Grymdin is a small artificial “planet”, about a third the size of Earth, ruled by six crime families. It was once a penal colony built around a foundation of space rock, but the prisoners took control and now float it through space as a sort of no-holds-barred neutral ground for criminals and other undesirables. They also accept refugees here, not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because refugees can be useful to the criminals running the place – either as new recruits, or slave stock.

Grymdin is “technically” part of the Federation of Allied Races. There are plenty of folks on Grymdin who can talk about the Atorian Empire. A few of them which Black Phantom has had conversations with:

Abrym Brutruhx was a freight transporter who got too close to the Empire’s borders. Their warships made short work of his livelihood and now he’s destitute, forced to make a living working for Charl Grymdin.

A trio of slaves forced to work in the bar say they were part of a refugee ship that fled after their planet staged an uprising against the Atorians and failed. The Atorian’s retribution destroyed their civilization utterly.

Hkas, a seven foot tall, dark green skinned warrior woman with long black hair, yellow eyes, and dark red pupils confirmed that the Atorians are fearsome foes who show no quarter. Her race was subjugated during their last series of conquests. Her family’s failures in that war have forced her to this place in exile, ashamed and beaten.

Zator Napal, the arms merchant Hkas works for, is excited about the prospect of an upcoming war. Business is bound to improve with those ruthless Atorians. Even now, with just the idea of a threat looming over the galaxy, the FAR members have been eager to buy and stockpile weapons. He hopes the Atorian’s sixth expansion happens soon – it’ll make him rich!