A.K.A.: “The Grinder”
Borough: Brisby Flats
Sub-District: #22
Population: Approximately 800,000
Land Use: Residential, Industrial, Commercial
Urbanization: Extreme
Wealth: Intense
Crime: Extreme

Overview: In an average day this wasted residential area has a half dozen murders, numerous assaults and shootings, and so many other lesser crimes that nobody bothers to count them. Numbers rackets, vice, muggings and drug deals go on in broad daylight right out in the open. The sight of a police officer is a rarity in this part of town. Hannigan was a decent, if low-rent residential district that housed the many, many production workers with jobs locally and in Iron Beach. When the city’s economy dried up, unemployment hit this district like a wrecking ball. The standard of living plummeted and before long, crime became the major industry. After all, here was an entire generation of heavy industrial workers suddenly trapped in a city where the only real money to be made was over in Society Hill. By comparison, the ex-factory jocks in Hannigan generally had no money, no means for re-education, and a pile of debt. Where else could they turn but to flee the city or turn to crime? And so, Hannigan became a prime recruiting ground for a vast array of syndicates, punk gangs, and villainous super groups, all promising easy riches, but usually coming through with a life in jail or a chalk outline. They call this place the “Grinder” because it grinds up whoever lives here and
spits out the pieces. And as far as the people living here are concerned, there is nothing anybody can do about it.

Notable Locations:


The Hannigan Junkyard

Sniper Alley

The Station Underground

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