Thanatos is King

Thanatos is King

It was a simple matter to set up the worm that would insert all the patent applications I got from Jake’s little project. It was almost fun. Sure, Gerrick kept a copy of the files, but I have a feeling that Gerrick isn’t one to want to get his hands dirty.

Dirt doesn’t exist in cyberspace. Unless you’re talking about cyber sex, but that’s a whole different can of worms, and one I will not be climbing into any time soon.

So, setting up a trojan that will report back the mac address of a computer and then attaching it to an email was the easy part of this entire endeavor. The hard part was getting it to open. That’s when I realized it wasn’t all that hard. The system was already designed to do what I needed it to. Email receipt notification. The email would send me a response stating that the email was opened the moment it was opened. I just needed to have it include some basic information, not even protected information, about the computer where it was opened.

Making the emails so that they didn’t look like phishing emails was a lot more difficult. That took longer than I thought it would, because there are so many keywords that people look for in stopping phishing. In the end, I settled for misdirected email. I set up a couple of Facebook accounts, one for a hard partying playboy. The other for a girl of questionable morals who loved to party.

How do humans live with the hypocrisy of it all? Guys are somewhat revered for sleeping around, but girls are denigrated.

This, however, is not the main issue at hand. It is using human nature against people. First, I had to determine the people who might be located at Gerrick’s company as well as the patent office. That was easy. So many companies have public directories of their people. They don’t even consider that this is a security threat. Since they don’t provide email addresses or phone numbers they think no one will be able to do anything untoward with the information.

I did something untoward with the information.

The email that I sent to each of the people in each of the companies, their private email addresses, of course, not their public ones, went something like this:
Subject: I’m so sorry to contact you like this.

I don’t know if you remember me, but I found your email address in my contacts list, and that was a really wild party. I know, I know, you were never there and I wasn’t supposed to contact anyone who was there either. It’s ‘against the rules’…but this was important.

I was diagnosed with chlamydia just three days after the party. I didn’t know I had it already and was just asymptomatic. I can’t even remember if we used protection. My doctor wanted me to let everyone I might have ‘been intimate’ with know what was going on, so I’m letting you know.

You don’t have to contact me if you don’t want, and knowing this, I doubt you want to. I just wanted you to know so you could take the proper steps.
And of course I sent it from the proper email address for the recipient. I wasn’t making any judgements about orientation, but I sent it from the guy for the girls and the girl for the guys.

I didn’t even need everyone at both locations to email me. It was interesting to me that Garrick looked at the email, though. Not at work, more’s the pity, but he did see it. I wonder what is going through his head now. I wonder if he actually thinks he hooked up with the girl. That is too funny for words.

So, having an in on the patent office network, and having the computers of a number of people for Gerrick’s colleagues, it was a simple matter for my worm to get to work. I would plant a file on a work computer showing an electronic submission, and then I would have the patent approved anywhere from six months to a year before I started messing around with all this. The trail was now there, and all the patents would be pre-dated as requested.

Now…how to capitalize on this interaction with the ‘girl’ and Gerrick. Wait, does this mean I’m now a catphisher? Did I just catphish Gerrick? If I had hands I would be rubbing them together in glee.

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  1. Garrick will likely send out a company wide warning regarding email fishing. The dick munch and “Grease” Sandra Dee references in the other chronicle were great though.

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