The Two Conversations

The Two Conversations

Reader’s Note: This Chronicle may best be experienced by referencing it through the Mortality_and_Morbidity.docx log.


“No, I wanted to talk tonight. You’re part of the conversation we need to have.”

“What did you want to.. BP let’s take a couple minutes and see what Victor wanted to say.”

“Not just me, others in the group!”

“I just wanted to have a quick overview.  Don’t have a problem with BP and what he wanted to do.  But, BP please stick around.”

“Private Church is clean.  Inner levels are illegal. Ishtarians.”

Cai starts flying around the room.

“Sr. Cai, please sit down.”


“Maybe Sr. Cai should go first?”

“I had some stuff I wanted to get done, but maybe we should just continue.”
“What was the problem?” geist

“Si, Sr. Vic, Hank, Cai talked, seemed to be shoot first ask questions later.  BP, you scream. Can you not scream?”

“In combat, I tend to use my command voice.”

“I thought geist was leader.”

“Ugh.  Look, I’m significantly drained.  I need, first off, sex, bear, and a shower.  The rest of the night is going to be meditating.  That is why I wanted to come at this fresh and ready in the morning.”

Beast “Well I think that there are more important things than sex, beer, and you being a dick as usual.  We need a leader. The only reason tonight was so bad was because nobody was in charge.”

BP walks out the door, runs into DW, “So, shower?” “Yeah, sounds good.” They go to his room.

Beast “This can’t go on. BP going off and doing whatever he wants to be cause there’s no leader to pull him up short, which needed to happen tonight, can’t be allowed to continue…”

Cai “Well also, beast.  Part of the problem was Trip.”

“Hey, I’m not going to… Part of what went wrong is carl.  Can’t tell him.”

“But trip knows some of what is going on right?”

“Can’t help that.  Trip is stupid. Hey Gryphon? How stupid is trip?”

“Push button see what happens.”

“Look, part of me that wish I could cut out, at least not as bad as Than was.”

“Yeah, but that’s not saying much.”

Vic “What’s thanatos”
“Evil.  you can read later.”

“One of his personalities that went bad.”

Beast” The thing is Trip knew he was missing info, and he asked BP for help, to pull Beast out.  Not only broke faith, decided on course of action for all of the beings inside and enacted it without asking.”


Vic“Normal to trash someone that can’t defend themselves?”

Beast”He left, I don’t have a problem trashing if he left.”

Vic“I was talking about him until he left, then I shut up.  Maybe this should wait until he’s here.”

Beast“Point is we need a leader.  That’s all I was getting at. I will stop talking about him.  Tok out of running bc he left. We need a leader. I’m not in running bc i’m not always here.

Was BP leader before?”

Geist” No, group listen to his  intel in combat. Not formal leader, didn’t think was necessary, you guys are changing my mind. I hold you all together, and I am face in many ways, but I can’t be the leader.  Because of back end don’t have time.”

Gryph”Considering nominating myself.”

Beast, “I second. Was about to nominate you anyway.”

Mrs. Amazing “THird.”

Vic Shouldn’t have more than 1 to vote in?  Are there more members of shavior, or are there just extra chairs?

Geist “Extra chairs.  Hoping to grow.”

Beast, “Mrs. Amazing, could we get the other to parts of me in on this?”

Ama”I’ll try to bring them out.”

Vic”Was this normal or not BP say Attack, everyone start shoot? I obeyed too, but…”

Gry”Still new, not sure. Just became real, were maverick.”

Vic,”Si, now Tecate funding, so we need to represent Tecate in positive, not shoot-first manner.”

Gry, “Sometimes we get onscene and we realize things are different, so we may change tactic.”

Vic, “Helps me.”

Geis, “Still have to go through info from Gry, but don’t doubt what’s going on.  Up above, down below with cai. Some of Alex’ info.”

Vic “Cai has shown profound understanding of good and bad and logic. Nominate him as leader.”

Cai, “Flattered, don’t take my name out. Don’t vote for myself, but.”

