Way of the Sword, Learning to Crawl

Way of the Sword, Learning to Crawl

March 23rd, 2024 – Saturday 5 AM to 8 AM

Loyalty (忠義 chūgi)

Katherine woke up in her Smart Fortwo car. She felt groggy but not nearly as hurt all over as she remembered she should feel. Her seat was leaned back as far as possible. She was still wearing her outfit and mask, when she moved though the hidden plates didn’t feel broken anymore. How long had she been out? Why was she still in the hero outfit? Looking at Gryphon, whom was in his costume, “Am I dreaming?”

“No, we finally got away from our meeting with the Skywatch or the Men In Black and then President Douglas Carson only to wind up at the Winchester House in California. Once we got the messages we portal-flew back here as fast as possible. It was a team effort to save you all from the Atorians. They think Alice is our group leader because theirs is a matriarchal society. You were pronounced her proxy should she not be around. Strange Carl, am I right?”

“Yeah, why do you like him again?”

“Hey now, Trip and I have been gaming buddies for years,” he rolls his eyes but looks relieved she’s sparring verbally, “Anyhow, those Atorian high guards did not have their leader’s go ahead to abduct you to smoke out Granny2Good and Jake. Their will be an upcoming future meeting we will attend to try and put this issue to bed once and for all.”

Took a deep breath and continued, “I asked Jake to portal us near Century Station and after another surprise trip through the Jimmy Johns lavatory. I flew back with you to Spirit Enterprises so we could get your car. I didn’t want to leave you alone, or in Shorty’s care. I am sorry it took a bit to get past the police line when one of the officers recognized me from the bank robbery. They got us through without any media being drawn down upon us. It’s almost 7 AM and we are nearly home. Again my apologies for our hero work eating into your day spending it with me.”

Was he worried? He sounded in charge and yet self admonishing of wasting a single moment of time they might spend together. “All of us are aware that hero work could eat into our time with you. That’s twice you’ve come for me, Garr-bear.”

“Kitty Kat, I love you and would die saving you if that was my only way to ensure you keep breathing.”

Where was this firm and confident Gryphon coming from? He was very matter of fact in his voice, it sounded as though he was about to leap into action. It was, sexy. They pulled into the garage and he shut the door. When he got out he re-adjusted her seat and mirrors back. He came around to her side and picked her up out of the car and a bag of broken body plates from her armor. Then flew her up to their room on the second floor. He slowly undressed her and set her in the shower where he washed her. She knew he liked to pamper her but he never said a word while he did any of it. He was direct and yet gentle the entire time.

Later, in bed he made sure she had every pillow she wanted and then laid down next to her. He finally transformed back to normal stature and she swore he looked buffer than before. He pulled her close to him and spooned her. She knew he didn’t need to sleep so much and yet was doing that with her, for her. She smiled in her heart this was all she ever wanted from him. She was so turned on by him at this moment but when she tried something he put a finger over her mouth, “Shhh. No words, just rest, because you need it and I want you to feel how much I need you. Sex can happen later, let the anticipation build for a few hours. I am yours today after all.”

She cursed having to wait a year in that moment, she wanted a ring on their fingers as much as she wanted him!

March 23rd, 2024 – Saturday 1 PM

When she woke up he was laying next to her. Her phone had been set next to her. On a small fold out tray from the bed was a bowl of tomato soup! One message on her phone that said he got the shopping and half the cooking done while she was asleep. Another mentioned that there was a dinner party tonight at Ethel’s house. A final message was from Empress Arcadia detailing, or was it dictating, terms to meet later that week to discuss the issues surrounding Jake and his sister. She sent an RSVP to Mrs. Falkenburg that the Garrick and Kat would be coming along.

Something was up, Garrick was not as talkative as he normally was. He was quiet and calm? One might even say he was relaxed? She moved his arm and realize he was actually asleep this time. ‘Well,’ she thought to herself, ‘I’ve got up to 180 minutes to myself, hmmm.’ She went out and into what used to be Patsy’s room and found 17 Call of the Deep posters on the walls. She was instantly reminded that Constance had snagged backstage passes for the show in October. She’d clearly underestimated how much Garrick liked this band. Everyone had agreed to it being so far out on the agreement she couldn’t plan anything else like that till after the holidays.

All of her things she’d left in boxes were stuck on a shelving system and organized by box size against one wall. The table with its eight monitors on a data pole coming out of the center had Transformer toys facing off against five robotic-looking lions all over it and the monitors. There were a stack of books with more of the funny shaped dice next to them. The titles all started with: Monsters & Mana. She noted Garrick had broken down the bed in this room and converted it into a desk and bunk bed. The left over foam was wrapped in plastic. The was a note that said “For Donation” on it but it was the lone book that was resting on the desk that caught her attention. “Bushido – The Soul of Japan” by Inazo Nitobe and there were 18 different bookmarks in the book. Katherine thumb her way through a few and realized Garrick may have found a way to relax. Ameera said she had introduced him to a friend to help him find balance.

Some of his notes on the bookmarks were both troubling and intriguing: [Kat doesn’t seem to like the Geek stuff] [speak less and act more, Kat does not appear to be fond of long conversations] [update list of Kat’s like and add them to things to do to honor future wife] [let her decorate home to feel she has more of a say, she seems to like stuff like that??] [if I find a 4th woman she’ll have to like Geek stuff and maybe cooking, so far only Patsy had shown any interest] [Likelihood of finding someone liking Geeky stuff & cooking/foodie, hahahaha!] [Kat seems to enjoy just being with me, should we consider hikes, flying, ooh flying sparing! Hmmm] [Kat likely reads your mind all the time, probably just shut up and not over share.] [Make sure and find ways to honor Kat’s loyalty to me] [Try and find a new way a day to include the precepts of Bushido into my life] [Learn everything I can from Master Nitobe] [Oh, dumbass do random nice things for everyone. It shows a personal touch that you care.]

