Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #16
Population: Approximately 425,000
Land Use: Residential, Commercial, Industrial.
Urbanization: Intense
Wealth: Poor
Crime: Moderate

Overview: Out on the farthest edge of Center City lies Kilgore, a district sandwiched between the bulk of the metro area, the Rattle Ridge Expressway, and the Freeway that divides Brisby Flats from Center City. Separated by only a highway from the Dreadzone Waingroh and the soon-to-be Dreadzones of Lennox and Norwood, Kilgore has a bad crime problem, but not as bad as one might expect. In fact, in the last few years, the crime rate has actually dropped, in large part because a number of vigilantes and superbeings use the subdistrict as a base of operations. It is a well known fact that criminals generally do not cross the Freeway to victimize folks in Center City; they would rather stay within Brisby Flats. Thus, those who hunt the criminals of Brisby seem to enjoy an extra degree of safety operating out of Kilgore, as if they can invade enemy territory at their leisure and not have to worry about having the same happen to them. This does not endear them to the locals of Brisby.

Notable Locations:

Avenging Angels HQ

Old Firehouse

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