Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #10
Population: Approximately 200,000
Land Use: Residential, Commercial, Industrial.
Urbanization: Moderate
Wealth: Middle Class
Crime: Moderate

Overview: Everett has been dubbed “the next Silicon Valley” by computer industry experts who note the interesting nexus of software development firms, hardware/software outlets, and a population of energetic kids who represent the first generation of citizens raised on Abacus computers. Having never known a life without the internet at their disposal and a CityNet to explore, the “Everett generation” is proving to have an extremely high concentration of computer savants. It is also giving rise to a new wave of cybercrime, as less honest-minded youngsters use their free hardware and a wide open city network to hack, plunder, and vandalize data architectures all over cyberspace. It is said the villain Motherboard is more popular with some kids here than any of the city’s heroes, which is a creepy prospect.

Notable Locations:

Bits and Bytes

The Cybershop

Everett Community College

The Gremlin

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