Church of Reflections

Church of Reflections

The Church of Reflections is a multinational organization devoted to the practice, administration, and dissemination of Reflectionism, a new religious movement. It was founded shortly after the end of World War II.

Reflectionism teaches that there is a duality to existence which is the root of all conflict. On a grand scale it is responsible for all the wars and other atrocities throughout human history. On an individual scale, it is responsible for doubt, fear, loathing, and all other negative emotions within a person. Through directed meditation involving mirrors this duality can be exposed and confronted, allowing the individual to embrace this duality in a positive way and eventually achieve peace and harmony within themselves.

The church occasionally stages public events where they commune as a group in an attempt to balance the duality of the world. The last such major event in the United States was on August 11, 2018.

Little is known about the founder of the church and the creator of Reflectionism. He was an enigmatic man who never made any public appearances and was only referred to as the First Reflector. This title is used today to refer to the head of the church and per that tradition, the identity of the First Reflector is never made public outside of the church.

The symbol of the church is typically represented by two mirror-shined triangles, one lighter than the other, positioned so the darker one is upside-down in relation to the lighter one with a horizontal line separating the two.

Ramona De La Cova is a member of the church. She has told Garrick that the church welcomes new members on Thursday nights.

The church owns the property of the Old Zericho Wax Museum and was uninterested in selling it to Garrick.

The church has scheduled a public event in Century Park for April 8, 2024.