Beast, “Please explain. When you get alice out.”

Vic, “Something funny Zeau?”

Z “Yeah this textbook.  Very well written.”

Vic, “Vote? Long ”

Z “Long enough. Yeah.  long as not me. And as long as innocents don’t get hurt, doesn’t matter if we’re aggressive.  With great power, responsibility, great man said died some time ago.”

Vic, “Deep.”

Carl, “Didn’t stan lee die in 2018?”

Z, “Saddest day for Comics.”

Amazing, “See your hand carl?”

Carl, “yeah.”

Shift, Tripp.  Shift, Beast.

Amazing, “Sorry.  Can’t do more atm.”


Vic”WTF going on.”

Amazing, “this is how we trigger change.”

Vic “So force to change?”

Amaz “He asked.”

Vic, “but I didn’t hear you ask.”

Amaz “carl can’t understand this all.  I don’t like tripp.”

Vic, ‘you don’t like someone, they should vanish?”

Amaz, “Not vanishing, still him.  I’m just triggering the change again.”

Vic, “all different?”

Amaz “yes and no.”

Vic, “So beast all are part of you but you are original?”

Beast, “Difficult to explain.  No. Carl is to a certain extent, but he will change if anyone says anything about super powers. We’re both the original, me w/powers, him if never powers. Tripp is odd, he’s naive and oblivious.”

Vic, “Ok, but best friend hank is naive.  Wouldn’t change if had chance. I think it’s wrong to be picking and choosing who comes out, they all have personalities and thoughts.”

Gry “They’re not separate people, though.”

Cai, “Vic, familiar with the mental disorder of Alz?

Vic, Yes.

Cai, some days lucid, some foggy.

Vic Si

Cai, Immagine pull lucid person? Better?

Vic but isn’t violation of natural order?

Cai Is beast not a violation? Are you a violation?

Vic It is a blessing,

Cai, should we not use our blessings wisely though?
Vic, I understand what you’re saying.

Beast, Look, I actually agree with you as far as tripp is concerned.  And this is partially why I was so pissed at BP. If it were without my say-so, it would be a violation.  If we explained it to Trip that we were trying repeatedly to get Alice, Tripp usually would understand. He was the one to ask for Alice originally.

Amaz “Sorry, I picked the wrong one.”

Beast transforms into Alice.

Cavalry “I vote for Garrick.  Sacrifice, aspire to be like him.”

Alice, “Finally voting for leader?” Buck nekkid from waist down.

Gryph, “Kinda.  So far me and Cai.”

Cai speaks up, “I forgot, I promised Vic & Hank that I would try to be less violent in my conclusions of combat in future.  Try not to kill. They made good points. Less legal. Just telling you.

Alice, “Weird. Can they not just attack you in future?”

Geist, “Due process, information esp w/ bp”

Alice, “Beginning to realize i’m more.  Thinking like assassin is not way to grow.  I’ll try to be better Geist. Cai made some good points, so I would like to support him in his bid for leader.”

Vic, “Doesn’t it bother others to be constantly screamed at?”

Amaz, “I tune out.”

Vic, Just volume.

Cai battlefield is hectic, and I can turn down the gain.

Vic but when people talk regularly you can’t hear.

Geist, “I wasn’t with you, but he doesn’t yell to often, is your hearing sensitive?”

Vic, “It can be, but he was yelling into our communicators tonight.”

Geist, “Pushing for leader because there was yelling in earpiece?”

Vic no, just brought it up.

Alice, “Are you talking about BP?”
Vic yes, one that hasn’t gotten a single leadership vote.”

Alice, “BP has stated he’s not a leader but then tries to force people.  I’m a bit biased because I’m really upset w/ what happened tonight, but he can try to push his agenda, and when things don’t go his way he gets louder and swearing more. I’m just thinking if we have a leader based on what I think beast was thinking, leader could talk to BP or any of us… because I’ve done stupid things… we could go with that, and the leader could help us continue and keep us all on the right track.

