The Hangover

The Hangover

WIP GUYS Didn mean to publish

Journal still forthcoming.



The first thing I noticed was the weird distorted but rhythmic dubstep type noise loud in my ears and it hurt, someone was carrying me and I swear if those beeps and other electronic noises continue I will shoot everything  that makes a noise, and said so forceably.


My voice croaked barely and that made my head hurt more, my tongue felt like a well used carpet and the taste in my mouth wasn’t going away anytime soon, however, a miracle soon happened and somebody put a cooling glass of water into my hand and my mouth went from a radioactive wasteland full of murder elementals to a cooling oasis of woosah. The funny tasting tablet might of had something to do with it. Never had I been this hammered, I guess the beer there is stronger than 1% alcohol full strength beer like we get in the uni bar.

My eyes cracked open and the place is pretty quiet, with a few of the others. We were back at Garyckphons place, and the shorties are gone, BP is talking quietly to gryphick and Geistard. Geist says something about the company and leaves like he had a porpoise and waved goodbye cheerily, then fired up that damn loud aircar of his. He’s so lucky I don’t have a surface to air missile right now.

Then a bell noise started in my head, and then stopped and when Garrickfon got up I realised it was a doorbell, we were getting presents from someone, so of course Garrick came back in with a bomb, not even a small one either and worse, apparently it was made by some alien being who was blasted on some even more alien drinks who decided it would be fun to make a weapon of maths destruction big enough to take out city blocks. Who would do such a thing is a pretty important question, and why is even more fun to contemplate. I looked at it, and from the alien green flickering light to the slick chromed metal, It could have only been made by one person, our deepest darkest nemesis has finally found out our hideouts locatingation and . . . and wtf it was jake. Gryphon, I mean Garric says it outright. Apparently Jake had decided we weren’t having enough fun yet so he thought we needed more.

So he gave us more. . .

More fun in following the trail to Filthy Lucre and his cronies. Somedays it feels like im in a computer game, Garrick and BP then start using their resources to cover up Jakes hand in all this as the nights events slowly unfold in my mind until I get to the point where I smashed that guys face in with a bar stool and then threw him 40ft through a plate glass window onto a car in the carpark, and then I hit that girl so hard in the face that brains oozed out her ears, talking to BP and Garrick about it seems that I had been roofied last night, but boy did they choose the wrong person, I am a private detective, and if im going to go ahead with this life I will have to find who drugged me and tell me who their leader is, and I will destroy them and the city they live in.

Apparently it doesn’t wear off as quick as it could, the rage boiled through me like a lava flow, I took a few deep breaths, but I swear by my parents mine enemies will be brought low by mine own hand.

Oh yeah, the crazy gun guns, they gave us a hand and a lift, and they all certainly looked cool, and I had their number, and my brain was semi functional again (<— standard setting). Carl then showed of a side I hadn’t seen before and dialled the number of the funslingers, and he used Grannies voice eerily well, it was basically a dead drop call, so they will be notified and will come around/call us when they are ready I guess.

Then I got a call from mum, well Pauls mum technically, she had seen the news and wondered if I was safe and asked if I was coming around for tea as normal, as I hadn’t had tea there for about 2 months I had a feeling she was being influenced untowardly, and mentioned that to BP and Gryphon, who then immediately started working on a radio system and computers at the same time. Apparently the cops were at Mums house and were looking for me as a person of interest in an ongoing case. The phone number has been forwarded to an indian helpdesk support number, and BP reports that the police are having issues with tracking my phone, as Indian scammers (giggle snort) are trying to help them with the issues they are having on their pc’s. I guess being a person of interest in a murder case isn’t really in my best interests, because I can’t exactly exonerate myself if I’m in jail. I heard talk of some personal assistant named Melissa but its was mostly in one ear and out the other. Carl’s imitate voice skill was slowly percolating its way through my molasses marinated mind, and then I smiled, hell I probably even giggled a little bit to myself.

Garrick had just had the night of his life and he chose ho’s over bro’s, he didn’t invite even one other along with him … Granny… -shudder-, now with that imagery burnt into my mind I asked carl if he minded leaving a message on Garricks phone saying that he was one of the ladies he was with and to tell him that she didn’t (lol) know how it happened but she was pregnant. I can just imagine Garricks face now.

After that bit of skulduggery was done I just sat and waited quietly while the others went about their business, and sure enough Garrick eventually picks up his phone, frowns a little and contacts his voice message system. His Jaw hit the floor, I have seen animals hit by trucks looking less stunned, he was making noises and his mouth was moving but no real words were coming out. Carl put him out of his misery there, I would have kept it going but Carl went up and started talking to Garrick in a girls voice, and Garrick went red, then puce, then white, then looked relieved and sort nervously laughed and sat back down again. Relief etching lines in his face, and his normal confident voice quaveringly said “That . . . that was a good ones guys, in fact one of the best, I don’t think I have ever been quite so hooked”, Carl laughed and said he only used his technical expertise and that him and I had planned it. Luckily Garrick had a sense of humour about the whole thing and didn’t kick us out of his house.

Garrick then calls out that the Lone Gunmen had arrived. I stood up and rubbed my hands nervously, I had vague memories of trying to headbutt one of these guys out of a car.

I walk to the door and Garrick opens it, letting in 6 Trench coat wearing, Fedora loving gunmen. I felt vaguely insulted, these guys had sort of stolen my superhero look. They all looked as grim as each other and filed in, other then small clothing differences these guys looked a lot alike. The one in the front introduced himself as Bradley and asked if I felt better, I nodded and he gestured towards the table and said “We have been looking for you, and are now even covering for you” and he was staring straight at me, I replied I hadn’t a clue who they were, not to mention why they wanted me, and they said they are of the Lazlo society. Garrick and BP nodded like they knew what the gunmen were talking about so I did too.

Bradley then said “We are here to return your grandfathers Journal”

About a thousand question ran through my mind like bulls in a china shop.

My Grandfather had a journal

These, erm guys somehow had my grandfathers journal

did they know grandad

they certainly had grandads sense of style.

did they know my parents

Did they kill my parents . . .

I frowned at them as I followed that thought and tossed the idea, if they had wanted me dead id be dead.

What is this Lazarus society from whence they come.

But I looked at the Journal eagerly and Bradley handed it over, he then said that because of the nights events they need to do some work themselves to cover up the deaths at the nightclub, and as one they tilt their hats and leave. I look at the others and sit down, and start leafing though the old pages, and I had a great idea, I’d get Garrick to scan it because it was an old fragile thing, and then I could carry it around on my phone and not damage the real thing. Garrick agreed and immediately started work scanning it, telling me that it will be a slow process because of its fragility, and I was like yep I’m fine with that. Ill get to find out more about dad and mum and grandpa.

The Sheridan secrets will be mine.

That’s about when BP calls out that Granny has a multi million dollar price on her head. I haven’t even seen that much money in my life and people are willing to pay it for her capture, and Jake was visited by Alpha Prime. Things were starting (lol, from my point of view anyway) to get out of hand. Who were these strange, grim and i’ll say it – “insane” people up to.

BP then exclaimed, he’s done it. Bradley has managed to throw the police of the trail, apparently he isn’t useless after all. His eyes then unfocused and focused and he said, right its safe to check out your mother.

We drive on over to mum’s for tea

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