You have the strangest Friends

You have the strangest Friends

The following chatter was picked up by a listening post in Century City:

MALE 1: Babatunde, my brother, it has been a while.
MALE 2: BP, yes it has, at least a month since I heard from you last, how is everything going?
MALE 1: Good, for the most part, hey I have a some new friends that I would love for you to meet. They are some real colorful guys. They are chillin’ now, but you can find them in an old place on the corner of 8th and Union.
MALE 2: Really, like I need to meet more of your friends, I was dealing with the last group of *friends* for almost 3 months, you need better friends by the way.
MALE 1: I know brother, but these are the kind of friends I love to *hang out with*, you know, help them fit into CS better, or at least help them move if they don’t like the scenery.
MALE 2: So, how many of your friends are there?
MALE 1: Only seven this time, at least I kept it under double digits this time. And hey, I wasn’t the only one there to help my new friends, so you may find some interesting relationships, OH and the new friends also brought some new party tricks, so make sure you look for those, I had real fun playing with those, I know you will as well.
MALE 2: *Gee…thanks…* The new Wife is going to LOVE this…
MALE 1: Baba, your the geesiest, next time you’re in the hood, drop into the S&R, I will make sure you get a round or two on the house.
MALE 2: Yeah, I think I’m gonna need both of those after I meet your new set of friends. I will try to drop you a line once I found out where the party tricks were imported from, Holla’
MALE 1: Holla’ BABA
[audible click]

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  1. Calling for a cleanup crew so soon? The night is still young. There are still plenty more messes that can be made.

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