Cai, “I agree, I think that 1 person that has a cooler head to lead us in calmer times is best.  In battle times, BP is insightful. None of us have the exp he has. I think whoever becomes the leader should rely heavily on him as tactician.  Leaving him in his position that he was supposed to be in is not a bad idea… most of the bumbling was done out of combat. I had to diffuse situation that, because of the confusion of leadership and I got damage to my chassis that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t abducted them.

Alice slips on a pair of shorts.

Deathwish, “What’s up with this? Team meeting and not everyone’s here? Messed up.” chugs tecate. “Kat, we gonna kick some ass tonight?”

Alice, “BP walked out. Do you want a vote on the next leader?”

DW “BP walked out but you didn’t include me?”

Alice, “Didn’t exclude you.”

Geist, “WB, didn’t know you were here.”

Gryph, “I wasn’t wanting to really do an official  vote tonight.”

Caval “I got phone call from geist, didn’t you?”

DW “Yeah, to come back to the base.”

Alice “Be nice to her!”


Interrupting DW.


Caval “not smart, I knew that.

Alice Smarter than tripp

Caval yes.

Gryph DW would you like to go get BP?

DW Well…

Vic Not like we didn’t invite him.

DW In between sex, he kinda explained what was going on and what he needed to do tonight.  I got what I needed from him, he said “Need you to get out of room.” Came looking for you with a beer.”

Gryph, “We can do this in morning. Geist said we can do this in the morning.”

DW “Waist down, all there.  Waist up, not there at all. “

Alice “Back to meeting at hand, anyone you would like to see as leader of Savior?”

DW “what I would like to see, if we’re going to have a Team meeting, the whole team needs to be here, make sure they’re around.”

Alice, “You’re going to be as disruptive as your partner, I understand.”

Several voices break out, DW, “Hey Kat, I thought we were going to go kick ass because was boring night.”

Amazing, “Yes we were, but we need to get through this.”

DW “Yes, but I don’t understand, you guys are having discussion about BP and he’s not even.”

Amaz “Not true, we weren’t discussing him, we were discussing leadership.”

Vic “Well, we were discussing him a bit. And it started with him in the room, he left, I brought up we shouldn’t talk about him without him in the room.”

Amaz “Discussion started with im in the room but he chose to leave. He chose rest over the meeting.”

DW “Yeah, he looks seriously drained. I’ve never seen him so drained ever before.”

Amaz “Yeah, it was his choice to leave the room though.”

Geist, “Yes. DW Thank you. He told me he needed to do some things, some Jedi things.  Amazing, you are familiar, could it be because of something like that?”

Amaz “Yeah, can be.  Until he gets handle on new powers it could knock him out a while.”

Alice bites her tongue, to not say anything.

DW, “Sounds like you had a great night.  How many KIAs?”

Vic “Mz Wish,”

DW “It’s Ava.”

Vic (under breath) Everyone else says deathwish and you don’t correct them but I’m the new guy, I get it, whatever.

DW “No, it’s..”

Vic “So Ava… Ava. We were talking about BP, he left the room and continued to talk, I objected. But, in all honesty we did talk about black phantom while he wasn’t here.”

DW I’m cool, kat promised me we’d kick butt.

Amaz We can do it.

Vic We acknow savior needs to be less deadly.

Caval “I wanna go out with you tonight.”

Amazing at loss for words.

Alice whispers At least not tripp

Amaz Sure, why not?

Vic, “It is cavalry right?

Cav, “Yep.”

Geist, “Alright, I think we’ve accomplished all we can.  Night sleep, decompress, I’ll go through info.”

Cav “Thought going out tonight.”

Geist, “Those that are going, you can go.”


Discussion Two, Morning


Vic, “Alice?”

Alice Yes?

Vic, “You are part of the Beast, Carl, Centaur thing?

Al Yes, it’s a “strange” life.

Vic, is that what you call yourselves?

Al beast in general.

