The Sponsorship

The Sponsorship

Meeting Between Richard and Greg

Greg Nugent entered the Spirit Enterprises building in Silver City confidently, proudly wearing a TecateĀ® lapel pin. He did not have to wait long until he was ushered into the office of the CEO, Richard Grey.

“So, I think we are in the rare situation where we can help each other,” Greg dove in quickly after brief introductions. “You have a small company that is sponsoring a hero team, and heroes are expensive. You could probably use a cash infusion, and we have a brand that needs a profile boost. You have a team that needs 2 members, and we have 2 people that can step in.”

Richard answered, “The first question I have is about your 2 men- tell me more about Victor and Hank. I know the public info, but they had never come up as heroes until this battle with the robots.”

At this point the two businessmen agreed that they needed to sign some NDA’s, or non-disclosure agreements, to protect their secrets. After that was handled, Greg gave a summary of both Victor Valenzuela aka Rubber Band Man, and Hank.

Richard agreed that these two would fit in well, but wanted to let the group personally approve of them.

“Savior is still raw from the loss of the Hero of Century Station, Jake Thompson, and seem to be dealing with it poorly. Granny quit the group, and Gryphon tried to kill himself. They need some positivity, and I hope your two friends can give it to them.”

Greg responded, smiling, “Ok, so assuming the group agrees, let’s talk about details- how do you feel about uniforms?”

Richard responded very seriously. “If you wish to have Victor or Hank wear a uniform of your design I won’t object, but I will not demand the other members of S.A.V.I.O.R. change their own designs in order to match. For many of them their outfits are personal and a part of their very identity.”

Greg held up his hands, immediately backpedaling. “Oh, of course. But maybe something for off hours, and for a few promotional shots?” Greg smiled with award-winning charm, trying to find another angle that would work.

Richard weighed his options. What would Damien have done? After a small bit of consideration he sighed. He wasn’t Damien and never would be. Looking at Gary he said, “Tell me what you have in mind.”


Greg and Richard pictures from our own Adamantium_Art.


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