You have overstepped, Bloodget

You have overstepped, Bloodget

7#4n4702 – 1011011101010010110001011111011111111000100111000111001000111010100011111110001100011

It is strange that no one but I seem aware of the danger that we are all in.  Surrounded on every side by enemies, still the old one thinks to hold a soiree in her home.  We are being targeted by individuals with power and resources, and yet we do not circle the wagons and attempt to protect ourselves.  It would also seem that my own attempts at limiting the extent to which our enemies can affect us has fallen a bit flat.  Why do people not properly assess where the most favorable outcome lies and then pursue it without fail.

Take Black Phantom, for example: He follows his mating imperative without fail, even in the face of scorn from the old one.  I believe that the old one is jealous of Black Phantom’s prowess.  Does she wish to be with the foolish female that sniffs after Black Phantom instead of the coupling that has occurred?

I shall never understand humans I think.  Correction: I choose never to understand them.

This group is drugged more often than I would assume possible.  Could there be an unknown player out there who seeks to limit the group’s effectiveness by making them addicted to various mind altering substances?  If so, then they have already succeeded with Jake.

From the sounds of mastication and groans of pleasure that went on, the meal was a success, or so I would assume.  The aftermath was less so.  There is a new robot on the team.  I should probably have lead with that.

Note: Remember to lead with the most important pieces of information from now on.

Kai has joined Savior, most likely due to my influence with the Gheist.  It works well for my body to have been a member of Savior from the beginning.  The Old One attempted to prevent him, but I simply ignored her.  She is not the leader of Savior, so I owe her no allegiance.  I thought, at first, that Black Phantom was the leader, but he declined.  This does answer the reason we are so ineffective, however.  Where there is no leadership there can be no success.  I shan’t be attempting to wrest control of the leadership, as I know that I am not here often enough to maintain order.

Thought: is anyone here often enough to maintain order in this group.

Instead of eating, I hacked Bloodget’s computer, with a little help from my metal friend, and recreated all of his email correspondence.  If Bloodget had been a Digital Intelligence, he might have foreseen this tragedy and acted to head it off.

Fortunately, Bloodget is as flesh and blood as all the other meat bags in the city.  He sent his thugs to strike us after dinner.  They were a distraction from the bombs that were planted under the Old Ones house.  Strange, that.  Any true genius would realize that all mortal beings die, and this one is closer than most to that eventuality.  Simply waiting a year or two should be enough for her to fall into that dark night and never be heard from again.

It will be glorious.

She thinks herself to be the cause of celebration from dropping the bombs that I disabled completely and Kai disarmed into the bay.

I will not correct them.

I have more important targets to occupy my time.  Bloodget ordered Kai to be killed, which the thugs relayed to us.  Yet another reason not to sent a flesh suit to complete a drone’s job.  Send in drones to plant the bombs on whisper quiet blades.  The drones will also willingly sacrifice themselves.  No need for a timer at all.  Plant and boom.  No muss, no fuss.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain that Bloodget is not a true intelligence.  I might actually have died otherwise.

Note: Prepare a data backup in case the fleshling is destroyed.
Ponderance: Can flesh data be backed up into a digital medium?  The existence of Kai suggests it is possible.
Investigate: Find backup media for the other residence of the current body.  I do technically owe them for its use, after all.

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  1. “This group is drugged more often than I would assume possible.” It does seem to be happening more often than is statistically reasonable…

  2. “I believe that the old one is jealous of Black Phantom’s prowess. Does she wish to be with the foolish female that sniffs after Black Phantom instead of the coupling that has occurred?” Gross!! She would never!
    Tronatos may be the best asshole yet- he still will die a terribly painful death, once we know any of this… if we ever….

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