Vic learning. You seem to have a good head on shoulders. Cai, Zeau, BP, DW, good morning!

Gryph comes back.


DW, “You better turn that down right now.”

Alice “I don’t know about anyone else, but I had a weird sleep.  I had a .. dream. Weird. Hallway, something.”

Amazing, “Yeah, that’s in your head, i’ve seen it.”

Alice, “BP were you in my… Head?” Dagger staring.

BP,” Wait till everyone’s here and I’ll say what I need to say. Without context it won’t come out right.”

Geist walks in, Shorty’s not coming.  Everyone else is there.

They chat.  Cai, restless, starts jet packing around top of room, testing kinks, seeing how he can upgrade it in the future.

Geist, over comm, “Caedechron!  What are you doing?”

Cai, “Nothin, sorry.”

Geist, “Find somewhere else to do that later. Ok, guys.  Bottom line here. The request has been made to have someone in charge of the group.  So you need to get that voted on.”

Victor, “Ok, I’m here and fully invested.  Hank not so much.”

Geist, “Yeah, I will speak to Greg about that.  You’ve raised some good issues, but I wanted to make sure we could get together this morning and iron out what we talked about last night.  Sorry you missed htis BP.

Victor, Si, its

BP “Before we get on that,”

Victor, “Was I not speaking”

BP “But what I want to say is several questions.”

Vic “So you don’t care that I was speaking. Got it.”

Geist, “All of you.  Stop. Victor, you have said a lot.  We wanted to have black phantom speak, right? It was a big deal to have him present? Let’s let him talk before we get on to business. Ok? Go ahead BP.

BP “Last night there were several questions being asked of me. Wasn’t in right mind set, that’s why I left to do the things I needed to do, to decompress and clear my mind.  It is what it is. I couldn’t delve in and answer those questions. Victor, you asked me about the Yelling. One point over the coms I was elevating my voice. There was a situation in my opinion and exp.  That one of the team members was in trouble. When was loud, make sure everyone heard and paid attention. If that came across as yelling, I am sorry. It’s referred to as a command voice. In that one instance when I called for savior to save one of the members, I was brisk. Situation thought it was something I could lead in.  Alice, do you remember what Beast was asking me about?”

Alice, “You mean when Beast was asking you why you thought it was ok for you to determine what he should do with his own body?” (Pissed.)

BP If you’re referring to making a tactical decision to bring forth alice instead of the beast, – especially when all of these unknown people, possibly brainwashing tripp, want the beast, alarm bells are going off in my head – I thought that our best chance at escape was to bring Alice out, not Beast.  A lot of unknowns in there, and we were surrounded. My tactical decision was to get to safety, and that’s the best of the choices I saw. Ashmadiel has told us some of what to expect with these things, and we perceived them as evil. And in that situation…”

Alice, “You mean YOU perceived as evil.”

BP, “Go ahead.”

Alice, “With no evidence. Because you took no time to determine what happened. You ran in, touched tripp who asked you to change him to beast, and you had no time to make judgement.  Beast relayed info to me. We feel betrayed by you because you did not trust us. Yes, it was Tripp that was in charge, and you don’t trust him, but Trip in the past has been allowed to make combat decisions. You took his decision, said nope, you don’t deserve choice.  That’s why there’s a problem. Because you specifically told Tripp he had no right to decide that affected only him.”

BP, “Well, that’s your perception, I have my perception. If you guys are feeling betrayed, then… let’s go on to the next point. After a little soul searching, I did.. Uh, Quick side note. Seems we may have averted the ceremony of mirrors.  I had a vision last night, and all I saw was regular folk at the eclipse.can’t really say yes or no, not perfectly confident in vision.”

Vic, “Excuse me, confused.  You have vision that you think  says we don’t have to worry about dark mirror magic ritual, but you’re not sure?

BP, “Yeah, as I concentrated, as I looked on the event I’d seen before, the vision of the people doing a ritual in the park at the apex of the eclipse that would bring the world to its end.

