Thank You

Thank You

April 5th, 2024 – Friday: Lunchtime


Sherman Faulkner? Man, Shorty, this I.D. looks good! Does Garrick know your his adoptive son now?”

“Umm, not really, but he did offer to adopt me if Richard didn’t. He didn’t say anything did he?” The young teen with the number “5” tattooed on his shoulder was driving the car that was about to be made his. Katherine Davis had made it the one demand of Shorty when she spoke to him. She had begun scanning Garrick’s mind because he was convinced she did it anyway. Peering into Shorty #5’s mind reminded her of how she felt after finding out Michael had cheated on her.

Trust Issues.

“No, Garrick just wants you to have a home, but he thinks of you as a little brother more than a son. It’s why he’s been trying to stay ‘hands-off’ in dealing with anything you need. He wants you to have all the room to grow and become whomever you wish to be.”

“Really? I thought he didn’t like me.”

“He has a sister whom he does not get along with.”

“Adeline.” Katherine looked perplexed when Shorty said he knew how to use the City-Net as well as the next person. They pulled into the parking lot of the M.V.D. location, “Yeah, he’s worried trying to be to involved with you might have the same result. He’s trying Shorty, he left you a spending card with a $1,000 a month on it. He doesn’t have to do anything!” Katherine looked up to the sky as she continued, “Yet, he keeps trying to be available to take care of all of the Shorties. Okay, you do a good job driving so let’s get this sorted, shall we?”

They both got out and went inside. Two hours later both of them walk out looking as though a little bit of their life had been sucked away. Shorty looked at the deed to the car he now owned. Katherine saved him twice from saying the wrong thing acting as his older cousin. She knew Garrick would have wanted her to help make this happen. She was worried about Garrick taking on to much, and this was helping him keep his promise to Shorty as much as showing the teenager that some people keep their word. As they got back in the car Shorty #5 looked at Katherine and gulped.

“Thank you Katherine, this means a lot.”

“No problem just don’t wreck it, or the house.”

They drove away.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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