of the neighborhood since one of its programmers routinely donates time and money to The Giving Tree. Twice a year they host a hot dog bonanza in their parking lot and offer two full meals to anyone that shows up (while supplies last!). The company president, Brandon Mallic, has a bionic right arm and left leg from prior military work. He and his sister created Mallic Robotics with the hope of revitalizing the neighborhood they grew up in.

Mostly known for their extensive design, operation, fabrication, and construction work on the Robot Swords movie franchise. Garrick Faulkner is credited in IMDB with Lead Solutions Architect, Lead Environment Design and Lead Set Design.

Owners: Brandon Mallic (President, Joint CEO, Director of Sales/Marketing)
Constance Mallic (Vice-President, Joint CEO, Director of Research/Engineering)

QA Director: Horace Sharma
Development Director: Garrick Faulkner
Mr. Mallic’s Administrative Assistant: Novia Nadez (formerly Garrick’s Assistant and has a prosthetic leg built by him).
Garrick Faulkner’s Development Team: Hana Akaikawa, Pedro Escobar, Mia Schmidt
Director of Security: Sam Strom
Marketing Senior Lead: Blake Masters

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2/3’s Rented out Robot Factory & 1/3 Garrick’s two story loft




General Building Notes: Kelvar & Carbon Fiber reinforced re-bar, concrete wall construction. While this might seem to be a super structure, it is not. One of Mayor Zardona’s build code improvements since the Bloody Monday riots. While it has made buildings safer it has had the opposite effect due to increased costs. Eventually, a compromised was reached making any building without the upgrades had to be disclosed to the purchaser and any residents living in them. This warehouse was built before the compromise and was intended for heavy manufacturing.

Features & Stats: Description & Notes
Armor Rating 10. A Natural “10” or higher must be rolled on the D20 to damage the exterior.
Structural Damage Capacity 250 per 5 square feet of wall.


Map designed by @AZ_Rune.