Vic, “Just making sure.  You had some idea of the Dark Days coming from the church.  When I came and we gathered and we talked, you didn’t say anything about this.  When we go to this place that has all of this evil stuff… that may have explained why you were screaming in my ear. Because I would have known, had you shared that with me ahead of time as a new member. Not trying to call you an idiot, but quite frankly, Hello.


Vic, “Why didn’t you tell me this when we went there? When we were talking about going there,”

BP Because you won’t shut the fk up and let me explain, that’s why.

Vic, Ok, may be true now, wasn’t true then.

Vic stands on the floor, is shorter than he was on a chair.

Gryph, “I can see tensions are high, you all have reasons for that. But can we try to civilly get through this? Please? I realize I’m asking people to compromise on what would be a righteous anger, and try to bury it for a temporary bit of time so we can get all the facts out.”

Vic, What was not civil about what I said?

Gryph, I wasn’t pointing anyone out, just trying to get through it.

Vic, Si, just waiting for Mr. Phantom to get through it.

BP, So back to Alice, after the clairvoyance, I did another look, and I looked at carl.  His history. And I think he was.

Vic, so you’re just blowing off statement?

Alice I think he’s trying to finish what he was saying before that, let’s just let him.  I’m done arguing, because no one can change BP.

BP, You wanted me to talk, I am trying to talk, and I get interrupted every time I try and say something.  Ok, I’m trying to get through everything. <BP tells everyone exactly what they did last night, if you guys don’t like my decisions about Tactical things, then go ahead and make your own decisions about that, and it’s done.

Alice, “Has nothing to do with tactical decisions, it’s about your arrogance and your willingness to abrogate the freedoms of the group”

BP OMG it was a fking tactical decision to bring Alice out.

Alice, “Last night when you invaded my mind without permission it wasn’t a tactical effing decision.”

BP, “I wasn’t in your mind.”

Alice, “It is my mind if I see you there.  It is carl’s mind if you do not ask to go in. You are still invading his personal privacy without permission. And your inability to actually accept  when you are in the wrong shows how morally bankrupt you are.

BP Wow. This is… This is too far…

Vic, Wow, Alice, I have some issues with BP but wow.  Chill out, relax.

BP walks out of the building.

Geist, “Nathan… Nathan! Ok, guys. Alright.  I will follow up with him, let him cool off.  Alice I’m sorry, but we need to address at another point.

Alice bows to Geist and says nothing.

Vic Sorry for anything that offended him, trying to give constructive criticism. I’m sorry.

Geist, vic, you’re new, we know, there’s a lot you haven’t known or caught up on.  I will work with you to address that. When you’re confused let me know, we need to let others speak more often.

Vic, didn’t mean to stop others from speaking.

Geist, First off, church doesn’t seem like it’ll be doing future activities.  Church is shut down, members under investigation. The info you provided, Gryphon, lead in to most of this.  Whether or not the public believes it is another story, but they’re being investigated – what they were doing and how.  Secondly, group needs direction. As we were talking last night, we need a leader or director. We talked about Gryphon and Cai.  Those that were here, vote one at a time. Cavalry,

Cavalry, Like said yesterday, def Gryphon.  Sacrificed literally body. Proven leadership.

Geist, Ok, victor.

Vic, Si, unfortunate, I don’t feel it’s fair the person that was formally kinda the leader is not here and wasn’t able to speak fully his concerns.  But that being said, I vote for Cai. Seems logical & Willing to admit mistakes.

Geist, Alright.  Alice? We’ll also involve Beast and Tripp as well as we can.

Alice, Beast was with Gryphon.  I will continue to vote Cai. Not sure what Tripp would vote.

Geist, Would you like him brought in?

Alice, Yes plz

Geist, Katherine

Amaz I’ll try, not as good as BP was.  Do I have consent?

Alice Yes

Amaz, Ok. (try to be gentle,,  no promises.)

Tripp appears and is brought up to speed.  “So, can we vote for BP? I know he’s having problems but I want to vote for him.”

