The Abduction of the Wayfarer

The Abduction of the Wayfarer

Shortly after Black Phantom and everyone else had bid goodbye to The Wayfarer and left him alone at the Wax Museum, Black Phantom found himself suddenly struck with a clairvoyant vision.

A tall figure Black Phantom recognized as The Wayfarer was kneeling in the basement of the Wax Museum. He seemed to be examining the circle that had been drawn on the floor. He stared at it first intently, then with worry. He didn’t notice four figures step out of the shadows behind him. “After all this time, he’s found us,” the woman in front proclaimed, then appeared shocked when she saw The Wayfarer before her.

The vision jumped – The Wayfarer was standing, facing the woman who originally spoke. He was holding his cape-wrapped sword protectively. The four figures now surrounded him. A woman in front, to his right, and behind him, with a young man to his left. The woman to his right held his polearm. “This would have been much easier if you had just joined us,” the woman in front said to him.

“I have no interest in the subterfuge and lies of your ‘Magic Council,'” The Wayfarer calmly retorted.

She sighed. “Since you won’t turn over Aaziakel you’ll both have to come with us.” She nodded at the others and the four of them all began chanting and moving their hands. The Wanderer attempted to run but seemed unable to move, as if he was stuck to the spot.

The vision shifted again. The Wayfarer was now unconscious. Two of his assailants, the guy and one of the women, are carrying him. The woman who was talking a moment ago reverently carried the sword wrapped in the cape. The woman who held the polearm used it to slice through the air and open a portal. A biting cold wind blew snow across the floor. They stepped through and the portal closed behind them. The vision ended there.

When Black Phantom snapped out of that vision of the future he returned to the Wax Museum cautiously only to catch the tail end of that portal closing as he ran down to the basement – the vertical blue line disappearing just as he arrived. The air in the basement was brisk and smelled of fresh snow, which he could see melting on the ground and ruining the writing within the magical circle. He recognized new signs of a fight that seemed to fit with his vision. The fight clearly did not last long. Even with that clairvoyant warning, he arrived too late.

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