Constructive Reform, LLC

A project construction company started by Lunet Braga.  She receives no revenue from it, but volunteers her time and expertise.  Caedechron is a managing partner, and supervises the employees.

This initiative was created to help reformed super criminals reenter society.  Lunet works with the Century Station Reformation Initiative to hire ex-convicts with super skills, super abilities, or psionics.  This helps them avoid resorting to committing crimes, and gives them an opportunity to use their skills and expertise to earn more than they would in the other jobs they’d get as reformed criminals, and as a bonus they earn double time while at work toward their probationary periods.

The construction company makes competitive bids for reconstruction and construction projects, and then utilizes the super abilities of their workers in innovative ways to minimize the number of man-hours required to finish a job.  This increases the pay each individual makes, and the possibility of securing bids.  Added onto this, professionals in trades related to the jobs CR takes on train the workers, giving them a trade and increasing their pay greatly.

Lunet Braga (non-convict): Founder, Talent Agent.
Caedechron: Co-Founder, COO.
Carla Santiago (non-convict): HR.  Super Power: Super Psionic
Charlize Sharon (non-convict): Chief Foreman.  Super Ability:Multiple Selves.

Alpha Team: General Construction, Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Engineering Contractor.
Carol Pfutze: Foreman.  Super Ability: Hardware Specialist:Mechanical.

Bravo Team: General Construction, Demolitions Contractor, Extreme Environments, Heavy Commercial Contractor,
Reynaldo Zane: Bravo Team Foreman.  Super Ability: Alter Physical Structure: Ape

Charlie Team: General Construction, Finish Contractor, Carpentry & Masonry Specialists.
Roger Comstock: Charlie Team Foreman.  Super Ability: Super Psionic

Delta Team: General Construction, Finish sub-Contractor.
Blake Oldham: Delta Team Foreman.  Super Ability: Superhuman Strength

Echo Team: General Construction, Demolitions sub-Contractor.
Doug Black: Echo Team Foreman.  Super Abilities:  Supernatural Strength, Healing, Wingless Flight,

Each team has between 5 and 10 workers.  Jobs may require anywhere between 1 and 5 teams.
Most of the workers have one minor power only, or are very skilled but poor.