That comment about a 4th woman made Katherine tense up, but she forced herself to relax. This was just how he was. She realized she owed Ameera a great deal if this friend, Master Nitobe is getting Garrick to think about himself at all in this constructive way. So if she completed his hero side, and Constance completed his engineering, inventive, working and music loving side. Ameera appeared to complete his philosophical side. Maybe Mavis likes geek stuff? Oh good grief she thought! What if Patsy hadn’t moved away to start a new life? Maybe she could learn to play Monsters and Mana? She looked back at the stack of books and hoped there were other games he liked. Maybe Jenga, he bought a house that looked like the game after all.

Respect (禮 rei)

When Garrick woke up and found out they were going to Ethel’s house. He quickly made some garlic bread, and as that was baking he threw together a corn and arugula salad. He was so quiet though anytime he made eye contact he winked. One of his notes mentioned that he believed she was reading his mind all the time. So why bother talking making his thoughts redundant. She briefly reached out and read his surface thoughts: ‘Good, good, I’ve managed to nearly go 24 hours without over sharing. Do I celebrate the day we met or the day we became a couple? Web searches don’t help… …shit she’s looking up hide the phone. Close call god I hope this is one of the times she’s not reading my mind. Last thing I need her to do is see my searches for Zen and the Art of Dating. Hmmm, I am running out of stuff I know about her. Oh man have I been insulting her when I talk about learning things? She did major in science and then switch to art. Clearly she went to Everett Community College because she never used the word University when describing where she went to school and then later worked.

Am I still doing enough for her? It’s been 2 months and 6 glorious days since we met, and 1 month and six days since I realized I was in love and all of our relationship gray areas got sorted out for me. She’s so amazing I’m still stunned why she or anyone one of them like me. If they fell for the Gryphon I kinda get it, even I think if I could somehow go public I’d never change back. I’m so terrified talking to women right now. Last thing I need is a fourth girlfriend at the moment! Luckily, Mavis and I are just friends, and Mavis’s nearly as easy to talk to as Ameera and Constance. A lot of conversations with Katherine just feel like small talk though, or very in the moment and not much else. I promised her I would never pry but I don’t know what to say to her anymore. Sex is off my chart in awesome but I only know what she’s shown me and well, no one else appears to know more than she does. Constance might but so far they’re even in that area. I am trying to make new memories with her, for her, solidify her new identity. I’m really trying not to screw up smothering her like I feel I did “before” with the “other” one. She said being around supers wasn’t allowing her to adapt and come to grips being in this world. No, stop it! No tangents on Katherine’s day! She left and asked me to respect her privacy so that’s all there is. But all I really know about Katherine is:

  • two college majors of the numerous she tried.
  • Her transformation story.
  • She’d prefer to be monogamous, but is trying to let me see if I want to be polyamorous or something else.
  • She appears utterly devoted to me and I’m worried I’ll let her down.
  • I know her favorite dish is tomato soup, and various iterations of it.
  • She loves competing with anyone to prove she’s the best.
  • She seems to have a disdain for really nerdy stuff. Surprising given the one time science major, perhaps that was Michael’s major?
  • This is more of a “not sure” but given the way she treats Shorty I guess we’re not looking at kids together?
  • Oh, bread’s done pull it out and put it on the cooling rack like so.”

Katherine saw him doing just that as his phone lit up with a timer going off, she watched him confidently not utter a word as she heard his last internal thought. Just based on the sampling, he thought about her constantly was the one overall positive thing. Though a few of the things he supposed about her weren’t quite right, he was thinking a lot about honor and respecting her devotion to him. ‘There’s a change from Michael’ she thought to herself with a harrumph. He likely focused on the other women on their days just as much, which also might explain why he sought out a day for himself. Perhaps that was the day he thought about himself? Constance and her being even in the bedroom department was as troubling to her as Garrick thinking she didn’t want to have deeper talks with him. The kids question seemed to bother him but kids was a huge step for anyone. Besides they had time, right? They were going to Ethel’s for dinner, not like anything bad was going to kill him anytime soon.

March 23rd, 2024 – Saturday Night

First, he cleaned up a stain she’d made avoiding he blue tea, respecting Ethel’s home. Respecting her by quietly cleaning up the mess she made to bring the bad effects the tea was having to everyone’s attention. Then he quietly, cleans and changes all the bedding in Shorty’s room. After Black Phantom and Deathwish had blue tea influenced sex in there. He even left a note hoping her night got better. Finally, he figured out how to take all the bombs off and save Ethel’s home. Using just his sword! How could he have known the others and the new robot were disarming them as he took them off. Even Ethel was inspired to follow Gryphon’s idea. Katherine was thinking out loud, “I may never see him again. I don’t know if Gryphon or Granny2Good were in range for the signal to shut off the bombs? Oh god, please don’t let the most wonderful man I’ve ever known and loved die now! I swear I’ll share more about myself with him and be less jealous of his needs with the other women. Please don’t let him die!”

Hearing Geist speak she could only think about where Gryphon was. Then she saw Granny’s outfit in the air! Flying wasn’t a power she had so that means he lived! When he landed with Granny she ran over to him, “Thank God you’re all right!”

As Granny walked away, “I had something to live for.”

He smiled and pushed a bit of her hair out of her face as they hugged and he gave her a single kiss.

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  1. “How could he have known the others and the new robot were disarming them as he took them off?”

    How indeed? Perhaps this is the next great mystery that SAVIOR (and Jake Thompson LLC) should address? ??‍♂️

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