Gryphon, should at least log it.

Geist, we’ll put you down for him.

Vic senior tripp, I should have given that as an option.

Geist, Cai.

Cai, for me, I would vote for Gryphon.  He’s been there longer out of two of us.  Add a vote for Tac leader for BP. Leader should listen to him. Looks at tripp, I know you’re not alice, I’d like to tell Alice that I’m sorry about what happened and this has nothing to do with what happened.

Geist, Zeau.

Zeau looks at each. “Gryph, you are one of only people here, no offense of course,  that I like. But I’m going to have to vote for Cai. He seems detached from emotions more than some of us, and he’s working it cut that off.  We know weak part of being human is emotion.

Geist, DW?

DW Yeah, the angel dude. Yeah.  Sure. We gonna go kick ass today?

Geist, yes. When we settle this.

Tripp, Aren’t you having sex with BP?>

DW Just sex. Ever had sex before?

Tripp, You know, once you go horse, you never…

Gryph, Tripp, that joke was old before..

Tripp, Well I am hung like a…

Didn’t answer question.

Geist, Alright, Katherine.

Amazing, Gryphon. *Googly eyes*

Geist, Gryphon.

Gryph You know there are days I miss you tripp, then there are days…  I felt as one of the nominees it wouldn’t be fair to vote and it would be better to abstain.

Geist looks at Cai, Uh, ok.  I am going to vote for you, Gryphon.  That means you’re the new leader. What do you have to say, mr leader?

Gryphon asked what we wanted out of a leader.  Answers to be forthcoming.


Miss Amazing grabs Tripp and brings out Beast, per their prior arrangement.


Vic asks about what will be done with BP

Gryph, gonna leave a vm.  Meet at the Skull N Rose. Gonna be a while.

Vic, I would like to apologize in person.  Would that be good or ok?

Gryph, give it time.  I’ll find out if they want to.

Beast, This.  This is what we needed a leader for.  Simply just someone to take responsibility and that everyone will listen so the group can gel

Gryph, I’ll try my best I may fail.

Beast, then we’ll draw and quarter you.

Geist, Perfect.  Those of you that wanted to go out on patrol, let’s do that. Shorty will manage comps to learn how to do it properly.

Vic, Who’s supervising him?

Geist, I am.

Vic, Ok, I am very much in approval of this.  Cavalry, would you like to go on patrol?

Beast, I’d like to bring up before we split.  I have an appointment with someone that may be an evil mastermind.

Amaz, “Still good chance we can kick someone’s ass.”

Beast, Dr. Wendel Moore.

Amaz, “Yeah honey.  We’re going. With you.

Beast, I was hoping to at least have Gryphon there as well, but up to him.

Gryphon, I’ll go.  But I don’t want to get on the wrong side of those ladies.

Vic, “Zeau, Cai, Beast, do you wish to join Cav and I to find evildoers today?  Because I am bold like Tecate.”

Beast, “Umm… I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day getting in the Carl Mindset to properly be carl in front of someone that knows him.”

Vic, Ok.

Cai, “I will go with you, beast.”

Zeau, “I’ll go with you, victor.  (resignedly.) Are you always this tiny?”

Vic, Yes.

Zeau extends forcefield.  Grabs him, “Ok, lets go!” drags him through the door. “Oh, by the way… do you bounce?
Vic Si!

Zeau, Perfect.
Vic Very well.

They leave through the hangar.

Cavalry follows behind.

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  1. The conversation was chronicled very well! I found it hard to read because of context. Not SAVIOR’s shiniest of moments for certain. Growing pains are just that.

  2. sex, bear, and a shower- as long as it is not a grizzly please….
    Painful chronicle as it is accurate- thanks for showing reality.

  3. I just wanted to try and get it roughly close to what happened – I just wish I had the time to clean it up a bit, add in better grammar and context than my hasty shorthand. Very rarely, but at times, it is necessary to look at our actions and those of our friends to remind ourselves of the truth and that none of us are perfect.

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