Work In Progress

Work In Progress

April 8th, 2024 – Monday: 9 PM

Lindsey had been watching Channel 9’s Eliza Gunn and her S.A.V.I.O.R. retrospective on the improbable events that led to their current status as the new Centurions. Inspired, he began working on some fanart for S.A.V.I.O.R. and posted a shot of his drawing tablet to Twitter with the hashtags #WIP, #SAVIOR, and #SAVIORfanart. He mentioned that drawing Victor “Rubber Band Man” Valenzuela was all he had left to do before coloring in the rest.

Living in Zericho was not easy but the new community center allowed him a safe place to work on his art and wait for his parents to get home from their jobs. It was financially easier to continue living as an extended family than move out on his own. Replies to his tweet were both positive, about his art and sharing the creative process. Followed by trolls hating on him, the group, and the fact he wasn’t already done. Lindsey had been through this a lot now regardless of which super group he decided to draw.

Drawing Garrick “The Gryphon” Faulkner he had noted the coat he wore has been evolving over the course of his career. Seemingly the gold designs on the blue of the coat have changed slightly over his appearances. His armor would appear and always be incorporated aesthetically into his outfit. He had left him in sketch color because he was still reviewing the Gryphon’s recent interview to get an idea about the current nature of the coat’s golden decoration.

His reason for waiting on the Rubber Band Man was checking a few images. For more on what it looked like when he stretched so he could do him justice that was not being given to him in the media currently. Besides, the fact that everyone has a rough time at a new job, and now being a Centurion-Class heroes must bring a new level of challenges people have to adjust to. Lindsey cracked open a Tecate and flipped off his monitor. Reading the latest DM from some hater he talked at the screen as though the schmuck could hear him, “I got your “Be Bold” right here.” He enjoyed each gulp of his beer before turning in for the night.

Lindsey was dating a woman, Christine, that had been saved when Gryphon and Miss Amazing were Mavericks. She was screaming in the next room at the T.V. and cursing out some T.V. personality called Lori “Laughable” Landry. He was waiting for her when she came to bed and asked her why she kept watching Channel 5 when it’s clear Lori hates S.A.V.I.O.R. for exposing the corruption in their sham of a church? Christine replied it was healthier to yell at the T.V. then choke her for bad mouthing the woman that leaped frogged her to safety that night. Christine worked at the coffee shop by Channel 5 and she had to see Lori come in almost everyday.

The couple went to sleep happily cuddling.

The Strange gif art by: AZ_Artisan
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