The Stalker

The Stalker

I’ve seen her again. She was with a group of heroes, or so it seems by the costumes. I’m wondering what’s going on since there have never been super heroes in any of the episodes, but maybe that’s because they are modifying them for the anime, making it seem less real.

It bothers me, though. Hikari is still missing, and she’s rarely without her, or not supposed to be. Could she actually be here to kill a hero? That seems strange, and makes me almost think that she could be a fake.

Mustn’t think that. Must realize she is the Queen and not another Pawn. I couldn’t handle her being just a pawn. She is so perfect in that flirty dress. When she smiled at me at the con, I knew that my feelings were returned. Now, I just need to find a way to get her alone.

It will be perfect, the two of us…

No, I can’t think that way. She has a mission to accomplish. Maybe after the mission is over. But by then she could be older, and then where will I be. She is perfect now.

I will survive because she will still be Alice. What’s more, she will be my alice.

Could it be…maybe alice is just an actress? I know, the show is an anime, but they had to get a model to pattern the character after…no. I’ll not believe that. She is who she is, and I’ve already seen her perform some impossible acts, reacting to things behind her or out of sight.

She is my goddess, and she will prove it to me. It is going to be perfect.

Image by Adam Blyth

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  1. With Assassin Dolls on its mid-season hiatus, what are its obsessed fans to do? The next Cen-Con can’t come fast enough!

    1. The “Stalker” may just create a personality to “deal” with the Beast or Trip or Carl for that matter…or just come up with some other crazy bullshit to keep the allusion going

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